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Off-season project we can ALL sink our teeth into!

Discussion in 'Chargers Fan Forum' started by Stan_The_Man_12, Jun 2, 2008.

  1. Stan_The_Man_12

    Stan_The_Man_12 BoltTalker

    Jan 7, 2008
    As many of you know NFL Network from time to time runs full re-played and re-aired games games. With the Chargers brand name being at an all time high, why aren't we pushing the peeps at NFL Net to re-air some of the Chargers better and historic games, The Playoff game against the Dolphins, perhaps the greatest playoff game of all time, the Chargers upsetting the Squeelers at three rivers in 1994. The Bolts beating the Squeelers and the Steel Curtain at three rivers in 1982. The Chargers and LT upsetting Manning and the Perfect Colts in 2005.

    Both of these games IMO have more significance that Dan Marino's fake spike game vs the jets, which only was show on the east coast, or the Jets coming back against the Dolphins in some MNF game no one gives a left rump about except Jets and Dolphins fans.

    Can we call start some letter writing campaing to NFL net, Rich Eisen or some one here locally in So Cal?? I know Total Access is tapes here in LA Co. = Culver City, CA. How do we bombard and get other Charger fans from other boards to do the same?? Any though's or suggestions?? Phone numbers?? Addresses??? E-mail addresses for NFL net?? suggestions?

    Stan :rivers17:

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