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Heroes and Zeros - Game 3

Discussion in 'Latest Chargers News & Headlines' started by robdog, Oct 2, 2006.

  1. robdog

    robdog Code Monkey Staff Member Administrator

    Jun 29, 2009
    <img width="296" height="196" title="Clinton Hart watches as the Ravens celebrate the game-winning touchdown." alt="Clinton Hart watches as the Ravens celebrate the game-winning touchdown." src="http://photos.signonsandiego.com/gallery1.5/albums/061001ravens/KC_ChargersRavens547.jpg" />

    By MadMike
    <em>Bolt Talk Staff Writer</em>
    Week 4 hurt. It really hurt. With our team controlling the Ravens in every facet of the game I felt we had it in the bag. Our players were playing with fire and precision. The play calling was smart and varied. Then the second half hit. We fell into ball protect mode, made some mistakes on special teams, committed some stupid penalties, and gave the other team too many chances to put things together. Well this week will be painful to analyze but we need to so we can learn and move on from it. So here we go:


    <strong>Donnie Edwards</strong> – I have been part of the group that didn't mind if Donnie got traded. I knew he was a good player. I knew he covered people well out of the backfield. I always felt he lacked the fire to get in and mix it up. I felt he did not pound runners, he just wrapped up once they got to him. But, damned if I was wrong. The guy plays cover linebacker better than anyone. He has great instincts. He picked one this week, grabbed a fumble, made a couple of good tackles, and pressured McNair effectively. And after watching Merriman pound Todd Heap and watch him bounce off and spin into the end zone, I realized that wrapping up could win us games. I hope we can keep Donnie through this year. We need him.
    <strong>Marcus McNeill</strong> – He is playing so far above what we all thought he could. I think we all knew this kid was the LT of the future here in San Diego, but did anyone ever think he would be this solid so soon? After taking the AFC Rookie of the Month honors, he starts the month of October with a sensational game against one of the best lines in football. His pass blocking was fantastic and he opened some decent holes for his running backs. Way to go big boy.
    <strong>Quentin Jammer</strong> – 2 weeks in a row with a pick? Wow. He is finally picking up on this whole cornerback thing. Now , realistically, the interception was kind of like a centerfield catch as the receiver ran the wrong route (Or the QB threw the wrong route) but you cant complain about a guy being in the right place. More impressive was his blanket coverage all day long. He is truly becoming what we have always wanted from him, a #1 CB.
    <strong>Nate Kaeding</strong> – This kid can flat out kick. A 54 yarder not at your home field? Just plain sick. As for the missed field goal, my buddy who lives near DC and was at the game in that end zone called me and told me that the crosswind was whipping through there big time and that the ball was kicked well but got carried by the wind. Now don't get me wrong, kickers need to take wind into account, and Nate was the first to say "I don't care how solidly I kicked it, I missed it and we left points on the field", but that doesn't take away from a solid day by our well paid kicker.
    <strong>Wade Phillips</strong> – Despite his defense giving up the final TD after not wrapping up well, he has done a great job. We gave up 200 yards total offense, just 50 yards on the ground, and we did not commit any pass interference calls. Our team D continues to play with passion, aggression, and smarts. He is giving us every opportunity to win games. Now its up to our Offense and Special Teams to hold up their end of the bargain.
    <strong>Stephen Cooper</strong> – Play of the year so far. Nothing flashy. Nothing boisterous. The biggest play not being talked about from yesterday's game. He just hit his hole, planted his foot on the goal line, put his knee down for leverage, and stopped a big Tight End who was barreling through and stood him straight up while punching the ball out of his hands just a few feet from the end zone. No points allowed. That was a big time play and demoralized a Ravens team who had finally started to move the ball. Game ball to you Mr. Cooper, keep up the clutch plays.
    <strong>Antonio Gates</strong> – He played well, caught all the balls he could get to, and just felt a little under-utilized. His tip, catch against his helmet, pull down, get hit, spin and dive 2 yards for the first was when I truly thought "This game is over, we want it too much to let down". I think we need to get this guy the ball some more.
    <strong>D-Line</strong> – Castillo was just manhandling the O-line of Baltimore. Jamal Williams was punishing the RB's coming through the line. Igor was giving Ogden all he could handle. They pressured McNair, stopped the run, and in general made a nuisance of themselves. Even when Cesaire and Derrick Robinson came in to spell the guys, the line kept pushing.
    <strong>Lorenzo Neal</strong> – I know the guy fumbled. He never fumbles, but he did. Luckily we recovered and he proceeded to bash heads some more. He was laying the hits out all day. The pass a couple of plays after the fumble was huge, he go the first and instead of going out and stopping the clock he turns into the lineman running at him and drops his shoulders and lays out a hit instead of taking one. He is a man's man. This guy is a beast.

    <strong>Mike Scifres</strong> – Hard to give a razzy to a guy who just kicked a 71 yard punt. But that bumbled snap cost us big. Nate was kicking into the good end zone and most likely would have nailed it. He still is a monster for taking the bounced snap in the end zone and still getting it off. The guy has still never been blocked. His punt off the safety was solid even though he was banged up a little. But we can't afford to bungle snaps in the big games.
    <strong>Philip Rivers</strong> – He played a decent game. I for one didn't think he missed more than two throws all day. The one to VJ deep was a pass interference play that never got called. Had VJ not been handled around the neck, he would have caught that ball. Plain and simple Rivers was not given the chance to win this game and that has got to stop. He made a bad pass to Gates that got picked in the first quarter and cost us 7 points. He bungled another snap for -1 (That has got to stop!). But for gods sake Marty and Cam, either you trust him or you don't. Give him the ball, let him win games, let him put the good teams away instead of letting them come back.
    <strong>Kris Dielman</strong> – Tough game kid. Too much emotion led to 3 costly mistakes. We cannot keep making these kind of mistakes. The clipping was terrible. We need to get smart. I love this guys intensity. I love his heart. He just has to play more in control when it comes to crunch time.
    <strong>Marty and Cam</strong> – Ok time to unite the masses. Believe it or not, your all right! Marty and Cam's ball protection offense was terrible in the second half and helped cost us the game. And the players mis-executed on some basic plays that partly cost us the game. And Philip Rivers missed a couple of open passes and partly cost us the game. Etc.. You're all right. The combination of all of these things cost us this game. I have already listed out the worst player offenders above, and now it's the coach's turn. Marty, unclench, remove the diamond (formerly coal) from your nether regions, and let the boys play some football. I know mistakes will cost us a game but so will stagnation. You cannot just sit on a lead against a veteran team for that long. I agree our defense was controlling the game and our running game was working for the most part (When mixed up with passing plays and other types of run plays). The issue is running straight up the gut again and again, even on long third downs. When they are stacking 8 and 9 in the box, play-action passes murder teams. You can throw in some nice sweeps, counters, and reverses to keep D's off balanced. If you run that fake reverse one more time without doing it, I am going to hit you. The fake only works when they think you might actually use it. Once out of 20+ times over the last few games doesn't keep a D honest. Our team is great on screen plays and you did not call even one. They are about as safe a passing play as can be run and you were too scared to call it. The mis-direction run has worked well and you didn't run it. Just off guard, off tackle, draw plays, etc- Open up the book
    <strong>2-1. Tied for first in the AFC West</strong>. And angry, really angry. I am sure I am not going out on a limb by warning the Steelers to be ready for Sunday. This team is angry. They do not want to lose games like this. They are going to hurt some people this weekend. They are going to wrap up. They are going to unleash Rivers and let him win this game. They are going to handle snaps well. They are going to wrap up on tackles. They are going to make kicks through crosswinds. They are going to put the Steelers away for good. No comebacks. No getting up from the hole we put you in. The Chargers are gonna blow the Q up this weekend. Let's all be on hand to give them the support they need to go all the way. Let's be loud. Let's make sure the City Council and Mayor can hear us downtown so they know where we want our Chargers. Lets have fun, support our missing men (53 and 48), and make the <strong>12<sup>th</sup> man in </strong><strong>San Diego</strong> known to the rest of the nation on Primetime NBC TV! Lets Go Bolts!

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