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Heroes and Zeros - Game 2

Discussion in 'San Diego Chargers Hall of Champions' started by robdog, Sep 19, 2006.

  1. robdog

    robdog Code Monkey Staff Member Administrator

    Jun 29, 2009
    <img width="280" height="186" title="LaDainian Tomlinson is accompanied by fireworks after the game." alt="LaDainian Tomlinson is accompanied by fireworks after the game." src="http://photos.signonsandiego.com/gallery1.5/albums/060917titans/KC_ChargersTitans260191x2037.jpg" />

    By MadMike
    <em>Bolt Talk Staff Writer</em>
    Well 2 weeks down and headed into our bye week (What is with week 3 bye's anyway?) at 2-0. Much better than our 0-2
    start last year. Of course its been kind of "School Ground" around here with the big bully picking on the little band geeks but hey 2-0 is 2-0. As they like to say, "On any given Sunday-". Well I'm here to tell you, on <strong>NO</strong> Sunday should either of those teams be able to beat our second stringers let alone our starters. Once again with a great game behind us, this week's Heroes and Zeros should be pretty easy to anoint. Lets get to it:


    <strong>The Secondar</strong>y – 2 weeks in a row our most maligned unit draws top praise. These guys played a hell of a game. The defensive strategy was completely different then Monday nights. They blitzed rarely and kept more LBs back in coverage and they completely blanketed the field. Both Collins and Young had a hard time finding anyone open and threw a bunch away and into the dirt to avoid more than the 2 interceptions they threw. Young got some passes in during garbage time with 4 or 5 of our starters out and I know Cromartie wants that TD back they scored on him, but I'll tell you this now, I'd rather be mad that they scored 7 useless points then sitting here asking why Jamal Williams or some other starter is in a cast. Props have to go to Quentin "StoneHands No More" Jammer for his pass defense and actual CB Interception! Week 2! That is 7 times better than last year when it took until week 14 for a starting CB to get a pick. The StoneHands nickname has been officially passed on to D-Flo. When the QB throws you a pass in the numbers with 12 yards of daylight in front of you, you got to make the catch. He made up for it with some bruising hits later in the day. All in all, a fantastic day for the secondary.

    <strong>The O-line</strong> – Once again the big boys up front kept Rivers from hitting the floor. He had time to pass and the run blocking was outstanding. Kris Dielman closed off a couple of major runs for LT. The rook Marcus McNeill did an excellent job of pass protection and had a nice pancake block. But Mr. Shane Olivea is giving Kris Dielman a run for his money for Lineman of the Year. He absolutely shut down Vanden Bosch who was #2 in the league last year in sacks. That 2 weeks in a row that Shane took out the #1 and #2 sack leaders from last year!

    <strong>LT</strong> – I should pull this spot from him for the bad mechanics in the overthrow to Gates in the endzone that would have been 6, but then I remembered he is not a QB. LT was solid again this weekend getting a little bit of a rest from the pounding game from Monday with only 17 carries but he lead the team with 7 catches as well. The first TD has got to be given to Lorenzo Neal as he blew up two Titans LB's to spring LT untouched to the corner, but TD #2 was a thing of beauty as LT hit the corner stiff armed his way around the edge and had the smarts to use 2 hands to drag that ball across the cone for 6. Just a thing of beauty to watch. The QB option play was also awesome with a great pitch by Rivers to spring LT for 7. I think I should just add LT to the Heroes and Zeros template under Heroes for every week.

    <strong>Michael "The Burner" Turner</strong> – This guy is just sick. He averaged over 10 yards a carry. He caught 2 passes. He took the tough yards into the pile. He ran over LBs and DBs in the open. And when we all expected them to run the clock out with 3 minutes left (Including the Titans obviously) he cuts one back to the week side and busts it 73 yards. Too bad he couldn't outrun the safety but one hell of a run for the Burner. I've changed my mind on trading him for a number 1 pick next year. I say we tender him a first round offer and keep him for a couple more years. There is plenty of snaps with a good team to keep Tomlinson on his run into the record books and to keep Burner happy as well as keeping them both healthy.
    Shawn Merriman</strong> – Proved he can do a lot more than rush the passer. He played great coverage and got a nice pick. He needs to sit down with D-Flo and the boys and put them through pass catching drills. If we didn't have so many talented big receivers I'd be tempted to use Merriman on the offense ala Vrabel of the Patriots. He definitely has the hands for it.

    <strong>The Rest of the Front Seven</strong> – Once again they just punished the run game. 55 yards on 19 carries for 2.9 avg with most of that coming on Vince Young's scrambles. That was a solid smash mouth day. With the team not blitzing very often the boys up front continued to get pressure on the QB's not giving them much time to sit and throw. Just a very solid game for this crew. Give Jamal Williams the game ball here getting the better of Kevin Mawae for the first time.

    <strong>Eric "Spiderman" Parker</strong> – The catch over the middle was just insane. This guy is the most fearless receiver we have. He has to be at his size and to excel as he has. His Punt Return skills appear to be back in form as he had 1 very nice return and made smart plays on the rest.
    The Rest of the WRs</strong> – The group as a whole played very well. They caught tough balls. They made some great blocks in the running game. The end-around to savvy vet Keenan McCardell was a thing of beauty as he juked the safety with the fake pass. Vincent "Action" Jackson made a great double catch on the touchdown ball. This group should have had at least 2 more scores but Philip got a little happy and overthrew them by a little. Correctable mistakes and I'm glad to see our guys getting open long. We need to hit more of those to keep the good D's in check.

    <strong>Cam Cameron</strong> – He called a fantastic game. He kept switching it up going from the normal speed and possession group with K-Mac and Spiderman, and then switching it up and going Elephant with Malcolm Floyd and Vincent Jackson coming in. It has got to be tough as a DB guarding Eric Parker one play and then going up against Vincent Jackson the next. He kept a great mix of run and pass and called some great trick plays. Very well scripted. Unfortunately I have serious doubts that we can keep Cam after this season. He was already on the short list for Head Coaching jobs last year and there will be more this year. Special props go to Cam for calling the naked bootleg to Whitehurst to hang 40 on the Titans in the final minutes. I love sticking the dagger in every once in a while, especially when they just got 7 in garbage time.


    <strong>Kerry Collins</strong> – I know he only has 2 "½ weeks of the playbook but that shouldn't effect his throwing arm. His passes were slow and lazy and he did nothing for this team. Why they let Volek go is a mystery. He would have been a much better stop gap to Young then Collins is. Their loss is our gain as we now have a good backup QB with a very talented youngster behind him we can develop. You all knew we weren't staying at a 52 man roster for nothing right?

    <strong>Titans Gameplan</strong> – I don't think they ever planned to try and establish the run against us. It was almost like an after thought. They ran only when necessary and they did it poorly minus one or two of Young's scrambles. I know that <strong>NO</strong> team is going to be successful running the ball against us, but you at least have to give the semblance of trying. Without them trying to keep us honest we were able to hold LBs back and just swarm the receivers.
    Having a Bye Week Now!</strong> – With pretty good health and great momentum it's terrible to get our break right now. We're just getting started! Oh well, it gives Keenan, Igor, and Kris Dielman the time to get fully healthy. It gives Volek the time to come in and learn the playbook and get some reps in. I still wish we could have gotten Baltimore and Pittsburgh out of the way first. Those are going to be some real physical games.

    2-0. All alone atop the AFC West. Once again, lets keep ourselves there all year long! With only Denver playing next week (And to New England who want vengeance) we could easily go up another "½ game on them. Lets hope our boys use these 2 weeks to get ready for Baltimore. I want to go out and hang 40 on the Ravens too! Lets prove that we can beat the good teams too and get out of there healthy. Lets Go Bolts!

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