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How 'bout that son rise?

Discussion in 'Latest Chargers News & Headlines' started by robdog, Sep 10, 2006.

  1. robdog

    robdog Code Monkey Staff Member Administrator

    Jun 29, 2009
    Source: San Diego Union-Tribune
    <blockquote>By Kevin Acee

    <font class="newstext"><img width="193" height="236" align="left" alt="Philip Rivers, a college star in this 2004 photo, shows off the "when I grow up" poster he made at age 10." title="Philip Rivers, a college star in this 2004 photo, shows off the "when I grow up" poster he made at age 10." src="http://www.signonsandiego.com/uniontrib/20060910/images/sp_rivers.jpg" /> ATHENS, Ala. – Here, just 15 miles from the Tennessee border but smack in the heart of Alabama, where high school football can still bring 10,000 to the local stadium, it becomes clear just why Philip Rivers is who he is. </font>

    <font class="newstext">His current teammates talk about how he instantly took over as a leader. Here, that begins to make sense. And it was anything but instant. </font>

    <font class="newstext"> Here is where the roots extend, where the mold was made for a man who waited quietly but fidgety as the Chargers' No." 2 quarterback, where he was brought up to be a leader. </font></blockquote>
    <a target="_blank" href="http://www.signonsandiego.com/sports/chargers/20060910-9999-1s10chargers.html"><strong>Article Link</strong></a>

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