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No Killer Instinct

Discussion in 'American Football' started by onzo, Sep 12, 2016.

  1. onzo

    onzo Me at the Fan Fest. Enjoying the Day

    Jul 30, 2011
    Damn !! The coaches (McCoy) does not have that killer instinct. Go for the kill. Do Not Punt and or Field goal .. And they Don't do that Right !! same **** as last few years . They need to Cut someone ASAP and show some Hart that it's not the same BS. Bring in new kickers and Players that want to win .. If you screw up your out , No If's ands and maybes. Or say Hello to the LA Chargers.
  2. matilack

    matilack Take A Knee McCree!!!

    Aug 14, 2006
    Didn't have to create a new thread. You could have bumped one from 2015, '14, '13, '12, '11, '10....you get the point.
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