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M80 in the Clutch.

Discussion in 'American Football' started by Joy Division, Dec 21, 2009.

  1. Joy Division

    Joy Division Slightly-known Member

    Jun 30, 2008
    Seconds left in the game...Rivers(the witch), knows Malcom drew single coverage on his left side. 15 yards and out of bounds...we all know what happened after that.

    M80 in the Clutch. We'll see more of that in January.

    The 20-yarder to Jackson was followed by an incompletion to Legedu Naanee. With a dozen seconds remaining, Rivers called a play that set both Jackson and tight end Antonio Gates on the right side, drawing three defensive backs between them. Alone on the left side, given single coverage by Hall, Malcom Floyd ran a 15-yard route and crossed the sideline after the catch.

    The play was designed to gain between 18 and 20 yards, though the difference eventually would matter not the least to Kaeding. The Chargers were at the Cincinnati 34, which proved plenty close enough.

    “I just knew we needed that play and I needed to get out of bounds,” said Floyd. “I wanted to make sure I got the yards and at the same time I got out of bounds.”

    Pleasurable as it was for Floyd to talk about the play, it was also painful. He was speaking through a huge fat lip, courtesy of a first-half hit that bent his face mask. He said one of his teeth actually went through his lip.

    “It was a rough game,” he said, “but fun.”

    Yeah baby...getsum...

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