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Heroes and Zeros - Game 6

Discussion in 'San Diego Chargers Hall of Champions' started by robdog, Oct 24, 2006.

  1. robdog

    robdog Code Monkey Staff Member Administrator

    Jun 29, 2009
    <img width="295" height="244" title="San Diego Chargers linebacker Marques Harris (92) does a backflip after sacking Kansas City quarterback Damon Huard and causing a fumble the Chargers recovered in the fourth quarter during their 30-27 loss to the Chiefs in Kansas City, Mo., Sunday, Oct. 22, 2006. (AP Photo/Reed Hoffmann)" alt="San Diego Chargers linebacker Marques Harris (92) does a backflip after sacking Kansas City quarterback Damon Huard and causing a fumble the Chargers recovered in the fourth quarter during their 30-27 loss to the Chiefs in Kansas City, Mo., Sunday, Oct. 22, 2006. (AP Photo/Reed Hoffmann)" src="http://espn-i.starwave.com/media/apphoto/2906cc46-7070-4e94-ad92-13757279e022.jpg" />

    By MadMike
    <em>BoltTalk Staff Writer</em>

    Tough week Bolts fans. A hell of a tough week. About as ugly a first quarter as I have ever seen including some of the games helmed by Leaf, Whelihan, Moreno, and McMahon. The team came out flat, let the crowd get to them, and made many mental mistakes. The injury to Phillips, the surgery on McNeill, Oben still not back, Jue out, Igor's injury, both tackles banged up, and now Shawne Merriman's steroid issues. I have never seen the air around a team let out so fast. Come on people! This team is the same team we were touting as major playoff contenders all year and now everyone is coming out with why we suck, why this guy is no good, and why we are doomed again. I for one am not going to do it. What I saw on Sunday in the first quarter made me want to put my hand through a wall. But I also saw the next 3 quarters where my young QB picked his but up, grabbed his team by the collar, and lead them back into the game. The offense righted the ship and started to move well against the Chiefs. Bringing a team back that was down 20-3 in Arrowhead to tie the game at 27-27 is a nearly impossible feat, but Rivers did it. I am glad that Shaun's injury is not as bad as they thought. Oben will be starting up this week, Jue should be back, VJ is feeling better, McNeill's hands have had a week to heal, Igor is a week closer to being on the field, and I believe Shawne until proven otherwise. Last Sunday we saw what a fairly mediocre team can do with great fan support. Well its time to bring that to our team when they need it the most. For now lets get the 1's and 0's over with:

    <strong>Heroes (1's):

    <strong>Marques Harris – </strong>Seeing Shaun Phillips wave for the medical team on Sunday was scary. Losing his speed off the end is tough to recover from, but this kid did an admiral job filling in for Phillips. He got a sack and a forced fumble which help get us back into the game. He will need to play well for the next couple of weeks while Shaun is out but hopefully by the time "The Strike" is back we will have a new "Marquee" backup at OLB.
    <strong>Ladainian Tomlinson – </strong>The fumble in the first quarter hurt. Schotty should have thrown the flag though as it seemed clear that the KC player was touching the white line when he grabbed the ball. After having a tough go on the ground in the first quarter, LT got on track especially in the passing game and helped his QB get the team going by sheer force of will. 15 carries for 66 on the ground and 6 catches for 72 yards in the air plus a TD pass. Those are some good numbers. Obviously since we were playing from behind most of the game his rushing attempts were down but LT always finds a way to be productive.
    <strong>Eric Parker – </strong>While not nearly as big a part of the passing game as the last couple of weeks, "Spiderman" had catches of 18 and 21 for big gains and then had a beautiful 51 yard punt return that sparked the team into life.
    <strong>Philip Rivers – </strong>The first quarter was horrible. He threw a bad ball to Eric Parker high and it got picked. He coughed up a fumble (Although it sure looked like the "In the grasp" call from the Pitt game to me). He had happy feet for most of the first half sometimes getting rid of the ball a little too quick. But he showed me why everywhere he goes people fall in love with this kid and respect him. He is a fighter. He doesn't give up. Like a pitcher who knows he doesn't have his best stuff but still works his but off to get that 4-3 win. Philip showed me something big on Sunday. My Rivers #17 jersey in White is being bought from Ebay as I type this. He earned the right for me to let his name grace my back as I support him and his efforts.
    <strong>Luis Castillo – </strong>This guy was fighting off the edge all day. He kept pushing his man back and almost getting to the QB. His pressure and the lack of Igor's presence was the reason LJ ran most of his runs to the left side. He was in on the sack, made some good tackles in the running game and smacked the Chief lineman who tried to pick up the Huard fumble and grabbed the ball himself. A solid performance for the rising star at DE.
    <strong>Antonio Gates – </strong>He seemed to be the pressure outlet guy for Rivers all day. He always seemed to be ready to help out when the blitz came so his QB could get rid of the ball. He made some great catches and just missed an amazing 1 handed catch in traffic. He caught a TD proving he is still one of the scariest Gold Zone players in the game. Gates's number is being called more and more and his numbers are starting to rise on Rivers confidence in him.
    <strong>Zeros (0's):

    <strong>O-Line – </strong>Well Trumpie always yells that LT deserves better than this. This weekend I have to agree with him. LT and Rivers both deserved better. Working with two banged up tackles in Olivea and McNeill we knew it was going to be tough. But the interior of the line was very poor, worse than the tackles against KC. Until the Chargers went to the counter and draw in the second half, we could not move the ball on the ground at all. KC was blitzing a lot but we did not too a good job of keeping the pocket clear for Rivers to be comfortable and pass. I expect more from this group. I think with a week of healing and having to face LT and Rivers in practice, the line will be back to form this weekend.
    <strong>The Defense – </strong>Not even going to break this down into players. As a group, our D got spanked by KC. They made Huard look like Farve (In his good days!). The rushing defense was terrible. The tackling was terrible. The pass defense, especially by the LB's and Safety's was terrible. Gonzalez just killed us. We all know how to defend this team. You don't need to blitz them very often. Just bang Gonzalez on the line every time he tries to move, keep the LB's in to stop LJ and let the CB's man up with a safety over the top. But we couldn't accomplish this. The second half was a little better as some guys on the team picked it up. But none of it matters when that same group lets the Chiefs march over 40 yards in 50+ seconds to get in FG range. These guys need to play more consistently.
    <strong>Turnovers – </strong>When is the last time a Charger team not helmed by a botanical named QB gave up 3 turnovers in one quarter? There is no way to win in the NFL doing that. It was a near miracle that we actually came back and had a shot to win this game. The turnovers have to stop.
    <strong>Shawne Merriman – </strong>The appeal is in. He's still playing for now. And I for one believe he did not knowingly take the steroids. But in this day with all of the other steroid issues out there, as a professional athlete, I would have my supplements tested. If they came back normal, I would keep that bottle and if I ever came up positive I would give the league both bottles so they could see if the steroid was added unknowingly to the pill. Then I would get a big old lawsuit against the company and out them out of business. Any which way this falls out, it tarnishes a sterling image of a fine player.
    <strong>4-2. Second place in the AFC West.</strong> I hate to be down a game to Denver. This just proves we are going to have to double knock Denver this year to prove a point. Lets just throw last week out as an upside down week and move on. With a ton of favored teams getting beat down it just proves that parity is alive and well in the NFL (Except in the AFC South where the Colts pretty much get their way with anyone). Lets scrub the crap off our jerseys and get ready for another week. With Merriman getting to play, the Defense isn't going to take as big a hit as we thought and the offense is definitely starting to click. The team is working hard to prove its Elite. Well guess what folks? It's time for us as fans to prove we're Elite as well. The Chiefs fans threw down the gauntlet last week. Lets send them a message that they aren't the only fans that can help their team win. Lets get out to the Q early, party hard, cheer even harder, and be one hell of a 12<sup>th</sup> man for the team. Lets Go Bolts!

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