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LBC's Draft Grades (Rd 1 Up)

Discussion in 'NFL Draft' started by The LBC, May 9, 2014.

  1. The LBC

    The LBC I'm a Real Prick

    Jun 28, 2010
    1. Texans Jadeveon Clowney A
    - I refuse to give it the "plus" because this pick is still going to be contingent for me on how they address the QB position, since they passed on the single most important need in this league for Clowney, no matter how you spin it. That said, Clowney's an outstanding player with a massive ceiling - and I feel as though the "work ethic" bit got blown way out of proportion (you try being used like Carolina used him in many games, where he was rarely moved around to create mismatches and instead was basically told "sic 'em" even though he knew he was going to draw double- and triple-teams on virtually every play last season. That's going to wear on you and most prospects (not all, but a good amount) would struggle to keep their motor running hot 100% of the time in that scenario.

    The scheme fit isn't something I'm worried about either. This isn't completely the Romeo Crennel we saw in New England - if his time in Kansas City (and even some of the stuff in Cleveland) is any indication, I expect to see Houston using his Psycho Package a decent amount (2-downed linemen and one of Clowney or Watt moved around and rushing from a 2-point stance to create and exploit mismatches).

    2. Rams (from WSH) Greg Robinson A
    - I wouldn't like Robinson this high for every team; it sounds weird but it's true. In this scenario he's able to go to a team with a (IMO) quality OL coach, who won't force him to man the blind-side right out the gate, and may not even force him to man the edge either (they could ease him in at LG), and will allow him to grow into what he has the potential to be. Also, this is a Jeff Fisher team in the NFC West - they're going to run the ball a considerable amount (it's what Fisher does), so he's in a situation where his immediate strengths can be made quick use of and his weaknesses (his raw pass-pro technique) won't be in a position to be exposed as often. Calling it now, Zac Stacy needs to be everybody's Fantasy Football "Sleeper RB they're willing to reach a round ahead of ADP for"; if he stays healthy he's going to go OFF this season.

    3. Jaguars Blake Bortles B-*
    - I'm not a fan of the value (I had Bortles as my #3 QB and a pure late-1st grade), but I'm more lenient on the selection-spot value for QB's because of the necessity of the position. So to me this is about 1/4 to 1/3 of a round premature of where his "adjusted value" kicked in. The ceiling is there, especially if he sits. Where I'm a bit hesitant is Gus Bradley comes from the Pete Carroll school of coaching - which means that Bortles is at least going to be given as equal of a chance out the gate to start as Chad Henne will - and I'm not so confident in Henne vs. #1's to far and away outshow Bortles vs. #2's and #3's in the preseason. This is a B/B+ pick if Bortles sits 1/2-2/3 of this season, B-/C+ if he starts Week 1.

    4. Bills* Sammy Watkins WR C+
    I'm sure I'll get raked over the coals for this but this move had me shaking me head. Sammy Watkins, under normal circumstances, is not a Top 5-worthy WR based upon the standard that's been set by the likes of prospects like Calvin Johnson and Julio Jones - he's just not. He's a very good receiver, but he's not the kind of player that's going to (even with development) be capable of dominating all facets of his position's game. Add in the value of the trade and I just can't get past paying two 1st round picks for a player that doesn't at least have the physical/in-game ceiling of a Julio Jones or AJ Green. It fills a need with a "very good" player, but the price paid for the player gained drags the grade of this pick way down for me.

    5. Raiders Khalil Mack B+
    - This is almost an "A"... almost. Look, I'm a Khalil Mack fan, have been for a while. And I think what he is fits the Raiders better than others at this point (if certain other teams had taken him at this pick, I'd have knocked the grade down to a "B" most likely), because they're a club in much more dire need of high floor than high ceiling, or rather they were in a position where this staff needed to sacrifice some of the later in order to ensure plenty of the former. I'm not saying Mack is Aaron Curry, but he also wasn't someone I've ever seen as a bonafide Top 5 pick because I felt he lacked the ceiling. With Mack what you see is what you're getting... literally, I don't believe he's going to make any great strides in development from where he already is; with a lot of prospects you'll see as they progress in the pros and finally start playing with consistent, proper technique they're finally able to do more to maximize their superior physical abilities - Mack's technique is already pretty damn clean and his frame is largely maxed out. He's a Julian Peterson (or a rich man's Ahmad Brooks), both fine football players and valuable defenders... just not Top 5 pick valuable to me.

    6. Falcons Jake Matthews A- - This move was necessary if Atlanta wants to win playoff games and not just regular season ones. I realize that the defense still needs bolstering, particularly in the pass-rushing department. The defense also has Mike Nolan leading it, who has shown a knack for adapting his defense to meet the personnel he has available to him. The offense, particularly if they're going to function in the NFC playoffs, is a different story, because if they can't keep their QB upright, they'll continue to be one and done (for the most part) when they do get back to the playoffs. Matthews is a great get - high floor, versatile, plug-and-play from Day 1. And having Matt Ryan's blindside protector under contract "cheaply" for what will be the heavy meat of the lucrative extension they just signed Ryan to will be hugely beneficial in not having the salary cap become much of an issue for them year-to-year.

    7. Buccaneers Mike Evans B+- Really the only thing keeping me from upping this to an "A" is I'm not sold that the current slated starter is going to be able to recreate the results he had with a pair of receivers who you could definitely draw parallels between and what is now Tampa's receiving corps. Reason being, lack of Marc Trestman; Jeff Tedford's a fine OC, but I don't know that he fits McCown like a glove the way Trestman did.

    8. Browns* Justin Gilbert C-- Literally the only thing salvaging this pick for me is the trade back and having acquired Buffalo's 2015 1st. Justin Gilbert is an Antonio Cromartie clone so I can see why Mike Pettine would pound the table for him. And the Browns definitely had a need at the position because Buster Skrine was god awful last season. But Gilbert is far more raw than people give him credit for - his back-pedal is beyond sloppy, his hip flip isn't as smooth as you'd like, and for as "athletic" as he tests on the combine field, he doesn't consistently translate it to the football field - the guy got burned by more #1 WR's last year in spite of playing predominately with an 8-yard cushion than any other CB with a 1st or 2nd round grade on my board. Long term, he should pan out. Short-term I don't think the Browns are going to see the kind of improvement at the position you'd want to see from a Top 10 pick - especially when you throw in that he'll play opposite a lockdown corner which means he's going to be thrown at a lot more.

    9. Vikings* Anthony Barr B-
    Zimmer took someone who was largely viewed as a 4-3 DE/3-4 OLB (Michael Johnson) when Cincy picked him up and played him predominantly, for at least the first two years of his rookie deal at SLB in a 4-3 before giving him reps at LDE. Could see a similar type of prospect in Barr. He could see what he saw that he liked in Dontay Moch when Cincy drafted him. Barr can be played as a 4-3 WLB at worst and that may be his best fit considering where his game is currently at (he still runs around blocks more than he does take them on and beat them - but he's also still learning to play defense period).

    Is the 9th overall pick a tad high for a 4-3 WILL? Maybe. The Vikings taking Barr where they did felt eerily reminiscent to me of Detroit drafting Ernie Sims at the identical spot in 2006 (the same draft where the Vikings got their own Chad Greenway at #17 overall). But I trust Zimmer a hell of a lot more to coach up and use Barr more appropriately than Marinelli who was trying to recreate what he thought could be his Derrick Brooks and turned out being more Cato June. I dinged Barr a letter grade for his being a raw as he is and another half-letter grade for the reach (I didn't have him as a Top 15 prospect in this class and have been adamant for a while he was by no means a Top 10 prospect). I have the pick graded as a "B-/C+" - more on the B- because of the prior trade-back, but I can certainly see where someone would reasonably grade it a "C". I don't love the value at all. I do like they at least milked some extra value out of the pick via the trade-back. I think ultimately Zimmer and Guenther can develop him into a high-end player.

    10. Lions Eric Ebron C+ Yes, Ebron's a matchup nightmare, but any receiving target isn't of much use to you if he can't consistent catch the ball. Ebron's hands aren't near consistent enough to me to merit this high a selection. He's not Vernon Davis as a prospect - some similar traits, but not near as polished. For a GM that's always been to my knowledge a BPA draft, sometimes to a fault, this just feels like awful value. They got a faster Brandon Pettigrew with the potential to be Jimmy Graham but, IMO because I don't think "teaching hands" is as guaranteed as some people want to make it out to be, without great probability of reaching that potential.

    11. Titans Taylor Lewan C-

    I don't see the value (Lewan, on tape, is a taller Bryan Bulaga with more on- and off-field character issues), the fit is questionable considering they just signed Michael Oher, and I don't see Lewan as a long-term LT (sure he could play it, but he'd forever be a guy who could be "upgraded upon" annually). In fact, this pick rings to me a lot like the guy the Titans signed in FA - Oher, except Oher fell in the draft, for the same technical reasons Lewan should have, and got taken right around where his natural value was. To be fair this is just slightly below what I gave my own Chargers last year for selecting DJ Fluker, for many of the same reasons, I just had the Chargers at a B-/C+ grade because even with selecting an RT at a similar pick, the need for a starting RT was much more pressing than the Titans had prior to this selection.

    12. Giants Odell Beckham Jr. B-

    - OBJ is a fantastic prospect, and I'm a huge fan. However, for one he feels a bit redundant for the Giants given who they already have on the roster. And no amount of receivers are going to do any good if they can't keep Eli standing long enough to get throws off. This, to me, would be like if the Chargers had drafted Cordarelle Patterson at #11 last year - fits a need for certain, but certain needs needed to be given higher priority because other's are dependent upon them. Maybe the Giants have a plan to mob Day 2 with OL picks, but if I'm trying to get a QB back on track that's coming off a situation to 2013 Eli or 2012 Rivers, I want the 1st round caliber OL and the 2nd round caliber WR versus the other way around.

    13. Rams Aaron Donald A+

    - And yes, I'm awarding the plus here because of the need they chose to fill being the right one. Everyone had them pegged as a sure-fire safety selection here and they had their pick of all the safeties in the class. But the Rams play in the NFC West and the NFC in general, where to win you HAVE to stop the run and be able the harass the hell out of QB's in the more limited opportunities you're going to have (SF and SEA are going to remain run-heavy clubs as long as their current HC's are in place). Therefore adding a high-end interior DL prospect had more value to a team like the Rams than a high-end safety. And with Donald they got value that exceeded their draft position (I have Donald as a Top 8 talent in this class) by +5, as well as give themselves some future flexibility with Chris Long (given that Robert Quinn's contract is going to make it difficult to keep that on the books terribly long without some kind of relief) given that Donald has the ability to kick out and play LDE, or back and forth between that position and UT.

    14. Bears Kyle Fuller A-

    - My top-rated corner and filling a need with a player that fits their scheme better than a prospect like Dennard would. Props to Phil Emery for seemingly moving past his obsession with H/W/S. The few concerns I have with Fuller are that VaTech's scheme can tend to make prospects look better than they actually are. Now I believe Fuller to fall far more into the Brandon Flowers/DeAngelo Hall column than the Jimmy Williams one, otherwise a very solid pick that made me sweat a little.

    15. Steelers Ryan Shazier B-
    - This will be largely dependent on where they opt to play him. I like the fit inside in LeBeau's scheme much more than outside, but I can see where DL may like him as a tweener or someone like Lawrence Timmons who can play inside-out - because Pittsburgh's zone-blitz scheme does ask their OLB's to cover much more than other 3-4 schemes do and Shazier should excel in that capacity.

    16. Cowboys Zack Martin B-
    - Would be a B+ but I didn't see such a gaping hole on the OL to merit passing on some of the defensive talent available of similar value to Martin given how shaky Dallas' defense looks like it could be. There's some real smarts to this pick, assuming it translates to a shift in philosophy. The Eagles are the team to beat in the Cowboy's division, and - similar to the AFC West teams that have to face Peyton twice a year - the best way to combat a Chip Kelly offense is to do your damnedest to keep them off the field and from chewing up the clock and wearing out your defense. You do that by controlling the ball through an effective rushing game and giving your defensive personnel ample time to rest from playing against the uber-rep, no-huddle attack.

    17. Ravens C.J. Mosley C+

    - I get the value, but not sure I get the fit. I'm willing to forgive stockpiling on LB's given the division the Ravens play in and the general identity of that defense. but if I was making the pick here, I'd have taken Dix and still satisfied Ozzie's Bama sweet-tooth. This seemed like one of those situations where a classic Ozzie Trade-back seemed ripe for the picking because of how the board fell - and with the Jets picking next who any figured were set to go WR - though anyone who has followed Rex in his time there should have known wasn't going to be the case. I feel like they probably could have gotten the same deal out of the Saints that Zona got and (likely) still gotten their guy or at worst settled for what I felt was the better pick in HaHa... hence the minus.

    18. Jets Calvin Pryor B

    - Classic Rex pick. And he's a safety that I think will do considerably better under Rex and in Rex's scheme than he would in a lot of places. Value's only OK - I get why they took him where they did because San Fran was lurking with picks to burn and teams were on the horizon that had needs at the position. I might have been more inclined to lean edge-rusher if they were going to go defense, but I get this pick, I really do. Not a "great" pick, but a solid, good one. Rex gets the enforcer he's wanted in that defense and that LaRon Landry failed to be.

    19. Dolphins Ja'Wuan James C-

    - This would be almost a full letter grade higher if they hadn't already signed Branden Albert in free agency and paid him what they did. I had James graded higher as an LOT prospect than Morgan Moses, so he was my next best pure LOT prospect up after Matthews went off the board. And if the offensive system Bill Lazier is going to run is remotely similar to what Chip Kelly's running in Philly, the scheme fit is very good here. But this isn't Philadelphia drafting Lane Johnson to play RT when their starting LT is already a couple seasons into his lucrative extension and coming off a season-ending injury. This is Miami reaching for a solid fit prospect after having just paid Branden Albert starting LT money (which would make him incredibly overpaid as a guard unless he's cracking out Jahri Evans/Carl Nicks type impact at the position). I get the need, but the next true threat to take any OT - much less a more pure LOT - was maybe the Chiefs because Big Red loves the big guys, but more realistically Carolina... some 9 picks later. It was likely no secret that Cleveland was working the phones trying to move up for Manziel - reach out, trade back, that at least makes it a little easier to then make a justifiable reach for your guy.

    20. Saints* Brandin Cooks B+

    - While I still have some questions about their ability to keep Brees on his feet, this is a really solid pick (though I'm not sure I see great value in trading all the way up to this spot, considering most folks who actually did their research probably would realize that Chip Kelly wasn't as big a threat to take a WR as the media was making him out to be. They likely could have traded into Arizona's slot for less than they paid to move up here. Maybe not, maybe the called both and the asking price was the same so they took the higher slot just to be sure. Cooks is a phenomenal fit in Payton's scheme - and the Saints basically got themselves what will ultimately be a better version of Lance Moore at minimum. Give him maybe a year to acclimate (it might not take that long) and Cooks will become to Brees what Randall Cobb is to Rodgers.

    21. Packers Ha'Sean Clinton-Dix A

    - I did have some concerns about HaHa - in that I didn't feel like he could be "the guy" in a safety corps. But partnering with Morgan Burnett he doesn't need to be. This is just plain a really good fit and really solid value (probably closer to where HaHa's actual value was, I had him as a 15-20 range prospect). Still some questions as to how Green Bay is going to address their DL, but I wouldn't be shocked to see them make a marginal move up in one of the next two rounds for a specific guy they like at that position - and from what I've heard they want to work towards going a bit smaller and quicker with their downed-linemen than they had been fielding in the past. With no ILB prospect left worth the pick, this is the closest thing to a home-run pick aside from St. Louis securing Aaron Donald.

    22. Browns* Johnny Manziel B-
    - Johnny went where Johnny should have been valued. This is more about fit for me than anything else. I like the fit with Kyle Shanahan in Cleveland - and I think that's one of the primary reasons why Cleveland liked Johnny so much. But there's another edge to that sword. KS also failed to break RG3 - a similarly stubborn (from what I've seen) player to JFF - of bad habits and tendencies in his game. If and it's a big if, the Browns have the resolve to start Hoyer this year and bring Johnny along gradually, building the offense around him before just throwing him out in the deep end, they may be able to finally get something out of a QB picked with the 22nd pick. If it becomes the Johnny Show straight out the gate... I don't see them shedding that Factory of Sadness label any time soon.

    23. Chiefs Dee Ford B
    - Despite some people (*cough* Jinx *cough*) who absolutely freaked out and cursed like a sailor at this pick... I get it. Andy Reid was taking a lineman of some variety with this pick - get used to it Chiefs fans, the Iggles fans can tell you all about Big Red's drafting habits. It's why I was saying for weeks that a WR or DB wasn't remotely an option here. Ford makes sense and it's a good fit, because he's not starter-ready; he needs to spend a year as a pass-rush specialist only first, which is fine because the Chiefs need a long-term successor to Tamba Hali who is good, but fading. Only reason I don't grade this hire is that as raw-er developmental edge-rushers go, this draft has some depth to it, and for a team without a 2nd round pick, I think I might have invested this pick in the other trench and looked to use a Day 3 pick to package and try to upgrade your 3rd for the developmental rusher.

    24. Bengals Darqueze Dennard A-

    - This is a very good fit for Dennard because it isn't going to require him to put in a ton of reps early - and he needs some time to work the grabsies out of his game and fix some of the finer points of his tackling technique. The value here is very good - once again the Bengals catch falling talent. I'm not quite so convinced that CB was such a massive need for the Bengals though. Adam Jones may not be much more than a nickel, but he's played exceedingly well for them as a nickel. Yes, Leon Hall is coming off Achilles surgery, but he also shouldn't be given up on either. And the player they invested a 1st round pick in not long ago finally started showing out to close last season in Kirkpatrick. Was this really a 1st round necessity?

    25. Chargers Jason Verrett A-
    - I was worried. The club had painted themselves into a corner with free agency that they were going to need to come out of the draft with a Day One starter at CB and were picking in a slot that didn't make that quite so easy to pull off. Verrett is, outside of Fuller, the single-best scheme-fit at the position for San Diego. Honestly, his height doesn't even concern me - people are worried about how hell fare against tall receivers but, despite being 4" shorter and giving up 2 1/2" in arm length to Justin Gilbert, Verrett out high-pointed him in terms of vertical by 4". Yet, we're not seeing all these people be so worried about Justin Gilbert faring poorly against tall receivers. Consider this, a player of similar stature to Verrett in Brent Grimes last season drew AJ Green, Julio Jones (pre-injury), Vincent Jackson, Torrey Smith, and Keenan Allen and didn't surrender a single TD - a streak that extended over the whole of the season. Now I'm not saying that Jason Verrett right now is where Brent Grimes is in terms of game, but he has all the potential to get there and has the cleanest footwork and, arguably, hips of any CB prospect in this class. Playing in off-man Cover 3 zone for us, it's a match made in heaven to get him this late. Only knock for me is that I can't help but feel like there was value to be had in a trade-back, as I don't rate CB as being as important a position if you get high-end play from both your safeties and from your pass-rushers. It's a personal quirk thing.

    26. Eagles* (from IND) Marcus Smith B-

    - I like the pick... and get the pick and why Chip picked him. But this to me is a proportionately similar reach to what Miami made with Dion Jordan last year - albeit with a better fit. Smith can be really, really good, especially with someone like Trent Cole to learn from. But the Eagles needed to improve their pass defense something fierce, and I'm not sure that getting a developmental pass-rusher that's likely to only see 3rd-down detail in Y1 maximizes the value of the pick enough. I'd have been all over Jimmie Ward in a heartbeat here, but I guess once again Malcolm Jenkins has fooled an NFL team into viewing him as a viable starter.

    27. Cardinals* Deone Bucannon C-

    - Steve Keim, you're a value drafter... this is... not... that. I'm not sure I get the fit either when you want to get the Honey Badger as many reps as possible. I like Bucannon a lot less if he's asked to stick largely to the deep third, his diagnosis skills just aren't up to snuff. Docking of a letter grade for lack of value, and another for leaving a better (fit and value) prospect on the board. Another half-grade dock for having arguably two highly develop-able franchise caliber QB's fall to you this low in the 1st round (even after trading back!) and passing on them for the above.

    28. Panthers Kelvin Benjamin C-
    - And to be honest the only reason it's this high is because of the glaring need. I'm not a Kelvin Benjamin fan, I have a low 2nd/early 3rd grade on him - because I don't trust his hands and receivers that can't catch are little more than glorified decoys (see Heyward-Bey, Darius). I get that the pickings at OT were slim, but this is a club also poised to start a UDFA at LT next season - I've been there with my club, it's far more often ugly than not. Moreover, you're a team whose identity is based off of your run-game on offense - so bolster your damn trenches and trust your franchise QB to elevate the talent on the field (he did it with Ted freakin' Ginn last season, if you draft in the middle rounds for ceiling and pro-readiness versus flash, he should be fine).

    29. Patriots Dominique Easley B

    - I want to grade this higher, and Bill showed some stones doing this - though I'm sure he does trust his medical staff's evals. If Easley can stay healthy, this is a massive, massive steal. My experience though is that guys who have suffered injuries to both knees have a lower-than-preferable probability of staying healthy. Props to the Pats for doing what I expected them to and pass on Nix though - as he's just not as versatile as I've come to expect them to prefer from their interior linemen.

    30. 49ers Jimmie Ward B

    - Good value and I like the prospect. I'd love the fit even more if they hadn't just signed Bethea to starter's money. Ward pairing with Reid could (probably eventually will) be a tremendous combo. But if you're bringing a guy in to predominantly man the slot, take a CB - especially one like Roby who would do well to not have to be thrown straight to the wolves as a starter and get some refining from Ed Donatell. In this position this would easily be an "A" pick from me if it was a team with more of a need at safety. Also, I docked half a letter grade for not trading up, especially with someone like Dennard falling (who, given time to be brought along at the pace they could afford to give him, could have been SPECIAL in Fangio's defense); this rung of Trent Baalke once again determining who his guy was before seeing what the board left available to him and not even considering moving unless he thought his guy was in jeopardy of being picked.

    31. Broncos Bradley Roby B

    - Good solid pick and what I expected - I've had this in my mocks for the past couple months. Beneficial for Roby that he won't need to start on the boundary immediately, but can kick out there when needed and allow Talib to play the slot against bigger threats there. His best long-term fit may yet be for them as a replacement for Rahim Moore at FS. That said, I'm a bit hesitant about Denver's scheme not playing to Roby's strengths enough and exposing his weaknesses a little much. Solid pick, solid value, some questions but nothing too major because there are contingencies to be had too. Literal definition of a "B"-grade pick.

    32. Vikings Teddy Bridgewater A

    - I can't put this as an A+ because I don't see Teddy as an "elite prospect" (note: I have a very set distinction between "elite prospect" and "prospect I believe can become an elite player"; Teddy falls into the later but not the former where I'm concerned). The fit with Norv is better than i think some people want to initially believe because everyone's used to Norv's "big arm, chuck it deep" leaning on the Coryell in San Diego - which was a product of Norv trying to run his offense with drunken-giraffe-mobility Philip Rivers who was fortunately still a good enough QB to find great success in the scheme. Norv's preference is actually for a more mobile QB - Aikman, prospect-wise the mobility was the reason given for the Skins passing on Trent Dilfer for Heath Schuler - so Teddy does fit the bill there. I hope they bring him along slowly, more so because I'd like Norv to be able to work the mechanical issues out of Teddy that are keeping his long-ball from having the accuracy and velocity people would prefer (again, this is the "deep throw ability doesn't have so much to do with rocket arm strength), and I think Teddy would benefit from playing in a dome (versus outside which is, I believe, what the Vikings are going to be doing while their new stadium is being built). Either way I feel great for Teddy because I found myself actually hoping, with the way the media turned on him, that he would fall more and more so that he'd end up on a team that has more pieces in place for him to succeed (like Russell Wilson did).
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  2. Riff Raff

    Riff Raff BoltTalker

    Mar 16, 2013
    There's the usual love/meltdown over the pick of Verrett across Charger fandom.

    Excellent athlete filling a position of need. I suggest everyone back away from the shotgun and give the kid his chance.
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  3. The LBC

    The LBC I'm a Real Prick

    Jun 28, 2010
    Yeah, people love to complain - so they're going to find a reason to do it whenever they can whether it's illogical or not. This is the best I've felt about a 1st round selection of ours since Ingram, actually better than I did with Ingram. It's a nice change of pace.
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  4. MtlBoltsFan

    MtlBoltsFan Jesse Ventura/Howard Stern 2016

    Jun 27, 2006
    Do you only know 3 letters of the alphabet?
  5. tito

    tito BoltTalker

    Apr 24, 2014
    This kind of how I feel about it and why drafting CB's in the first bothers me. Safeties and pass-rushers over CB's. I like Verrett as a player, but the pick was never going to excite me.
  6. The LBC

    The LBC I'm a Real Prick

    Jun 28, 2010
    No, but I'm factoring the trades by the teams that led to the picks in some cases... that salvaged a very low "C" as opposed to a "D" for them. Also, I consider "C" to be the very definition of average/"Meh"/"Nothing to get excited about".

    I'm trying to stay consistent with how I've graded in the past and I've only given out a very few amount of "F's" in the past several years in the 1st round (more will come as the draft progresses further in). Ironically (or not), two of those were Raiders picks (Heyward-Bey and McClain). Given out a decent amount of "D's," but there wasn't really a New Orleans trading away a future 1st for an overrated, slow RB or Cleveland drafting a 28 year old QB with terrible mechanics in this round.

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