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Heroes and Zeros - Game 5

Discussion in 'Latest Chargers News & Headlines' started by robdog, Oct 17, 2006.

  1. robdog

    robdog Code Monkey Staff Member Administrator

    Jun 29, 2009
    <img width="339" height="225" title="L.T. gives TBoltzCali his gloves." alt="L.T. gives TBoltzCali his gloves." src="http://photos.signonsandiego.com/gallery1.5/albums/061015niners/KC_Chargers49ers260198x491.jpg" />

    By MadMike
    <em>Bolt Talk Staff Writer</em>

    Well I just got back from San Francisco and all I can say is it was well worth the trip. Going 500 miles to watch the Chargers blast the Niners 48-19 was just about as good as it could get (Obviously 49-0 would be the best!). And for all of those fans who have been to the Q and no where else, we are blessed. We may need a new stadium so we can host Superbowls again and attract some of the better free agents, but our stadium is luxurious compared to that rotting corpse of a stadium in San Fran. If I owned a team that had won 5 Superbowls (And yes every SF fan had to remind me that we have none, yet, and I stress yet) I would have them enshrined in a pimped out stadium that could transform into a giant robot. Yes it would be expensive but it would be worth it for 5 Superbowls. But it sure was a party up there. Had to be close to 5000 Charger fans there. Had to be over 500 just in the tailgate party alone. Lets hope the Chargers can start traveling this well to every game. And with such an offensive onslaught this week should be pretty easy to pick some heroes and fairly tough to pick zeros. Lets give it a try:


    <strong>Ladainian "I Believe I Can Fly" Tomlinson</strong> – 4 Rushing TD's. 1 acrobatic launch over Marcus McNeill into the endzone, 71 yards rushing, 7 catches for 64 in the air, and my Fantasy RB. 37 Fantasy points. He was too much for the 9er's in the Gold Zone. They did a good job of bottling him up most of the game so the Chargers went to the air and LT was a major part of that successful air attack. He had 1 fumble that the rookie McNeill picked up but other than that, a near perfect day.
    <strong>Philip "Air" Rivers</strong> – Last week may have made Rivers a star in this league. But this week showed how dominant a passer he can be. He absolutely shredded the 9ers secondary (Including Sammy Davis) to the tune of 29-39 334 yards and 2 TD's. He was such a strength in the huddle, took the hit for not getting rid of the ball quicker while in the endzone, and finally got his timing with Vincent Jackson down on the long ball. That may be the biggest thing to take from this week. He keeps hitting that ball to VJ, this offense will go through the roof as those types of throws make the running game explode as they drop more men into coverage.
    <strong>Charger Fans at the Stick</strong> – I have never seen the Chargers travel so well. I have never seen more energy from the opposing team's fans as I did there in SF. I have never seen a bigger tailgate party then the one at the back of section I in the parking lot. And the players heard us. I have seen at least 3 articles claiming that the Charger fans at the stick made a difference. They said the players have never heard their fans getting loud in another teams stadium like that before. Luis Castillo was pumping up the East Endzone as about 500 of us were letting the team know we were there. LT signed his gloves and gave them to one of our fans. And the poor 9er fan we nicknamed Santa Claus was escorted from the premises as he got pissed off that the Charger fans were loud and in abundance and here to wreck his house. Hope his old knees are Ok as he tumbled down about 10 stairs while be escorted by the SFPD. Well done Charger Fans, well done.
    <strong>Eric Parker</strong> – I told you last week and I'll tell you again, Rivers and Parker are moving towards that Tom BradyDeion BranchDavid Givens type of trust. They know what each other is doing and they have complete faith that the other guy will make the play. This is the stuff that Superbowls are made of and it's brewing right here in San Diego. Parker needs to finally break one into the endzone but he is quietly on track to hit 1000 yards receiving. Another solid week for Spiderman.
    <strong>The Rest of the WRs</strong> – Solid week for the WR's. VJ finally gets hit on that long seem route that Philip has been off on for the last 4 weeks. Keenan keeps running routes that make every CB look like a rookie covering. Nobody runs pretty routes then K-Mac and nobody comes back to bail out his QB as well as he does. The blocking down field was great and they just had a great time abusing a less then stellar secondary. This is what good receiving corps do to mediocre defenses.
    <strong>Antonio Gates</strong> – 5 for 78 and another TD. 2 weeks in a row with a TD. Think maybe Rivers is starting to hit that big target out there now? They have started to click on the Gates Post-Up route where he basically stops with the DB behind him and shields the ball right into his arms. He also ran over two guys on the way into the endzone and made it look easy.
    <strong>O-Line</strong> – They were solid once again. I still would like to see some better run blocking schemes to help free up LT a little more, but they were stacking the line a lot so we let Philip beat them. Even when my Charger Olivea went out (Thankfully its only a sprain and not serious) Cory Lekerkerkerkerkekrkekekrker came in and did a fine job filling in. Marcus McNeill gets props for grabbing LT's fumble and forwarding it 5 yards.
    <strong>Front Seven</strong> – They held Frank Gore, tied for first in the NFL for Rushing yards, to 55 yards on the ground. They got 5 sacks on Alex Smith with Shaun Phillips collecting 2 of them. Merriman got a sack and made one of the best hits on a RB in the backfield I have ever seen. Anyone who didn't know how truly fast he is should know after that hit. He was a blur through the hole and Gore never knew what hit him. Phillips also batted up a Smith pass that Luis Castillo grabbed for the interception. Another solid week for the bruisers up front.
    <strong>Cam</strong><strong> Cameron</strong> – One hell of a gameplan designed by this guy. They had to punt once. They gave up another safety. But otherwise this team marched the field on sustained drives, keeping the 9er's off balanced. The 91 yard march to make it 14-7 was a thing of beauty. When they stacked the box, Cam opened the game up and let Rivers smoke this secondary. Well done, and no sign of Martyball.

    <strong />


    <strong>Monster</strong><strong> </strong><strong>Park</strong> – This place sucks. The dual purpose baseballfootball stadiums should be dead. Its old. It smells. It has bad restroom facilities. And the worst thing? The miniscule, tiny, extra small, micro size JumboTron (Should be called Mini-Tron). I have a bigger screen at my house. It was absolutely un-viewable from the East endzone. No large scoreboards showing out of town scores and marriage proposals. The Q is a shrine compared to this place.
    <strong>The first half secondary play</strong> – We played loose. Too loose. We went away from the hard hitting enforcer style of play and Alex Smith made some good passes to beat us. Both corners got burned for TDs. We have to cover the crossing route better (Also may be due to less pressure in the first half). Give Marty and Wade props for making some adjustments in the second half and the front seven getting more pressure that shut Smith down for the rest of the game.
    <strong>49er Fans and their constant reminder of their SB Rings</strong> – We all understand you guys <u>HAD</u> great teams in the 80's and 90's. We know you had Montana, Young, Rice, Craig, etc-. We know you have 5 rings. But your team is not those teams. You want to razz me about my team getting swatted in 95', Ok, I'll take it. I'm a big boy and we did get owned. But you want to tell me that those years have a bearing on this year's games, I'll tell you to take a walk. Be proud of your past, but be honest about your present and future.
    <strong>4-1. Tied for the lead of the AFC West.</strong> I can't believe that Denver could only amass 13 points against the Raiders. And only Arizona (and maybe the Raiders) could have lost a game in which they were winning by 20 points with the ball going into the 4<sup>th</sup> quarter. If there was ever a time for MartyBall that was it. A little Dive Left, Dive Right, Dive Left, and Punt would have done it. But amazingly, Arizona, in that beautiful stadium, flushed it all down the toilet on a few poor plays. Our team is coming together. The Offense is balanced. The Defense is solid. The Kickers look good. The team needs to focus on one game at a time, punish teams, and get the W. We have a big revenge game in KC this week. We need to go show them who we really are. Not that crap we put on the field last year in the rain, but our high powered offense and defense. We need to show them who owns the AFC West. We need to win every division game to make sure the Broncos are properly placed as the secondary team in the AFC West. That was a great weekend in San Fran. Time for our fans to take it to KC. Let's go Bolts!

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