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Meltdown in San Diego, as Bolts lose to Chiefs 30-16

Discussion in 'San Diego Chargers Hall of Champions' started by robdog, Sep 30, 2007.

  1. robdog

    robdog Code Monkey Staff Member Administrator

    Jun 29, 2009
    <img src="http://us.i1.yimg.com/us.yimg.com/p/sp/getty/68/fullj.getty-75557881dm003_kansas_city_c.jpg" alt="SAN DIEGO, CA - SEPTEMBER 30: Runningback LaDainian Tomlinson #21 of the San Diego Chargers runs against Kansas City Chiefs during their NFL game on September 30, 2007 at Qualcomm Stadium in San Diego, California. (Photo by Donald Miralle/Getty Images)" height="182" width="276" />

    By Curtis Egan
    <em>BoltTalk Staff Writer</em>

    <strong>The Hype:</strong>
    Both teams come into the game at 1-2, and in a three way tie for second place in the AFC West behind the 2-1 Denver Broncos. Both teams are searching for the consistency they enjoyed last season, but a win is needed more by that Chargers who enter a 3 game streak of divisional match ups. The Chargers are struggling right now, and are seeking to make the adjustments to return them to the level of play they displayed in the previous season. Chargers star Running Back, LaDanian Tomlinson noted recently that it is too early for the Chargers to panic, however, the Chargers' season could spiral out of control if they can't win these division games, especially at home.

    During the off season if anyone would have suggested to me, that after the first three weeks of the season Tomlinson and Kansas City's Running back, Larry Johnson would have a combined 270 yards on 107 carries, I would have laughed in their face. But reality is now, and the top running backs in the league are struggling to get past the line of scrimmage.

    Tomlinson and Johnson are starting to express their frustration in press conferences and in the media, LT and Chargers Quarterback Philip Rivers were involved in an argument on the side lines of the Packers game. They were separated by Chargers Tight End Antonio Gates. While Johnson expressed his displeasure of the Kansas City Coaches in a recent interview.
    "I learned a long time ago about coaches. They're always going to do what they want to do. It's usually an ego thing rather than trying to be better or trying to get better or trying to listen to input, it's just hard to change a coach's perspective or change an offensive coordinator's plays when this is what they've been used to doing ever since they came into the league."
    Reports indicate that the Chiefs were also having problems in the lockers room when they were yelling at one another at half time during their recent game versus the Vikings.

    Chiefs' defensive coordinator Gunther Cunningham is going to try and ensure that Tomlinson does not get back on track against his Chiefs. He will will stack the box with multiple defenders clog the running lanes, while placing pressure on Rivers. The Chiefs will try to get Johnson on track, while max protecting their Quarterback Damon Huard, allowing him to have the time to look downfield and find his rookie Receiving threat Dwayne Bowe. The Chargers struggling 3-4 defense are going to have to find a way to put the pressure on Huard, while keeping Johnson in check.

    These two teams always play hard against the other, this should be a good game for the fans, but one team is going to take a major hit in the run for the division.


    <strong>The Game:</strong>
    Chargers begin the game receiving the kickoff. They come out in their new home blue uniforms which translate very well to television. Sproles took the return and carried it out to about the 27 yard line bringing out the Chargers offensive unit. The first play is an outside run to Running Back, LaDanian Tomlinson, who ran for 7 yards. The next play was another run to Tomlinson who gained 12 yards on the run. One thing noticed is that Rivers is showing the hand off early, holding the ball out to Tomlinson about two seconds before it goes to Tomlinson.

    The next play is a big pass to Tight End, Antonio Gates, Rivers had excellent protection from his offensive line. Rivers then throws the ball out to Wide Receiver Vincent Jackson, for another gain. The Chargers continued to move the chains on the drive, looking good in their pass protection.

    On the first Drive the Chargers offensive unit moved down the field to a 1st and goal down at the nine yard line. The next play was a run up the middle by Tomlinson who gained five yards. The next run Tomlinson was driven out of bounds for a loss of about three yards brining up the 3rd and goal down. The third play Rivers had his pass batted down. However Rivers made a good play to bat the ball down to the turf eliminating the possibility of an interception.

    The Chargers kicked a field goal to take an early 3-0 lead.

    Nate Kaeding kicks the ball off, where it sails to the back of the end zone for the touchback, giving the Chiefs the ball on the 20 yard line. Chargers Inside Linebacker Carlos Polk starts things off by batting Chief's Quarterback, Damon Huard's initial pass backwards. On the next play the Chargers shut down Chief's Running Back, Larry Johnson. On 3rd and 9 a whistle is blown for a false start on the Chiefs.

    3rd and 14, the Chiefs pass is broken up and almost intercepted. The Chargers have not gotten close to Huard, but they manage to force the punt. Sproles takes the punt and puts the Chargers offense in a good spot at the 45 yard line.

    On the second position, the Chargers go with play action, and pass on the out to Full Back Lorenzo Neal. The play is dropped for a yard loss by Chief's Linebacker Donnie Edwards. The next play Rivers hits Vincent Jackson on 12 yard pass. Jackson shakes off the defender and picks up 39 yards on the reception. The Chargers continue passing, hitting Wide Receiver Craig ‘Buster' Davis for a gain of 8. The next play is a run by Tomlinson who carries the ball down to the 6 yard line.

    The next play Tomlinson reaches the end zone on a run for his second touchdown of the season! Chargers 9-0 pending the extra point kick. The extra point is good, and with 3 minutes and 56 seconds left in the first, the Chargers are ahead 10-0.

    The Chiefs return the kick off to the 18 yard line to begin their next drive. Their first play Huard gets several unmolested seconds in the pocket and connects on a 22 yard pass to Wide Receiver Eddie Drummond. The next play Larry Johnson was again stuffed at the line of scrimmage. The next play Chargers Linebacker Shaun Philips gets to Huard, forcing the sack and fumble, which the Chiefs recover.

    The Ciefs then pass to Tight End Tony Gonzales, for a short gain, leading to another KC punt.

    Sproles takes the punt and returns it to near the 30 yard line. However, a penalty was assessed against the Chargers which moved the ball back to the 7 yard line.

    Rivers threw out to gates, overthrowing the big Tight End to being up 2nd and 10. The next play was another run to the left for a gain of 15 yards behind Left Tackle Marcus McNeil who is opening goof holes.. This ended the quarter, with Rivers hitting 6 or 8 for 82 yards. Tomlinson ends the quarter with 10 carried for 59 yards.

    On the first play of the 2nd quarter Chargers Running Back, Michael Turner fumbled the ball giving the Chiefs Offense good field position. Their first to player were runs brining up 3rd and 2 to go. Johnson on the next play gains about 6 yards to bring up a fresh set of downs.

    The Chiefs continued to run Johnson as they are in the goal to go situation, on seconds and goal Johnson moves the ball to the two yard line. The next run attempt had Linebackers Brandon Siler and Shawne Merriman meeting Johnson in the backfield to drop him for a two yard loss, forcing a Chiefs field goal attempt. 10-3 Chargers.

    The ensuing kick off is a touchback giving the Chargers the ball on the 20 yard line. The first play Rivers has another pass, intended for LT deflected for an incompletion. Then Tomlinson rushes for a gain of 11 behind the blocking of Lorenzo Neal. Davis takes the reverse for a gain of 4 on the next play. Rivers rolls out on the next play and is forcer to throw the ball away.

    On 3rd and 6 the Chargers put River in the shotgun, and another pass is batted down, as the Chargers are forced to punt.

    On the Chiefs first play McCree intercepts the pass from Huard, giving the Chargers excellent field position. The Chargers go to work at the 36 yard line where Tomlinson rushes for 5 more yards. The Chargers go for another run to Tomlinson, then to Neal on a 3rd down where the Chiefs stuff him for a yard loss.

    The Chargers then get a false start call on them as they set up for the field goal. The Chargers try for a 51 yard field goal which Keading hit right down the middle. 13-3 Chargers.

    The Chiefs take the kick off and return it to the 15 yard line to start their series. The Chiefs run Johnson on a short gain, on a play where the Chargers pass rush was again ineffective. The Chiefs continue running and Johnson picks up the first down. On the next play Huard hits his Full Back Kris Wilson for a gain of 24 yards. The next two passes are incomplete passes brining up a 3rd and 10. The next play has Huard in the shotgun and an incomplete pass. The Chiefs are again forced to punt the ball.

    Sproles is again back for the return, however, he allows it to bounce into the end zone giving the Chargers the ball on the 20 yard line.

    Rivers throws long ball down the field which falls short because he is pressured and hit. Chiefs Ty Law intercepts the ball giving the Chiefs new life.

    Huard passes the ball for a5 yards, then Johnson takes the hand off for 6 yards bringing up a first down. Huard the hits Bowe for a gain of 28 yards putting the chiefs into a first and goal situation before the two minute mark.

    On the next play Chargers Cornerback Quentin Jammer keeps Bowe from catching the touchdown in the end zone. Johnson is then stopped by Merriman in the backfield brining up the 2 minute time out as the Chiefs face a 3rd and goal to go. Johnson is stopped on a short gain binging up 4th down and a field goal try. The Field Goal is good, Chargers 13, Chiefs 6.

    Sproles takes the kick off to the 21 yard line, giving the Chargers the ball with 1 minute and 14 seconds left in the half. Rivers throws another deep route, into coverage. 2nd and 10. Tomlinson then takes the ball and runs for 37 yards. The Chargers let the clock run and the next pass is incomplete. Rivers then passes to Wide Receiver Malcom Floyd for a 17 yard game before using a time out. Rivers throws and incomplete pass in the face of the blitz, Rivers then hits Floyd for a gain of 4 on the sideline, he steps out to stop the clock. Rivers then throws the ball away, bringing up a field goal try. The field goal; is good and the halftime score is Chargers 16, Chiefs 6.

    In the first half Rivers had an interception, and hit 8 of 18 passes for 103 yards. Although Tomlinson got of the schnide is a big way, gaining 116 first half yards on 14 carries and a touchdown.

    The Chiefs opens the second half receiving the kick off, starting at their 16 yard line. Chiefs get hit with a holding call, moving the ball back eight yards. After two runs and a pass the Chiefs faced a 4th and 3 and punted the ball.

    Sproles catches the punt at the 16 yard line and takes it out to the 35 yard line to give the Chargers their first offensive possession of the seconds half. Gates catches a pass for 11 yards and a first down. The Chargers continue to move the ball until a low throw from Rivers leads to the Chargers second punt of the game.

    The Chiefs continued to run the ball, and not get much but Huard continued to find Bowe for the first downs against the Chargers secondary. The Chiefs on the drive find themselves in scoring position, but on a 3rd and 7 from the 23 they pass for an incompletion forcing the field goal attempt. The field goal is good, Chargers 16, Chiefs 9.

    Sproles returned the next kick off 32 yards, dragging the Chiefs with him for the last f5 yards. The Chargers offense begins to struggle a little as they get into a third and long and Rivers works from the shotgun to hit Gates for the first down. The next few plays see few yards gained, then the Chiefs intercept Rivers, and LT makes the tackle.

    Chiefs get the ball at the Chargers 36 yard line, good position to get them back into the game. The chiefs get a first down on their first play, moving towards the end zone. Few plays later and Tigh End Tony Gonzales pulls down the touchdown pass to pull the Chiefs into a tie, Chargers 16, Chiefs 16.

    On the kickoff Sproles takes the ball out to the 38 yard line on a good return. The Chiefs cause a three and out, forcing the Chargers punt. The Chiefs then began working their ways down the field. The Chargers pass rush continued to give Huard far too much time to find the receivers.

    Merriman delivers a big sack on Huard to bring up a 3rd and 19, which is converted into a long touchdown by Bowel. Chargers 16, Chiefs 23.

    The Chargers again find themselves unable to move the ball and punt the ball away. Huard continues to hit Bowe for first downs. However the Chargers get an interception off of the deflection setting the team up in great field position.

    The Chiefs hit Rivers in the pocket, knocking the ball out of Rivers' hand, where it was picked up by the Chiefs defense and returned for a touchdown. Chiefs, 30, Chargers 16.

    The Chargers move down to the 5 yard line on the next drive, looking to get back into the game. The Chiefs hold and take over on downs. At that point fans in the stadium could be heard chanting Marty, over and over. Referring to the Chargers last Head Coach, Marty Schottenheimer, who was let go by the team before the last draft.

    The Chiefs win the game scoring 24 unanswered points in the second half. Chiefs 30, Chargers 16.

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