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Heroes and Zeros - Game 16

Discussion in 'San Diego Chargers Hall of Champions' started by robdog, Jan 3, 2007.

  1. robdog

    robdog Code Monkey Staff Member Administrator

    Jun 29, 2009
    <img width="315" height="210" title="Michael Turner picks up short yards in the third quarter." alt="Michael Turner picks up short yards in the third quarter." src="http://photos.signonsandiego.com/gallery1.5/albums/061231cardinals/SMHchargers260228x0012.jpg" />

    By MadMike<em>
    Bolt Talk Staff Writer</em>

    10 in a row! And with that we wrap up the best regular season the Chargers have ever had and we as fans have ever witnessed. What a ride. From the absolute crushing of Oakland on MNF to start the season, to the heartbreaking loss in Baltimore. From the revenge win against Pittsburgh on SNF, to the last second loss in KC. From the amazing come from behind win in Cinci, to Steve Foley being shot. From the sweeping of Denver, to the Merriman steroid issue. From the Emergence of Rivers, Brilliance of LT, Power of Merriman, Ferociousness of Lo Neal, Dominance of J-Wall, Solidity of Kaeding and Scifres, Road Grading of the O-line, Sackage by the D, Turnovers in the Secondary, and the Death of Martyball, this has been quite a year. But to be honest, have we accomplished the goal? To me all we have done so far just gets us a ticket to play in the second season. Now its time to prove our dominance against the cream of the crop (Yes even the NFC) and to once and for all silence the catcalls in the stands of "How many rings you guys have?" I want the Jets and I want Baltimore. I want to prove ourselves against the teams that beat us. They both are do a little retribution. For now lets get to the guys who made this last game happen:

    <strong>Philip Rivers – </strong>This game was exactly what Rivers needed. He needed to get his consistency back and needed to play a solid game. Job accomplished. Even with a sore foot he managed to throw for 2 TD passes, 230+ yards, and a 117 QB rating. The foot injury appears to be minor and should not limit him much in practice for the next two weeks. The one bad pass he made on the INT in the first was just a little too much touch on a surefire TD pass. He corrected it and looked solid all day. The RB-QB option pass they pulled was brilliant. Rivers absolutely nailed that pass to VJ who just couldn't believe the ball was thrown that good I think. I'm glad he's back solid and ready for the playoffs
    <strong>O-Line – </strong>Road grading. Pass blocking. It was all in great evidence this weekend even with a fairly active front in Arizona. The best part of Sunday for me was seeing the O-Line repeatedly pancake block people especially Marcus McNeill. I had to stop counting how many times Marcus and Kris Dielman knocked somebody clean off their feet. Gotta love that mean streak in an O-Lineman and hope that carries over into the playoffs.
    <strong>Nate Kaeding –</strong> Nate was still proving why he was elected as a Pro-Bowl kicker. Nailed 2 more FG's, one from 46 and was solid on kickoffs all day.
    <strong>Mike Scifres – </strong>Mike was still proving why he should have been elected as a Pro-Bowl punter. He pinned 3 balls inside the twenty and the kick that was fumbled into the endzone was absolutely insane. I heard from some of the sportscasters that it hung more than 6 seconds in the air. That is absolutely phenomenal. The ball was so high it may have been hot from the sun since I believe it pierced the Stratosphere which may have played into the fumble (Of course catching a punt at the 2 is pretty stupid to begin with).
    <strong>Eric Parker – </strong>It was great to have Spiderman back on the field again looking for the most part healthy. They kept him away from punt returns so he could catch a little break before the playoffs but expect him to be back returning punts. He made some great catches and seemed to be completely fooling the Zona secondary most of the day.
    <strong>Lo Neal – </strong>Lead blocks aside. Screen catches aside. Lo Neal is a ball player. The guy hit the hole in the 4<sup>th</sup> when we were trying to kill the clock, looked in front of him and for once saw no one he had to hit and started to show a little of that Fresno St. RB speed he used to have. Of course a DB caught him 30+ yards down the field, face-masked him, and instead of going out of bounds Lo gave the guy a crackback hit that made the crowd go crazy. Lorenzo is the definition of a Football Player. He plays hard and loves to hit.
    <strong>Tim Dobbins – </strong>Tim's got to get mention for swallowing up the punt fumble that Cromartie couldn't hold on to. The backup LB has played solid special teams all year. Also, with the signing of Wilhelm last week, it looks more and more like this guy will be the backup to Wilhelm and Cooper as the starters next year.
    <strong>Michael Turner – </strong>This guy is gone next year. He is an absolute animal of a runner. He is quite good enough to be starting on virtually any other team next year sub maybe Seattle and KC. Sunday he just kept showing why he is such a great change of pace to LT. He is a power runner who just bashes and drags guys through strength and sheer force of will. Too many teams appear ready to hand the Chargers a First and Third round pick for him that I just don't think he will make it through his RFA period. Right now the Jets, Steelers, Texans, Giants, and Vikings all look like players in the tn<strong>T</strong> sweepstakes.

    <strong>Injuries – </strong>Don't tell me that seeing Rivers and LT hobble off didn't scare you. After the game we've learned that neither injury was too bad and they could have continued playing but still. Whew that could of hurt. It's bad enough we could have lost Jacques Cesaire for the playoffs with an injury. He has been a great backup all year getting tons of playing time. Luckily it looks like Luis Castillo will be back up to 100% by the playoffs.
    <strong>Secondary – </strong>I'd probably keep Jammer out of this because he played a pretty solid game but the secondary as a whole did not cover well nor did they tackle well. Kurt Warner abused them for a lot of the game. We need to get this group tighter before the playoffs start. Part of the issue was the complete lack of pressure being put on the QB which will hopefully be remediated with a rested front 7 and Luis Castillo returning.
    <strong>Leavings – </strong>Having completed the regular season and with Cam Cameron already starting to interview we know we are do to lose a coach or two as well as a few players. I hate to see our team lose anyone including coaches. They have all had a hand in making this team what it is.
    <strong>14-2. #1 Ranked team in the NFL. #1 Seed and Homefield Advantage for the Playoffs. </strong>Well here we go folks. We get a week off to study the competition and to get our voices healthy. The bye week is good for us fans too! Anybody hear Kris Dielman say it was the loudest he'd ever heard the Q last Sunday? Before he would answer any questions after the game he thanked us all for the noise and asked us to bring it again come the playoffs. We caused 3 false starts as the 12<sup>th</sup> man this week. I think in the playoffs we ought to be able to get loud enough to cause 5 or 6. Anyone understand how big that is? The NFL average yards per game by a team is about 310. If we cause 6 false starts that means we cost the other team 30 yards. That's 10% of their offense gone! That is making a serious difference in the game. We need to get loud earlier while the other team is still in the huddle, not just once they get to the line. Lets give our team all the help we can. Together we can help this team win and towards destiny! <strong>Lets Go Bolts!</strong>

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