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JFK was Assasinated On This Day

Discussion in 'The Lounge' started by Deb, Nov 22, 2008.

  1. Deb

    Deb BoltTalker

    Jul 10, 2007
    The Day Kennedy Was Assassinated
    by Deb

    It's a day that will live forever in the annals of American History. An entire nation was in shock, mourned, and will forever gauge what they were doing when they heard Kennedy was assassinated.

    We have all seen the clips. We have all heard the conspiracy theories. I myself have stood at the spot Kennedy was assassinated a few times...on trips to see the Cowboys play. I have stood in the window of the Book Depository and looked out at what Lee Harvey Oswald looked out at.

    So it's 45 years ago today..........but maybe we can forget the theories, the stories, what political parties our allegiances are to... and take a minute to remember a fallen President, a decorated War Hero
  2. Buck Blincoe

    Buck Blincoe BoltTalker

    Sep 15, 2007
    I was in Dallas that day. I was in the Lackland AFB, Texas Drum and Bugle Corps, and we had flown to Dallas to march in the parade. We were informed when we got there that we weren't going to be used. We hung around Love Field for a while getting something to eat and waiting for our plane to get ready.

    Once we were on the plane an NCO came out and told us JFK had been shot. A day or two later there was a huge ceremony in the LAFB amphitheater at sunrise. I'll never forget thousands of basic trainees marching into that venue with the red tips on their flashlights.
  3. VikingBolt

    VikingBolt BoltTalker

    Oct 8, 2006
    The world lost a great man that day. Yes, he had faults, but his good points outweighed them.

    I'll never forget that day. Was shopping with my Mom for her wedding outfit as my brother was getting married 1 week later.
    I never saw SO MANY people, with the same look of shock and sadness on their faces at one time. The entire day.


    BOLTS4LIFE Banned Banned

    Oct 13, 2006
    BRB. Gotta pee.

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