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Looking For New Scheme Patterns

Discussion in 'NFL Draft' started by Duffman57, Feb 16, 2013.

  1. Duffman57

    Duffman57 BoltTalker

    Dec 27, 2011
    Alright, so I was curious as to the new regime and how they were going to effect the draft. So i dug deeper, looking at past history of teams like the Bills drafting OL, Arizona drafts etc.

    First things first, i eliminated Colts drafting history. While we can look at Polians draft style (which we are all to familiar with, with AJ being a polian disciple himself), you cant predict how a GM will draft based on the way his GM drafted when he was a scout/director of ___. So i'm going to discredit that.

    I also discredited most drafts of the Broncos/Panthers, simply because John Fox wanted most of the control of the offense, so his guys were the ones that came in, i dont think that he had much say on what type of personal he wanted coming in, as Fox did that, and called plays (most of the time).

    I'll start with the Bills drafts. Gailey and Joe D has a good relationship, and I think they gave Joe D a lot of input on what type of players he wanted that fit his scheme. They actually drafted a few OL in the 2 year span that Joe D (our new OL coach) since their OL was so awful. They took 3 OT's. Even though he ran a ZBS, two of those OT's drafted were more considered bigger more powerful OT's in Cordy Glenn and Chris Hairston. Both are Jumbo, athletic OT's, not your typical ZBS only OT. Zerbie Sanders was also drafted, and even he, although being a classic ZBS type OT, was 6'6" 320. I didn't watch a whole lot of Buffalo recently, i've heard that the type of ZBS that he ran, isn't the ZBS that you think of, or the cut-heavy Washington/Houston type ZBS. He runs the ZBS more like what New England, or even (in college) Wisconsin type ZBS, which is more of a power zone. I'm not so sold on if he had any impact with the Cheifs draft in 09', but they drafted another former basketball player and type of "jumbo" athlete OT Colin Brown from Mizzou. So again, the trend seems to be forming of him liking bigger guys, who are athletic for their size. Another thing i noticed, is that no team drafted a OG at all while he was there, that seems like a position he likes to/is able to develop and pick up in FA's.

    Now looking at the Whiz era Cards drafts. The high picks that were used on offense (Top 3 rounds, excluding Levi Brown, who was his first year coaching) were for the most part either RB or WR (Beanie Wells, Doucet, Andre Roberts, Ryan Williams, and Michael Floyd), with the lone straggler being Rob Housler in the 3rd in the '11 draft. So he seems very skill position based. Looking at scheme base, he seems to put a high premium on speed at the WR spot, and seems to want tough runners over everything else at RB. Its hard to read off of this as it doesn't say nearly as much in terms of scheme as IMO the Bills drafts do, but we can still read a little bit of what he looks for in his offensive players.

    So looking at this, i wanted to see what type of players fit the draft patters of the other two. If he wasn't so lazy, Gaither really fits the profile for the type of lineman that seems to fit Joe D's system. Looking at the draft, the guy that sticks out that seems to fit the OT's that team with Joe D have drafted in the past, Menalik Watson really seems to fit the Bill, as well as maybe Xavier Nixon, maybe even Foketi (ex KSU OT).

    With the history, i'd also expect a tough running RB in the top 2 or 3 rounds due to the Whiz connection. Someone like Bernard, Gilislee (i still dont understand how to spell his name, and i'm usually good at it once i get the pronounciation down...haha), Jamison, Stacy late, heck even Lattimore in the 3rd round or so all fit that style of play.

    Again, take all of this for what its worth, i just thought it was interesting thing to look into and a way to get a little bit of a grasp for the scheme we looking at running. This obviously isn't something thats going to tell us for sure if we're running a certain scheme or not, but it might give us a little bit of insight.

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