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Letter from the Podcast - Abe's research

Discussion in 'American Football' started by AnteaterRaider, Jun 14, 2007.

  1. AnteaterRaider

    AnteaterRaider Carpe Diem et omni Mundio Staff Member Super Moderator Podcaster

    Jan 19, 2006
    For those of you who were listening into the show on thursday we got a great email from a listener named Abe Arkin from Santa Maria, CA. He gave us a run down of the number of 30yr old and older starters on our team as well as the Broncos, Colts and Patriots. Here's the letter in its entirety.

    Ray & Loren,

    You have a terrific fan friendly show. I listen to your podcasts and truly
    appreciate your insights and creativity.

    I posted the following on BoltTalk's website as a response to your last

    Here is an discussion topic you might find of interest: The relative ages
    of the Chargers' roster and their chief rivals: The Patriots, Broncos, and

    Mike Goff OG 31
    Lorenzo Neal FB 36
    Jamal Williams NT 31
    Clinton Hart S 30
    Marlon McCree S 30
    *5 other players 30 or older on roster

    Analysis: Only 10 players 30 and older on the roster, one of whom is the
    long snapper. Is there a NFL team that can match up from a personnel
    standpoint? The Chargers have youth and talent.

    Rod Smith WR 37
    Brandon Stokley WR 31
    Tom Nalen C 36
    Matt Lepsis OT 33
    Adam Meadows OT 33
    Ben Hamilton OG 30
    Ebenezer Ekuban DE 31
    John EngelbergerDE 31
    Kenard Lang DE 32
    Alvin McKinley DT 30
    Nate Webster LB 30
    Dre' Bly CB 30
    Nick Ferguson S 33
    John Lynch S 36
    Jason Elam K 37
    Todd Sauerbrun P 34
    (ant) You can also add Sam Adams to this, he's for SURE over 30
    *5 reserves over 30

    Analysis: Though the Broncos have young 2nd year QB Cutler there is nothing
    "young" about this team. Entering the '07 season the Broncos have 20
    players 30 or older on their roster. More importantly, 7 defensive starters
    are 30 or older. Physically, their defense cannot match up with the
    Chargers young and powerful offensive line. Other than Gott (31) our oldest
    starting offensive lineman is Dielman (26) followed by Olivea (25), Hardwick
    (25), and McNeil (23).

    Tom Brady QB 30
    Randy Moss WR 30
    Stephen Neal OG 31
    Tedy Bruschi LB 34
    Rosevelt Colvin LB 30
    Adalius Thomas LB 30
    Mike Vrabel LB 32
    Rodney Harrison S 35
    Tebucky Jones S 33
    Josh Miller P 37
    *14 reserves over 30
    **4 reserve LBs over 30
    ***3 reserve CBs over 30

    Analysis: The stats don't lie, 47% of the Patriots roster (24 players) will
    be 30 or older in the '07 season.

    Belichick is banking on the core of his 3-4 defensive, his LBs, to carry the
    Patriots to the Playoffs. Once there the formula is for Brady to take them
    to the promised land.

    The problem is that all 8 LBs are 30 or older. Thomas and Colvin are
    stalwarts at 30 but Davis and Gardner are 31, Vrabel 32, Izzo 33, Bruschi
    34, and Seau 38. Now free agent LB Chad Brown (36) is negotiating with the
    Patriots. Do they need another old, slow, and injury prone LB?

    The Patriots will overhaul their roster after this season. Their management
    is betting that the old vets will squeeze out another Super Bowl before the
    roster is retooled.

    Don't believe the E-ast coast S-ports P-ropaganda N-etwork or Peter "I love
    the Patriots" King on SI.com. The Patriots are a one-trick pony. As Brady
    goes so goes the Patriots. Do you see that LB crew stropping the Colts or
    Chargers' offense? Not likely, unless we beat ourselves again.

    Peyton Manning QB 31
    Marvin Harrison WR 35
    Tarik Glenn OT 31
    Anthony McFarland DT 30
    Rob Morris LB 32
    Adam Vinatieri K 35
    Hunter Smith P 30
    *3 reserves over 30

    Analysis: The Colts have revamped their defense and added youth to their
    offense. They are in good shape from a personnel perspective. They'll be a
    force again.

    Keep up the outstanding work.

    See you at the Super Bowl.

    Go Chargers!

    Santa Maria, CA
  2. Buck Melanoma

    Buck Melanoma Guest

    Nice job on the research.

    AJ & Co. have built a young, talented team in SD. Let's hope that they can manage the salary cap well enough to keep these young stars.

    As far the Pats - they'll get the message on 9/16 about who is the class of the AFC! :bolt: :bolt:

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