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Discussion in 'Balboa Park' started by Not so fast, Sep 27, 2009.

  1. Not so fast

    Not so fast BoltTalker

    Oct 6, 2008
    Have you ever noticed how little coverage the Bolts get, WIN OR LOSE. This is a team that was picked by many to be there at the end.
    I obviously know we are struggling right now, lots of injuries and some uninspired play, on defense in particular, coach who sucks (sorry had to get that in) but in spite of these problems we still get nada, zip, nothing.
    Come on media, last week was a very tough game for both teams and we couldve won it but thats the fine line, I didnt like it but it happens. In spite of our problems Phil throws for almost 500 yards and gets no press, some fantastic catches by the recievers, Sproles has some fantastic runs and returns, yet nothing.
    I watch the whole show yesterday on the NFL network about this weeks games, 1 hours worth, lots of stuff on Vick, Jets, Patriots, etc. so with about 2 minutes to go we are lumped into the proverbial player to be named later, that is, pick the winner in the last 5 games we're not going to say one thing about, thats it!!!!!!:tdown:
    I guess until youve won the big one thats the way it goes huh??
    GO BOLTS:abq2::abq2::abq2: NSF BTW Norv sucks
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