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NE Remains the NFL Model, Love Em or Hate Em

Discussion in 'American Football' started by Old School SD Fan, Nov 1, 2010.

  1. Old School SD Fan

    Old School SD Fan View from the King's balcony!

    Jun 29, 2006
    Hadn't been paying much attention to other divisions until I looked at standings this morning and was surprised to see New England as the team with the best record of 6-1, after trading off Moss for Branch. Really amazing how consistent that franchise is. Aside from having the best HC in the NFL (ethics aside), I ask myself what they do we don't that might be another difference maker.

    Free agency and trades for big name players jumps out. Traded for Moss, went 16-0 and made him a team player for a good period of time. Grabbed stars with gas left in the tank like Seau and Harrison. Etc. etc. They aren't Washington free agent crazy, but they're not afraid to go after top talent if they can get a reasonable price and they see them as impact players. Here, because of the front office's fear of free agency (my deduction, hard not to feel that way), we grab one mediocre talent or two annually, no more. We'll trade for WR's with a year or two left in them (McCardell & Chambers), not bad in that department. But, while NE covers their poor drafts through free agency, we suffer through ours.

    Just doesn't seem smart, ceding the advantage in free agency to your main competitors while drafting no better than we have.

    When I look at beneficial changes, this one area is one I don't get, and that along with trading up for average starters or role players like Weddle and Hester, burning picks, strikes me as serious flaws in Smith's approach. At some point, I can't help but feel he has to look in the mirror and ask himself if the course he's charted is truly the best one.

    Sorry for the bad timing, after a satisfying win, just caught the standings. As for the AFC West, it looks to me like we need to win out now and hope either a wild card is there, or KC falters. We're on fumes, can't afford one more loss.

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