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Pick #18 Corey Liuget

Discussion in 'American Football' started by Concudan, May 1, 2011.

  1. Concudan

    Concudan Meh... Staff Member Administrator

    Mar 5, 2006
    Pick 18:
    Corey Liuget 6-2 289 lbs

    Who was left on the block:
    Da’Quan Bowers 6-3 276 lbs
    Cameron Jordan 6-4 286 lbs
    Jabaal Sheard 6-3 264 lbs
    Justin Houston 6-3 267 lbs
    Allen Bailey 6-3 275 lbs
    Jeremy Beal 6-2 262 lbs
    Pernell McPhee 6-3 274 lbs
    Brooks Reed 6-3 263 lbs
    Greg Romeus 6-6 270 lbs
    Ugo Chinasa 6-5 263 lbs
    Cliff Matthews 6-4 268 lbs

    Another Chargers draft down in the history books and Chargers General Manager AJ Smith again irks Chargers fans by having the audacity to ruin the mock draft outlines, and take a player few have heard about.

    Of all the Defensive End players left on the board, Liuget was heavier and shorter. Now as far as Defensive Linemne go I have never been a fan of tall, light DEs. The Defensive linemen have to win the leverage battle, and that can be difficult if you are tall, as the Offensive Linemen are taught to try and come in low and stand the Defensive Linemen up to take away their powerbase and remove any leverage they have.

    That said, I am not sure how much one or tow inches factors into that. That said, Liuget who was viewed as a potential first-round prospect by NFLDraftScout.com, has some characteristics that the Chargers certainly looked for in a player who should push for a starting job at Defensive End.

    Corey Liuget who made a late decision to declare for the 2011 draft was moving steadily up many teams’ draft boards since the announcement. This in part to his very strong performance in the Texas Bowl where he recorded 5 tackles, 2.5 tackles for a loss of yardage and a sack. This performance earned him recognition on ESPN.com's 2010 All-Bowl Team.

    Liuget was a freshman player but came on strong in his later years proving to be consistent and durable through the remainder of his college carrier. During the Oct. 16, 2010 game at Michigan State, Liuget collected a career-high 11 tackles, the most by an Illini defensive tackle since 1996. During his three-year Illinois career, Liuget had 125 tackles, 25.5 tackles for a loss of yardage and 8.5 sacks. He is also known to run 10-15 yards down field helping to make a play. He plays whistle to whistle and does not give up on plays.

    In most of the discussions on his collegiate carrier, Liuget is noted for having strong attack, and uses his hands well to free himself from blocks when there is enough space to do so. He is noted for being a strong run defender who has shown ability to get into the backfield quickly to disrupt plays.

    One draft analysis of Liuget listed him as being an elite player at the point of attack who could improve his footwork at the next level.

    Liuget also has in the past lined up in what would be the Nose Tackle position (the five-technique) and been able to generate a good pass rush at the collegiate level. That definitely gave him value to the Chargers who run the 3-4 defensive formation. He will be slated to play at Defensive End, and if he can maintain his ability to quickly get into the backfield and disrupt plays he will be a fan favorite.

    Liuget’s playing style should also mesh nicely with the Chargers new Defensive Coordinator, Greg Manusky’s attacking mentality. Liuget’s coaches speak highly of him as a locker room leader. He is reputed to be very coachable and works hard to improve his game.

    In the long run, if Liuget lives up to his billing as a strong pass rusher, and a disruptive run supporter the fans should approve of the pick. This of course is weighing heavily on there being real games anytime soon to showcase this young man’s talents.

    Conc’s Opinion
    All in all I will grade this, based on what I have read and seen of the young man (taking it all with a shaker of salt) a very good pickup for the Chargers. I for one have argued that the Chargers indeed had a very good Defense last season and this pick should address the weakness of the Defense, Run support.

    Liuget appears to be strong to elite at the point of attack, and able to help shut down the run. In a division with two top 10 Running Backs from 2010, Jamaal Charles of Kansas City, ranked 3rd overall, and Darren McFadden of Oakland, ranked 4th overall. This pick addresses the biggest need on Defense.

    The intangibles this young man brings with him of being a team leader and readily coachable player fits in with the locker room mentality the Chargers have been trying to build.

    That is my opinion on the pick of Corey Liuget, what is yours?
  2. Zeus

    Zeus BoltTalker

    Nov 21, 2006
    I good pickup actually.

    We were one of the top sacking teams in the league and with experience this should improve. WE don't need an off the end guy. In fact in 2011 we had 2nd in sacks, but we had trouble against the run.

    Look DL are more important VS the run then the pass. We had good pressure from our OLB, ILB, and DBs. WE upgraded those positions as well. LEGIT gives us a good precese vs the run. IN addition our DL was one of the more under preforming positions and Cesaisre should be replaced.

    Finally I would like to mention that we run 4-3 a lot more and I rather had 4 Dl and a bunch of DBs who are tall, fast, and talented, then wasted a DL position on an ILB who can't cover.

    IN all he was a great pick I really do believe that.
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  3. AnteaterRaider

    AnteaterRaider Carpe Diem et omni Mundio Staff Member Super Moderator Podcaster

    Jan 19, 2006
    Posted this earlier on the forum and will be part of my draft article to come out tomorrow/tuesday

    First round: Corey Liuget DE/DT Illinois
    I said both on the podcast and in my draft picks that I thought the Chargers would be in a position where they didn’t have to move to pick up a great defensive tackle. I thought that teams would overdraft, especially in the top 13, quarterbacks out of desperation. I’m proud to see I was right, though my fingernails would attest to the fact I was nervous with the last three picks. With the 18th pick on the board and with Cameron Jordan on the board, I thought it was a slam dunk. AJ Smith on the other hand threw us all a curveball and selected a guy I had researched but disregarded on the grounds that he would be gone by this point. In fact I forgot he was even on the board until the Chargers selected him. Ranked as the third best defensive tackle in the draft, he was seen as being more consistent and giving more effort then Nick Fairley and Marcell Dareus do.
    Liuget is a great combination of quickness and strength who was a top notch penetrator for the fighting Illini. He has a very strong punch and uses his hands extremely well to break away from offensive linemen quickly, though he’s also very effective as a bull rusher. He’s a very good tackler who routinely lays people out and never gives up on plays no matter where the ball goes. His motor, his nastiness and his penetration ability are his calling cards which made him an outstanding under tackle, but a solid fit as a defensive end. The few negatives that have been said about him is that he needs some more time in the weight room, specifically on his lower body, and needs to find a comfortable weight to play at (he played very effectively at under 300 but rose above that before the draft). I’ve heard reports of a quick first step and while I see some short area quickness, I don’t see the first step in the highlights I’ve seen. In addition he needs to remember to stay low consistently to better use his leverage, though with his height that’s less of a problem.
    This is a curve ball thrown by AJ Smith but not at all to the level of a Sammy Davis/Buster Davis/Larry English. Liuget was ranked very high on all draft boards coming in and was considered to be a potential 3-4 Defensive end. He has very few negative qualities and a great deal of positive ones. He shows the potential to be a good 3-4 while also sliding inside on nickel passing downs with Luis Castillo. While many, myself included for now, wonder how he was ranked higher than Cameron Jordan, it’s clear AJ went for the player ranked on many boards higher then Jordan who could be better than the guy we all wanted. I would just say to Charger fans upset about not getting Jordan to read the reports, to look at the tape, and realize that this isn’t a massive reach but the selection of a good player who was ranked higher on the GM’s board.

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