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My Un-Professional Input On The London Game

Discussion in 'American Football' started by n0b0dysp3cial, Oct 27, 2008.

  1. n0b0dysp3cial

    n0b0dysp3cial BoltTalker

    Jan 14, 2008
    I was hurt by that loss, but not as bad as the loss to the Broncos in week 2. To Charger fans, every loss hurts because we don't want to see our team lose the way they do. It's one thing to lose like how the Broncos lost against New England, but to lose in close games it's even more nerve wrecking because that's when we start playing the "What if?" game.

    What if Sproles didn't fumble them ball?
    What if Weddle did make that interception?
    What if Rivers didn't throw that interception on a drive that was looking promising?
    What if Jackson didn't drop that beautiful pass?
    What if Hart didn't make that late hit?
    What if Gordon never got flagged for a B/S PI?

    We could play that game all day, but the final result will be... They lost!

    You can't put blame on the players and coaches for every single loss. I guess once the season is over and the result is bad, that's when you could collectively peace together what were the reasons for the season to end like this. For now, we have to just hope that Ted could find a way to get his players to be in the best positions to make a play. Norv... I actually like what he's been doing.

    Our offense has been phenomenal with the play calling that Norv has been doing. Sure he's had his fair share of bad plays, but you can't be perfect in a game that is unpredictable. From the beginning of the season I think Norv has been making the right calls to put our team in the best situation possible. When L.T. wasn't the L.T that everybody has known him to be, Norv compensated and stepped up our passing game big time. You could see the improvement with Rivers, and when you see the chemistry that Rivers has with Norv you could see the confidence that Rivers has in Norv and I think we should all have that same confidence.

    Now the positives that I can clearly say is that I think Ted will finally realize that the Zone defense against teams that have aggressive passing threats does not work. The 4th quarter the plays that shut Brees down were mostly man coverage. "I think" that Cromartie isn't having the season he wants to have because of the zone defense. He's a playmaker, and a damn good one... so I think we should put him in a position to where he could make plays. I have a feeling that our defense is going to step it up from this point on.

    Tomlinson... I see this as a good sign, that he has found a way to work around his nagging toe. He's starting to look sharp again, and I can't wait to see him in 2 weeks to see how well he's going to play. And when he comes back, I can't wait to start seeing everybody who hated LT jump back on the bandwagon.

    Gates... was looking damn good that game. Almost had 100 yards, and was looking like the Gates I've been waiting to see all season. It seems as if Tomlinson and Gates toe injuries are starting to die down.

    Floyd... I like seeing how Norv is throwing him into the mix a lot more, even if Chambers is back. I hope to see him make big plays in the last half of the season.

    Defense... I like that everybody on D is being accountable for their mistakes. They have 2 weeks to watch game film and fix this problem. I hope that they can prove to all the commentators that the Chargers D doesn't rely on just Merriman. I think that they need to start working together more, and finding ways to get the wheels rolling and getting the sacks and turnovers that we are all dying to see.

    The Chargers are going to come back, and I'm glad that we are in a Division that is a lot more loss-forgiving than others. We have 8 games left, and that is plenty of games that we could take back the west.
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  2. LFEpooh124

    LFEpooh124 BoltTalker

    Dec 4, 2006
    Great analysis. I am not ready to give up on our Chargers. You should've seen me in New Orleans at Harrah's Casino hooting and hollarin' when the Chargers were making plays.

    It ain't over till it's over. 8 Games!
  3. Sydalish

    Sydalish Addicted to Sports

    Nov 11, 2007
    your analysis gives me hope! and I agree... man i went thru that list of 'what if's' over and over again yesterday... it still hurts. :no:

    BOLTS4LIFE Banned Banned

    Oct 13, 2006
    I haven't given up on them but as EVERYBODY here said in the beginning... "ANYTHING LESS THAN WINNING THE SUPER BOWL WILL BE A FAILURE."

    So far that's looking dim but we still have a chance on making the playoffs and see what happens.
  5. VikingBolt

    VikingBolt BoltTalker

    Oct 8, 2006
    Thanks for such a positive outlook.
  6. Ride The Lightning

    Ride The Lightning Join the Dark Side, we have cookies.

    Aug 15, 2006
    Good analysis.

    Also, welcome to the forum. Post moar!
  7. pure-sol

    pure-sol Well-Known Member

    May 3, 2008
    I'd like to think that you're right, and I hope that you are. Unfortunately I don't think Ted will learn it now anymore than he did against every single other team we've played so far this season.
  8. bigmike.x.09

    bigmike.x.09 Well-Known Member

    Oct 22, 2006
    me either, if anything, this game really gave me new hope for this team, i mean if offense kicks it into overdrive, we'll destroy. hopefully defense gets with the program
  9. BoltsFanUK

    BoltsFanUK Well-Known Member

    Sep 12, 2006
    Nice analysis- Weddle did that that INT- The refs bs'd that reversal as well

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