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LaDanian Tomlinson, Adrian Peterson and the First Overall Pick

Discussion in 'Fantasy Football Talk' started by Deb, Jun 25, 2008.

  1. Deb

    Deb BoltTalker

    Jul 10, 2007
    Fantasy Roundtable: LaDanian Tomlinson, Adrian Peterson and the First Overall Pick

    Posted Jun 25th 2008 9:25PM by Will Brinson
    Filed under: Chargers, Vikings, Fantasy Football, NFL Position Rankings
    The Fantasy FanHouse team will occasionally debate pre-draft topics for your perusement and amusement. Any excuse for a Roundtable really. Today's topic: what to do with that first overall pick, should it fall your way.

    Will Brinson: There are only two choices with the first overall pick -- LaDanian Tomlinson and Adrian Peterson -- unless you're in Chad Johnson's fantasy league. Then you draft Ocho Cinco first, hold him out from fantasy training camp and trade him to the real 85 for his first five picks. But since that horrible joke won't become reality isn't happening, you gotta pick LT or AP. So who ya got?

    Matthew Greber: Well, it's not like the #1 pick always works out but this year that pick has the most uncertainty in a long time. But if I do get that pick, I'm probably taking LDT each and every time. (Note...not LT, that's a taken nickname, folks. Either LT2 or LDT.)

    Matt Snyder: Has to be LDT. His rushing totals have gone 1236, 1683, 1645, 1335, 1462, 1815, and 1474 with an average of 16 TDs per season. Even if you think Peterson can exceed those numbers (which I don't), he won't garner the additional points LDT will through the air -- both as a receiver and a passer.

    In seven seasons Tomlinson has averaged 65 catches for 482 yards through the air, with 14 total receiving TDs. And you know he's good for two TD passes a season.

    MG: I can't count how many times a player shreds it up in his rookie year, then takes a giant step backwards the following season. And while I think Adrian Peterson is the exception and will end up being very solid, if I'm waiting until the 20th or 24th pick for my second player, I want as much of a lock as there is. LDT is The Lock. (Hey, now that's a nickname!)

    WB: Wow. That is a pretty solid nickname. And I wholeheartedly agree -- LT is the pick (although I'm surprised there's not some AP dissension at the very least.)

    Some might argue LT's dropoff in yards per carry in 2007 (down to 4.7 from 5.2), but his career numbers have been reasonably varied anyway. And he only had 315 carries as well last year, which is his lowest total since 2003, which means he should have plenty in the tank for 2008.

    I was high on Peterson last year (seems easy enough to say now, no?) and think he'll be great again in 2008. Even when teams keyed on him, the Vikings have enough of an offensive push, and he's enough of a freak of nature, to still dominate. If Tavaris Jackson makes some sort of leap from godawful to awful (okay, he's really not that bad), which I think he could, then suddenly Peterson could dominate fantasy football like we haven't seen in a while.

    But still, I want LT. You know for a fact, injury aside, what he's going to bring to the table, at least until that tragic magic age of 31. Which would be 2009. So unless there are keeper ramifications involved, I'll be more than happy to pull the trigger on Tomlinson or let him fall to me at 2.

    MS: Speaking of the age thing, if there are any new keeper leagues for 2008 out there -- I'd be surprised if there weren't -- Adrian Peterson is hands-down the #1 pick. He'll be the top fantasy player over the next five to eight years. Maybe Darren McFadden will challenge, but you don't use the top pick on the unknown.

    WB: Agreed 100 percent. Unless you can get your hands on Cody Paul already. Then it's open season.


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