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Off-Season Review

Discussion in 'American Football' started by bez, Mar 12, 2015.

  1. bez

    bez SWFC

    Mar 5, 2015
    San Diego Chargers Off-Season Review

    QB: Philip Rivers, Kellen Clemens, Brad Sorensen

    In my humble opinion, Rivers is not in that top group of QB’s such as Peyton and Rodgers but instead he is the best of the 2nd group of QB’s in the league (Eli, Romo, Big Ben etc). All of the 2nd tier QB’s can lead their team to glory and also have some sort of kryptonite that can infuriate the fans.

    I love having PR as our leader and our best chance of winning a Superbowl is with him under centre. We go as Rivers goes, but with enough game planning, other teams seem to be able to shut our offence down. After their respective Bye Weeks, both the Chiefs and Broncos shut down our quick, short throws and made Philip hold on to the ball longer than normal. This allowed their pass rush to get to him and gave them a distinct advantage.

    We should look to extend Rivers for 4 more years, but realistically I think there should be a plan to draft a developmental QB who can sit behind him for the final 2 years of his contract. As for now, we need a put the pieces around him to get the ring both he and we deserve.

    Clemens is a high quality back up and was a smart move by the front office last off-season. He has led a team and won games so he makes me feel comfortable as a game manager if Rivers goes down. For the next 2 years, I am happy to have him as our backup and then replace him by drafting our future starter.

    Sorensen gave me false hope when he sparkled during pre-season 2 years ago but he is not the future for us, not even as a backup. He didn’t develop as hoped and at his age, he isn’t ever going to. For now, we can keep him on the practice squad and replace him in the future.

    2015 Off-Season:

    I don’t expect to make any moves at QB this year apart from extending Rivers for 4 more years. There isn’t a single player available in Free Agency or the draft that I could imagine improving our team.

    RB: Branden Oliver, Donald Brown, Danny Woodhead
    Unrestricted FAs: Ryan Mathews, Ronnie Brown

    We need a little work at running back due to the tricky situation with Mathews. The front office could take a number of different paths here and I am struggling to predict which direction they will head, so I think that makes it one of the more exciting storylines to follow.

    Oliver was a revelation last year so I really hope he gets an opportunity to kick on and take his game to the next level. He is a great back up to have so let us see what he does in his 2nd year.

    Donald Brown split opinion last season and didn’t have the impact that some were hoping for. The front office seems to like him, however, and I don’t see him being cut any time soon as some are suggesting. He is our change-of-pace guy and is a good option if we are going with a committee approach at RB – give him a chance.

    I don’t see Woodhead as a RB; more of an Offensive Weapon. Most teams keep a guy on the roster to add value in an unorthodox way and this is exactly how I see Danny. He is an important part of our offence and without his injury last year I think we would have made the playoffs. I expect him to make a very positive impact moving the chains this year as it is difficult to cover both him, Gates and Royal on short routes.

    2015 Off-Season:

    Adrian Peterson is coming. No, no he isn’t but it’s nice to dream isn’t it… So what then?

    Ronnie Brown will not be resigned but we can always bring him off the street if we need him due to injury. He won’t be going anywhere else most likely.

    The Chargers will need a workhorse to lead the committee and bringing back Mathews cheaply would be the best move. However, his market value could be too much if some of the reported interest is real. Luckily the options through Free Agency or the draft are plentiful.
    I expect us to seriously consider some of the FA alternatives especially Ingram. A best scenario is cutting Donald Brown and replacing him with a 3rd round draft pick if Duke Johnson falls.

    Potential Options:
    Ryan Mathews – Obvious choice but I don’t want him if he gets too expensive
    Frank Gore – getting on a bit but potentially a short term option
    Mark Ingram – Really like to see him replace Mathews as he could be very good
    Reggie Bush – Could be a replacement for Donald Brown if we could get him cheap
    Steven Ridley – Could be a bargain, buy low kind of guy, that has talent.
    Melvin Gordon – Drafting him in the first isn’t a good idea imho
    Todd Gurley – If he falls to us in the 2nd, I would take a long look at him
    Jay Ajayi – A 3rd Round steal if we are lucky enough to grab him there
    Duke Johnson – I would love this guy to be a Charger if he is there in the 3rd - Great at returns too.

    If I were TT, I would enter negotiations with Mathews but stick to a 3 year deal with a low guarantee and plenty of incentives. If this doesn’t make him sign, then I would look to bring in Ingram as a replacement with a longer contract. Then, in the draft I would pick Duke Johnson in the 3rd – I am a massive fan of his and think he has a better burst than any RB above him in the rankings. Johnson would be a good replacement for Donald Brown and could serve as a PR/KR with impact.

    Mathews is gone... The front office obviously didn't want him back because he got around the same deal Donald Brown received last year. Why low-ball him unless you have your eye on someone else?
    Gore and Ingram are both unavailable too so the only real Free Agent I would take a look at is Ridley on a serious incentive based deal or a 1 year prove it contract.
    The reality seems to be that the Chargers Front Office like someone in the draft - signs point to Melvin Gordon but in reality I fully expect our number 1 RB to be either Gordon, Gurley, Ajayi or Johnson from the 1st or 2nd round of the draft. I love Duke Johnson but he now seems the least likely of the 4 - he could have had KR impact but we went for Jacoby Jones instead.

    FB: David Johnson

    Does this position even exist anymore? Johnson is officially listed as a TE but he impressed me when blasting holes for our RB’s. He fits well in this role and as a blocking TE so I don’t see any movement at this position.

    WR: Keenan Allen, Malcom Floyd, Dontrelle Inman, Torrence Allen, Javontee Herndon, Austin Pettis
    Unrestricted FAs: Seyi Ajirotutu, Eddie Royal

    There is work to be done at the WR position that is for sure. Allen is a stud and adds so much if we can get him a favourable matchup, but last year he was covered by the best in the business so his production took a hit. For me, he struggled coming out of sharp turns and there have been a few interceptions caused due to him slipping, so I hope he works on that.
    At the other end of the career spectrum is Floyd who should have won ‘CPoY’ after a great recovery. He doesn’t have long left in the league but can still be effective as a smart receiver – one of my favourite players who must be appreciated before he is gone – saying that we need to plan for his departure sooner rather than later.
    Inman impressed me at the end of the season and I hope he continues to develop because I see him as a rough gem who could be a diamond.
    Torrence Allen and Herndon will compete in the off-season as camp fodder who I don’t expect to make it onto the team.
    Pettis was a smart pickup by the front office though – at the very least we need to ensure he bonds well with Clemens and create that old chemistry just in case Rivers goes down. A familiar face for Kellen could prove a clever emergency plan.

    2015 Off-Season

    WR’s are available in all age, shape and size this year via Free Agency and the draft so just like at RB, this position could go in many directions. Immediately, we need to bring in someone as Slot-Receiver but I fully expect this to be Royal once again.
    Royal impressed me over the last couple of seasons and money is not an issue after he took a pay cut to stay with us. There are alternatives out there though but I don’t expect us to bring in the likes of Cobb, Maclin or Crabtree.
    Torrey Smith is someone I would love to be a Charger and could be a real threat for us, but I am not sure we will be able to pay him what he will get elsewhere. Instead, if we look away from Royal, either Cecil Shorts or Kenny Britt would make a nice addition as a number 2 and allow Keenan to move to the slot and be more productive.
    Matt Miller could be drafted in the later rounds and develop into a possession receiver and eventual replacement for Floyd or Tre’ McBride from William & Mary in the mid/late rounds.
    Ty Montgomery impressed me as a KR and could be a big time player if he stops dropping the ball.
    Seyi is a good ST player but missed his chance to be a legit WR option in the 49ers game by dropping everything.
    There have been recent rumours about Jacoby Jones visiting too. The last JJ to come from the Ravens worked out well but I feel there are better options for KR/PR in the draft. At least the front office realise we need to up our return game.

    Possible Options:
    Eddie Royal – expect him back and then let us hope Reich remembers the screen pass…
    Seyi Ajirotutu – Could come back as a ST player but I’m not convinced on him as a WR at all.
    Torrey Smith – Yes please but probably too expensive.
    Cecil Shorts – Perfect fit as a number 2 but a little too injury prone?
    Kenny Britt – Do we want the off-field issues here?
    Jacoby Jones – If he is cheap and happy to be our 4th WR then sign him for return duties.
    Ty Montgomery – Sort those hands out and you have a great player.
    Tre’ McBride – Good height and tangibles.
    Matt Miller – Development player to replace Floyd.

    What would I do? Re-sign Royal for sure and look to the draft for a mid/late round player. If we don’t get Duke Johnson in the 3rd then I would draft Ty Montgomery in the 4th for KR impact. Matt Miller in the 6th would be my preferred choice and could contribute straight away with safe hands.
    Trusting Inman and giving him an opportunity is as important as bringing in a new face.
    The key to this group of receivers is ‘Contribution’. Instead of having a standout talent, we have a solid stable of WR’s who all can contribute something for us.

    Jacoby Jones brings an immediate upgrade to our KR/PR so we might actually see some TD's from Special Teams for a change. Bringing JJ in means that we aren't looking towards the draft for KR/PR impact which changes alot IMHO.
    Royal is headed to the Bears which is a disappointment and we came a 'close second' in the Andrew Johnson sweepstakes after missing Cobb entirely. The front office are trying to bring someone in but keep missing on their targets.
    We need a slot or genuine number 1 WR from Free Agency and the options are getting thinner. Cecil Shorts or Michael Crabtree seem the only true options if we want to take a risk, or Harvin is we dare to believe we can control him.
    If we strike out at WR, then expect Dorial Green-Beckham in the draft...

    TE: Antonio Gates, Ladarius Green, John Phillips, David Paulson

    One day soon, number 85 will be gone and we will all be sad but not yet, not just yet. Gates continues to roll and deliver – he was a delight to watch this year and still has mileage in him. Unfortunately, he is most likely going to see retirement due to an injury that keeps him out for a long period as his salary is huge. Enjoy him while he is here because we will miss him when he is gone.
    Green isn’t his successor. LD is not the same type of player as Gates and like Woodhead, he is a sort of OW rather than a TE. I have no idea where he dropped off to last season; it was as if Reich forgot to use him and his speed?! I am a verified member of the Green Team and really want him to kick on and be a downfield threat but does he have the support of the coaches?
    We could cut John Phillips if we find a cheap blocking TE to replace him but there isn’t much value in doing this.

    2015 Off-Season:

    No movement here apart from reintroducing Reich to Ladarius…

    Offensive Line -
    OT: King Dunlap, DJ Fluker, Kenny Wiggins
    OG: Chad Rinehart, Jeremiah Sirles, Johnnie Troutman, Bryce Quigley, Craig Watts
    C: Chris Watt

    Unrestricted FA’s: Doug Legursky, Rich Ohrnberger, Willie Smith
    Restricted FA’s: Trevor Robinson
    Exclusive Rights FA’s: Jeff Baca
    RETIRED: Nick Hardwick

    Probably needing the most work, the Offensive Line must be a priority. The most important thing, imho, is to allow for plenty of flexibility just in case of injury and making a solid decision on DJ Fluker.
    I was very relieved at the return of King Dunlap as without him we would have been in a bad position coming into the season – his resigning may be a little above his true value but I don’t see a Jared Gaither situation here. Bringing back King gives us flexibility along the rest of the line.
    Where will DJ line up? All signs point to him staying at RT but he needs to seriously work on his pass blocking against the faster pass rushers. Depending on who we bring in, Fluker has the ability to fill either space on the right of centre.
    The only other guy I can pencil in as a solid starter is Watt. All signs point to him taking over as our long term starter at C and I am confident with him there after a solid first season.
    I like Sirles a lot as a backup, after I rewatched the 49ers game I was very impressed. Rinehart will be back and most likely will be our starting LG but he needs to up his game as he was paid far more than his production warranted. I would be happy with Robinson coming back as a backup C as he looked reasonable for us.
    The rest can go as far as I am concerned – we need a face lift for the OL to give Rivers time in the pocket and to give our RB holes to run through.

    2015 Off-Season:

    There are absolutely no Free Agent OTs I would want on the team so thank God we got King Dunlap back!
    At G, I would love to bring in a quality LG to start and get rid of Rinehart. Perhaps Orlando Franklin or Mike Iupati but both will be too expensive and Iupati had a wobbly season. Clint Boling could start at RG and would be a great signing.
    Stefen Wisniewski or Rodney Hudson could come in to start and allow Watt to start at G.
    The draft could be a better option to help out here with Ereck Flowers, Brandon Scherff, La’el Collins and Cameron Erving catching my eye.
    AGH, there are so many options here!

    Possible Options:
    Rich Ohrnberger – Hmm, Maybe could bring him back cheaply but I prefer the draft.
    Orlando Franklin – Very flexible as our new LG and backup RT but too expensive.
    Mike Iupati – Would be a leader on the field but again, too much $$$.
    Clint Boling – Playoff calibre pass protector and great run blocker – love him.
    Stefen Wisniewski – Would be a great signing but there will be a strong market for him.
    Rodney Hudson – Young and improving or has he peaked?
    Ereck Flowers – Will be a 10 year starter at LT eventually and can help out at RT immediately.
    Brandon Scherff – We don’t need another DJ Fluker struggling with speed rush.
    La’el Collins – Gaining buzz about him, a safe pick perhaps but where to play him?
    Cameron Erving – Love this guy. Draft him in the 2nd!

    I really don’t know where we go with fixing the OL but this is the year to do it if you ask me. Draft Erving in the 2nd and allow Watt to start at LG with Boling as our new RG. Or instead, draft Flowers to be our RT, move Fluker to RG, sign Hudson as our new C so Watt starts at LG. Can’t wait to see where we go with these positions…

    Rinehart out, Franklin in. A great move and immediately upgrades our OLine and weakens our Divisional opponents. The current lineup looks like this: Dunlap, Franklin, Watt, Troutman, Fluker.

    Troutman is the weak link here but I don't mind Sirles at RG - the reality is that we will definitely look to upgrade RG in the draft. The draft is deep at G so don't panic if we miss out on Scherff, Collins or Erving - Kouandjio or Tomlinson would work just as well at RG.

    Defensive Line
    DT: Sean Lissemore, Ryan Carrethers, Tenny Palepoi, Ricky Tjong-A-Tjoe, Chas Alecxih
    DE: Corey Liuget, Kendall Reyes, Damik Scafe, Damion Square

    Unrestricted FA’s: Ricardo Mathews

    Corey Liuget is our wrecking ball and can impact a game in our favour at any point. Oppositions regularly double team him due to this and our other guys are unable to have a similar impact to make up for this. He is a stud and should be locked up long term very soon.
    As much as Liuget has impressed me, Reyes has disappointed me especially in the run game where he is destroyed on a regular basis. Reyes needs to improve immediately and become a pass rushing specialist by winning his 1-on-1 matchups consistently. 2015 will be a prove it year for him…
    DT has been a problem but we have seen production from Lissemore and some development from Carrethers/Palepoi. Are the coaches going to give these guys another year to develop or do we need to bring someone in out of FA to give us a bigger impact.

    2015 Off-Season:

    The focus of the off-season should be fixing our DL by bringing in a run stopping DT.
    I would adore Suh as a Charger to make us nasty up front and for the drama that comes with him. However, he isn’t worth paying because he will end up suspended at some point.
    Knighton would be a good buy but only if his value drops from the $7m he currently is asking for.
    One player I would really enjoy bringing in would be Dan Williams who specialises in run stuffing – his skill set matches our needs and we could afford him. Go get him TT.
    If we were lucky enough for Danny Shelton to fall all the way to 17, he would be right up there as my pick and I prefer him much more than Arik Armstead.
    If we fix the interior of the line, then we don’t need to do much at DE – I would be happy if we brought back Ricardo Matthews who had an impact last year and flashed some good stuff. We could go and get Jerry Hughes or Brandon Graham but they will end up too expensive for us. Jabaal Sheard would be a more affordable signing.

    Possible Options:
    Ndamukong Suh – Never going to happen.
    Terrance Knighton – Asking for too much money right now.
    Dan Williams – Go get him, he is a perfect fit for our needs and my top wish in Free Agency.
    Danny Shelton – A better prospect than Aaron Donald (DROY).
    Arik Armstead – An athletic beast but I am not convinced.
    Ricardo Matthews – I liked him and would like to see him return.
    Jerry Hughes – A slow start to his career has taken off now.
    Brandon Graham – Warming up as a rising star.
    Jabaal Sheard – Young and talented but coming off an injury.

    I would immediately resign Matthews if I were TT followed by bringing in Dan Williams from the Cardinals. Williams would fix our run D problem and allow Reyes to find his form once again. If we miss out on Williams, then Shelton should be a serious consideration as our draft pick if he falls to us at #17.

    Ricardo Mathews returns so we have the same group of guys as last year. We lost out on Dan Williams but have the money for Knighton if we want an upgrade here - however, I am hearing that the team are happy with this group so I don't expect any movement up front. Knighton, at the right price, wouldn't shock me though...

    OLB: Melvin Ingram, Jeremiah Attaochu, Tourek Williams, Reggie Walker, Cordarro Law, Alvin Scioneaux, Colton Underwood
    ILB: Donald Butler, Manti Te’o, Kavell Conner

    Unrestricted FA’s: Andrew Gachkar, Dwight Freeney
    RETIRED: Jarret Johnson

    Inside Linebacker is one of my favourite units even though Butler is underperforming. I have faith he will bounce back and lead the group but it is Manti who is developing at a great pace. I think Te’o will end up our best player and a leader in this group after showing massive improvements last year.
    Our backups are good too and Conner really impressed me in run D.
    Our 2 veterans on the edge have gone and JJ retired – I wish him well – but we need to bring someone in to replace him.
    Ingram, when healthy, looks awesome and changes games with his tiny arms. Attaochu, who I wanted to draft last year, showed flashes and may be ready for more playing time.
    Williams and Walker contribute as much as they make mistakes so cannot be relies upon and The Long Arm of the (Cordarro) Law has potential but is an unknown quantity.
    The one thing you can say about this group of guys, is that they are young!

    2015 Off-Season:

    ILB is easily sorted out and I expect Gachkar to return. He is a hustler and a good backup but not great in coverage.
    OLB needs an urgent replacement to come in after Freeney and JJ left – Freeney could return as long as he remains cheap but who do we bring in to fill the big shoes of JJ?
    Jason Worilds will be paid for his flashy games but he has down games too, Ayers could be a good pickup from the Pats or maybe we hope for Malcolm Smith to find his form from a couple of years ago when he was the SuperBowl MVP?
    In the draft there is only one name I would want to become a Charger and I would REALLY want him to be our pick. Vic Beasley is exactly what we need.

    Possible Options:
    Andrew Gachkar – The obvious choice unless our new coach wants someone familiar.
    Jason Worilds – Good at pressure but is that enough?
    Akeem Ayers – Young and good against the run.
    Malcolm Smith – Does he still have the desire? Could be an under the radar pickup.
    Vic Beasley – YES PLEASE.

    As TT, I would bring back Gachkar and then hope and pray Vic Beasley gets past the Saints in the draft. At #17 he would be fantastic value and complete a OLB group that could dominate for years.

    CB: Jason Verrett, Steve Williams, Chris Davis, Greg Ducre, Richard Crawford
    FS: Eric Weddle, Darrell Stuckey
    SS: Jahleel Addae, Adrian Phillips

    Unrestricted FA’s: Marcus Gilchrist, Brandon Flowers, Shareece Wright

    Start off by extending Weddle and free up some cash – he isn’t going anywhere and is our leader on D. Stuckey is a top ST guy and plays well when he gets a chance on the field.
    I don’t see a massive need at SS either because Addae keeps pushing and pushing to play and he is pretty damn good for an UDFA.
    Coming back from surgery, I can’t wait to see Verrett dominate and I have high hopes for him as a shutdown corner if we give him support.
    Steve Williams on the other hand, looked terrible so it may be time to move on from him.

    2015 Off-Season:

    We need to resign Flowers – he has earned it if you ask me but for no more than $8m a year. If not Brandon, then someone else to lead our CB group like Byron Maxwell or Tramon Williams could come in but I don’t like any of them as much as Flowers. We also need to replace Wright and bring in a 3rd CB who can stay healthy.
    I like Wright but he isn’t on the field enough due to injury so Chris Culliver or Patrick Robinson could step in and upgrade the secondary.
    I really was keen on Ifo Ekpre-Olomu last year but his stock dropped due to injury. If he is there on Day 3 of the Draft then we could bring him in.
    Gilchrist may come back but he was repeatedly screamed at by me through the TV last year. He just seemed to be the one responsible each time we allowed a big play… We need to replace him with someone who can play SS as well as play CB if required.
    Maybe we give Tyvon Branch an incentive contract to see if he can stay healthy.

    Possible Options:
    Brandon Flowers – Get it done TT.
    Byron Maxwell – Younger than BF but not as good.
    Tramon Williams – Headed back to Wisconsin?
    Chris Culliver – Could attract too much $$$ but I like him.
    Shareece Wright – Good backup when healthy.
    Patrick Robinson – Which is the real him? Early 2014 or late? That makes a difference…
    Ifo Ekpre-Olomu – Good prospect if he heals well.
    Marcus Gilchrist – No thanks, move on.
    Tyvon Branch – Can he turn his career around?

    If it were my choice, I would bring Brandon Flowers straight back to the roster and cut Steve Williams at the same time. Shareece would get another chance and I would try to lure Branch across.

    Flowers returns which is great news. Gilchrist looks to be heading to the Redskins - good riddance!
  2. bez

    bez SWFC

    Mar 5, 2015
    Hope you enjoyed this guys - any thoughts?
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  3. san-man

    san-man BoltTalker

    Mar 8, 2015
  4. ThunderHorse17

    ThunderHorse17 Lone Wolf

    Apr 10, 2010
    Damn that killed some time while driving to St louis. Mostly spot on.

    Reading through the position groups, admittedly I haven't looked at the current roster since season ended but I see we could draft another cb.

    I feel confident LB coach Nolan loves how much youth and talent as we have to work with.

    Would still also LOVE Beasley at 17.

    Looking at the dt position and I like what we have in our young guys carrethers and lissemore and tjong too. We wouldn't have to bring in a vet NT, but I would like potroast to be here mostly as a technique guide and even rotate in and out of the lineup.

    RB cb olb/de seem to be the most likely 1st round targets.

    I don't kno anything about the depth at cb this year but it could be the 1st pick.

    Trade down NE style all the way out of the first and get 3-4 2nd rounders pick up cb and rb prob that order and the rest of the positions we need are the icing on the cake players like a burner WR.

    I like how we look right now as we approach the draft. We can get who comes by surprise or we could get aggressive and trade up for a marked player or trade down and collect a few 2016 picks and get a pon.
  5. ThunderHorse17

    ThunderHorse17 Lone Wolf

    Apr 10, 2010

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