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London Game To Start Early Next Season

Discussion in 'American Football' started by SayOw, Dec 5, 2013.

  1. SayOw

    SayOw BoltTalker

    Nov 30, 2006
    Story here.

    There are three total games in London next season...

    (I have never liked games in London and still don't...)
  2. Joey

    Joey BoltTalker

    Nov 8, 2009
    London games are pretty awful. Very few people know when to make noise, and especially when no team is truly the 'home' team it makes for a terrible atmosphere. The beer is badly overpriced. There is no tailgating! I've been lucky enough to see many NFL games in the states, four at the Q, and seen the bolts on the road in Seattle, Oakland and Jacksonville. Games in the states are always great fun, lots of noise, great tailgating, lots of characters in the stadium and great banter. The NFL in london is just a nice money maker for the NFL. The UK could not sustain a full time london team... too many fair-weather NFL fans, and the hardcore ones would never support a london team over their own team. I'd rather save up for a week or two in SD, nice weather, great bars, pacific beach, rather than having to spend 8 weeks of the year in Wembley, one of the worst parts of london (i know about bad places - i've been to oakland!)
  3. English

    English @tonywaters

    Feb 1, 2008
    I've always wondered how US based fans feel about their team giving up home games to come to UK to play regular season games. I'm only too aware of the NFL desire to spread the word to other sports-loving nations, to build up fanbases outside of America and to drag in a lot of $$$ and can see the reason for it.

    But then I think of things from a fan's perspective. I support a small football(soccer...) team in the North East of England, we have part-time players who work in other full time jobs and a lot of the work that goes into sustaining the club is taken up by fans who volunteer their time and effort. We buy season tickets for £175 ($285) which gains entry to 23 matches in the season. This isn't a lot of money and losing a fixture each season would not impact massively on my wallet but the thought of the club playing a fixture which I would not be able to attend would not be to my liking and I guess NFL fans probably feel the same.

    I've only attended one of the London games, SD at(!) Saints in 2008. I thoroughly enjoyed the day having previously only watched games on TV, normally in the early hours of the morning with a mug of hot chocolate and a bag of supermarket popcorn. But it whet my appetite and a group of us Europe based Charger fans met up in London for the game and formed friendships that remain to this day. We also made plans that weekend to go to SD for a game and the following year we made the trip to see the Eagles at The Q.

    We met great people, were invited to more events than we had time to attend, were thrilled with the tailgate (thanks again for arranging it Pointy), were invited to more events than we had time to attend and tasted some excellent local ales. But the game itself really showed up the London event for what it was; a pale imitation of a f*****g good day out. I've never been tempted to return to Wembley and, unless SD come back, probably never will.

    Even the wife follows Charger results now...

    Anyway, this post was to ask how US based fans feel about losing some of their games to us Brits, not to be a meandering stroll through my history with the Chargers. But if Dublin Bolt and I have our way, we'll be back over (hopefully with lots of other Eurobolts) either next year or the year after and we can talk about it over a beer.


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