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Player Movement – Pre-Season Game 1

Discussion in 'Latest Chargers News & Headlines' started by robdog, Aug 15, 2006.

  1. robdog

    robdog Code Monkey Staff Member Administrator

    Jun 29, 2009
    By MadMike

    I am going to start writing a Player Movement article each Tuesday during pre-season up until we make the cuts to 53 showing who I think is on the rise and who is faltering on our team. So onto week 1:


    Philip Rivers - #1 QB looked like a great #1 QB. Let's keep him healthy, limit him to 1 quarter vs. the Bears, 2 Quarters at home vs. Seattle, then 5 to 10 plays vs. the 49ers.

    Vincent Jackson – Looks like the #3 receiver spot is a lock and he could climb higher during the year if he keeps performing at this level. Both catches in the end zone were good. He needs to work the feet a little better and avoid sliding into walls. Hope the chest bruise isn't too painful and that he gets back on the field next week.

    Matt WilhelmStephen Cooper – For some reason we are always grouping these two together but they are both playing at a high level and giving us good feelings if Donnie isn't there on Sept. 11th as well as next year when they are both starting.

    The O-line minus Leander Jordan – The O-line looked solid. Nick Hardwick's new size is helping him at the point of attack. Dielman looks like a new man and I think he may be our lineman of the year if he keeps up the solid work. Olivea was solid and never let anyone get by the right side. Goff had a rookie move holding call but otherwise was mean and kept his side clear. They didn't run very much so hard to tell too much on run blocking. Jordan looked adequate but really missed badly on KGB's sack and was pushed into the pocket a couple of times as well. Looks like he needs to add strength.

    The D-Line – What else can I say? They were too much for Green Bay's bad O-line. Jamal was taking on two and three guys and still making tackles behind the lines. He was opening holes for the linebackers to pounce. Castillo was a monster on his end and really penetrated well. But the real show was put on by Igor. He is going to be the D-Lineman of the year for us. He is huge. He is pushing guys around. He's pressuring the QB well. Just a great all around performance.

    Kurt Smith – 2 kicks. Both in the end zone. Keep that up and he's on the team.

    Special Teams Coverage – Our Special Teams guys obviously got the message that they were a big part of our problem last year. They were hitting hard and the gunners were amazing. Milligan, Camarillo, and Osgood made beautiful downfield tackles.

    Marcus McNeill – He looked great against the 2nd and 3rd stringers. He is a giant and he was honestly never pushed at all during that game. He gets to the second level quickly. Looks very good. Looks like a #1 Left Tackle. But let's see him get some time with the 1st stringers.

    Charlie Whitehurst – Looks raw but good. I think he may have one of the prettiest throwing release in all of football. Textbook. He is the #2 guy if he had any experience.

    Tim Dobbins – The guy's new nickname ought to be "Manimal". He is fast, hits hard and seems to have good instincts. He is still learning but he may be pushing Wilhelm and Cooper for the starting spot next year. I think Rodgers is going to have nightmares of 51 after that monster sack and the solid hit when he didn't hook slide early enough.

    Brandon Manumaleuna – I was excited to get this guy, but mostly for what he could do opening holes for LT and protecting Philip. But man this guy looked great catching the ball. He is going to be a first down machine and a redzone nightmare for other teams.

    Now unfortunately, the guys who are falling off the radar:

    Leander Jordan – Obviously the sack made him look bad, but it was against KGB so you can almost give him that one for free. But he was not strong enough and got pushed into the pocket too many times. He may start game 1 but his days on the first string are numbered.

    Kassim Osgood – This guy will be a Charger forever. I love his attitude and his heart. His special teams play will earn him the pro-bowl he got screwed out of last year. But this guy is dropping down the receiver corps. He missed a couple of questionable throws, which weren't all his fault, he is a solid blocking WR, but the guys around him are excelling and he may drop back to #5 by not being able to keep up with their performances.

    Darren Sproles – Hope he's OK. Hope he can get back on the field by October. Hope he still has nerves of steel when he gets back. Unfortunately, we need a returner, not hope of a returner.

    AJ Feely – If this guy bounces another pass to an open receiver, I'm going to shoot something. Not someone, I'm not crazy, but something is getting shot for sure. He made a veteran move in hiking and kneeling getting the off-sides call but his throws are slow and lazy and he is not going to win games that way. He may be lucky to be here come September if the Chargers can find another veteran QB to bring in.

    Well that's it for this week. Hopefully we get some more great performance this week against Chicago. Let's try and get out of their injury free, although my friend who is a Bears fan is pleading with me to get the Chargers to continue the standing tradition and break Rex Grossman in pre-season so Griese can start.

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