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One last Meachem thread, but its a pretty good read

Discussion in 'American Football' started by Bolts4lyfe, Sep 3, 2013.

  1. Bolts4lyfe

    Bolts4lyfe BoltTalker

    Mar 25, 2012
    Of course receiver Robert Meachem heard all the criticism in San Diego over the past year while he struggled to live up to lofty expectations with the Chargers. Meachem was hard on himself, too.

    But the 28-year-old, who often speaks of his strong faith in God, hasn't given up hope that things can turn back around. And now that he's back with the New Orleans Saints, he's especially optimistic.

    "That's life. You hear things. But you take a negative and you turn it into a positive," said Meachem, who signed a one-year deal to return to the Saints on Tuesday. "That's my mission now. To go out there and show the gifts that I was blessed with. Put my head down and just relax and go play football."

    The relief in Meachem's voice was evident Tuesday as he returned to the place where he began his NFL career, just days after being released by the Chargers.

    "It feels good. I got a job," Meachem said.

    But more than that, he added quickly, "It feels good to be home."

    New Orleans is "home" now for the Oklahoma native. He and his family stayed rooted here in the offseason even after he signed a long-term deal with the Chargers last year. And he still trains in the offseason with local trainer Wyatt Harris at the Sonic Boom speed, strength and conditioning facility in Jefferson during the offseason. That's where he was Tuesday evening as he spoke through a loud background filled with well-wishers.

    Just as important, Meachem hopes to start feeling back at "home" in the Saints' offense, where he thrived in a complementary role as a deep threat from 2007-11.

    Meachem clearly never got comfortable in the Chargers' offense. And perhaps it was as mental as anything else. This summer, Meachem admitted that he spent much of last year trying to be something he wasn't -- perhaps feeling the pressure of living up to "No. 1 receiver" expectations that went with the big contract.

    But even when the expectations were lowered externally this summer, Meachem still failed to catch on as even a backup receiver with an inconsistent performance in preseason games.

    Although Meachem's attitude was never questioned, the Chargers decided it was such a bad fit that they released him even though he was still due $5 million in guaranteed salary this year.

    "It was just a new different thing for me (in San Diego). Their plan was different," Meachem said. "It wasn't anything specific (about scheme or role). I just didn't think it was the best fit for me -- for them or for me.

    "The move back will be a lot better. Coming home, just being around family and team again. I think that will help me a whole lot."

    As for a report out of San Diego that suggested Meachem was breaking down physically, Meachem disagreed.

    "I'm strong physically. You know where I am right now," Meachem said from the workout facility.

    Clearly, the Saints saw enough from Meachem physically to take a chance on bringing him back Tuesday after they worked him out. But clearly he still has a lot to prove as he tries to revive his career.
  2. Bolts4lyfe

    Bolts4lyfe BoltTalker

    Mar 25, 2012
    Although I am very excited to be rid of him as a player, as a person I have a lot of respect for the man, he seems very humble and appreciative. He probably had a chance to take a jab at us but didn't. I hope he does good back in N.O.
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  3. SuperCharger92

    SuperCharger92 Winners Win

    Sep 25, 2011
    It's too bad it never worked out here in San Diego for him. He was a great man and I am sure teammate. He'll get back to his old ways with New Orleans again. Wish him well.
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  4. powayslugger

    powayslugger No longer a fan- FU Spanos

    Dec 14, 2006
    Too bad it didn't work out. When I hear his name mentioned The image of him dropping that wide open pass in Cleveland will always come to mind. I am sure the chargers wish the saints would pick up some of that $5 millon "cut me" fee.
  5. Lance19

    Lance19 BoltTalker

    Oct 2, 2011
    Said Drew Brees, Tuesday:

    "Meachem was a 3rd best receiver coming out of high school,
    and a First round pick coming out of college.
    He had a better season between 2008-2012 than Malcolm Floyd;
    so of course we had to give him another shot!"

    Screen Shot 2013-09-03 at 8.14.13 PM.png
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  6. EOTL

    EOTL BoltTalker

    Jan 17, 2013
    Wait a second, does this mean Steven01 = Drew Brees?

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