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Marty ready to make some blood money

Discussion in 'San Diego Chargers Hall of Champions' started by robdog, Nov 25, 2006.

  1. robdog

    robdog Code Monkey Staff Member Administrator

    Jun 29, 2009
    Source: <a target="_blank" href="http://www.covers.com/articles/articles.aspx?theArt=96389&tid=27">Covers.com</a>

    By Andrew Folkes

    <img align="left" alt="Marty Schottenheimer" title="Marty Schottenheimer" src="http://www.covers.com/images/2006/180x180/schottenheimer_marty061124a.jpg" />Did you see Marty Schottenheimer flip his wig at Igor Olshansky during San Diego's win over Denver last week?

    In case you missed it, allow me to set the stage.

    It was late in the fourth quarter and the Chargers were up 35-27 on the Broncos, but Jake Plummer and the boys were making one last desperate drive to try and knot the game. Plummer isn't exactly known for his poise in these high-pressure situations, but he makes a nice toss to Javon Walker on fourth-and-six to keep the drive alive. Plummer spikes the ball to stop the clock, giving the offense precious seconds to put a plan together.

    The next play is whistled down due to a false start and Broncos center Tom Nalen falls forward, harmlessly bumping up against Olshansky's legs. It was actually quite similar to how a house cat greets its owner. But the defensive end takes great exception and rains down on the back of Nalen's skull with a flurry of heavy-handed punches.

    Olshansky gets ejected for his troubles and more importantly, the Chargers are assessed a 15-yard penalty to put the Broncos at midfield. Suddenly the Broncos have all the momentum in this battle for first place in the AFC West and Marty is just losing it.

    Schottenheimer ripped into Olshansky so badly that his eardrums were bleeding before he got within 10 feet of the sidelines. By the time he got close enough to take the spittle shower, Marty was blasting him so badly his arm tattoos started peeling off.

    Much to Olshansky's delight, Plummer ended up fumbling two plays later and the Chargers held on for the win and the payday as 2 "½-point dogs. But if any of Schottenheimer's troops pulls a stunt like this in Oakland Sunday afternoon, don't expect to see a mere tongue-lashing.

    Nope. If a Chargers player jeopardizes his victory over the Raiders, Marty will have him kneel down with a cigarette and a blindfold, pull out a 9mm and put him down Jersey style right there on the sidelines.

    But you know what? I don't think any of the Chargers has to worry about getting capped because I don't think the game will ever get that close. That's also why I've got no problems laying the 13 points on San Diego.

    You see, Marty's got a real hate on for the Raiders, one that goes well beyond the norms of a divisional rivalry. Since his days on the sidelines in Kansas City, Schottenheimer's players have always said that it's no trouble to tell when it's "Raiders week." The practices are longer, more intense and physical; the meetings and film sessions are rife with tension and Marty remains in a foul mood until the Raiders are thoroughly crushed.

    I'm not sure exactly what it is about the Silver and Black that makes Marty see red, but the results have been a whole lotta green for San Diego supporters.

    Schottenheimer is the most successful coach against Oakland in NFL history. He is 26-7 against the Raiders during his career, winning the last six straight meetings and covering in the last seven. The last encounter was the biggest bloodbath, a 27-0 pistol-whipping by the Chargers as 3-point favorites.

    Chargers backers should note that the Raiders defense has improved immensely since that season-opening tilt. Shawne Merriman won't be there to sack Aaron Brooks three times like he did in that game either. He's still trying to figure out how those crafty supplement makers managed to sneak steroids into his protein shakes.

    But at the same time, LaDainian Tomlinson wasn't half the threat back then that he is now. He was just getting warmed up in that September contest, and now this rushing weapon is set to kill. L.T. has 564 rushing yards and 12 touchdowns in his last four games including three majors against the Broncos.

    Let's put that last one in perspective. Denver gave up a combined two touchdowns to St. Louis, K.C., New England, Baltimore, Oakland and Cleveland during its first six games, yet Tomlinson gets three by himself. That means he's got more firepower than the Rams, Chiefs, Pats, Ravens, Raiders and Browns all put together.

    That's no exaggeration. There were times on Sunday where he'd be running right into a trio of Broncos linebackers and I'd see him sort of crouch down and I'd be thinking, "OK, he knows he's going to get tackled and he's getting ready to protect the ball." Then he'd squirt right through the three of them and gash the Broncos for an extra 15 or 20 yards.

    It's like he can just turn into a liquid like that evil robot in Terminator 2, and then morph back into a running back once he's slipped through the opposing defender's hands.

    The best news for Chargers backers is that Schottenheimer has all kinds of built-in excuses to just let L.T. run wild on the Raiders this Sunday. If anyone accuses him of poor sportsmanship or running up the score (not that he'd care), he can just say he was giving Tomlinson a chance to break the single-season touchdown record.

    That record, currently held by Shaun Alexander, stands at 28 leaving Tomlinson just six more for the tie. If Schottenheimer has his way, he'll get them all on Sunday.

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