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Jose Canseco Wants to Fight Curt Schilling

Discussion in 'All Other San Diego Sports' started by Deb, Jun 3, 2008.

  1. Deb

    Deb BoltTalker

    Jul 10, 2007
    Jose Canseco Wants to Fight Curt Schilling

    Posted Jun 3rd 2008 2:14PM by Tom Fornelli
    Filed under: Red Sox, MLB Gossip, MLB Rumors, Fighting


    It's been a while since FanHouse checked in on Jose Canseco (nearly a full week) and the circus that is his life. Last we heard from Jose, he was set to fight Vai Sikahema in a "celebrity" boxing event.

    Unfortunately, sacrificing Vai Sikahema to the god that is Jose Canseco is just not enough. Jose's blood lust can not be quenched with one mediocre kick returner from years past.

    No, for Jose to truly be satisfied, he needs to fight somebody who can combine the nerd qualities of someone who blogs and plays online role-playing games, with the ability to strike out big league hitters. Who could ever meet such standards!?

    From Ben Maller:
    Retired steroid slugger Jose Canseco challenged Red Sox pitcher Curt Schilling to a fight while appearing this morning on Angelo Cataldi's morning show on WIP in Philadelphia. Canseco also claimed the bloody sock that helped make Schilling famous was actually ketchup.​
    Jose dares taunt Scythehands Voxslayer! Doesn't he know that Scythehands is a level-5 warrior (or whatever the hell they're called. I don't know, I don't play.) in the World of Warcraft? I don't care what kind of martial arts history Canseco has, surely his skills can not match up with Voxslayer's fire attack and talking tiger.

    Maybe Jose would be better off fighting a less imposing foe, like say, Kimbo Slice.

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