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Player Movement – Pre-Season Game 2

Discussion in 'San Diego Chargers Hall of Champions' started by robdog, Aug 22, 2006.

  1. robdog

    robdog Code Monkey Staff Member Administrator

    Jun 29, 2009
    By MadMike

    So I'm back again with another edition of Player Movement. After last weeks ho-hum performance by the Chargers, you would think there would be little movement but the game had some high and low points and some decisions made by the coaches could be tipping their hand as to what players may be kept. So onto week 2:


    Philip Rivers – Yes believe it or not, I think this guy is on the rise this week. The interception was the textbook definition of a "Learning Experience". He'll watch more tape, evaluate the LB's a little better, and move through his progressions better instead of trying to force balls in. He seemed resilient after being sacked and forced from the pocket due to solid coverage on our #4, 5, and 6 receivers. I think he is getting his trial by fire and walking through a stronger QB for us.

    Marcus McNeill – He's young. He's raw. He is still learning how to run block. He's also the new starting LT. The guy can really play. He is an instinctive pass blocker who will not get beat more than a couple times this year. He has an amazing wingspan which just seems to keep guys in front of him. He needs to learn how to handle his run blocks better but he is going to be fantastic. He will relinquish the starting role when Oben gets back but I assume he will be giving Roman a lot of breaks to keep him fresh and by next year, McNeill will be the starter.

    Cletis Gordon – The kid looked very solid returning kicks. He has good open field vision and good cutback speed. He appears quite ready to take over for Darren Sproles in both the kick and punt return duties. Unfortunately, his primary position is at CB where he seems to be a work in progress more fitting for the practice squad. He is a real borderline candidate to make the team but he sure improved his stock this week.

    Michael Turner – The guy is a beast. The 45 yard run he had was a thing of beauty. He is almost too good to be a backup. Turner will be starting in the NFL next year if not sooner. He is that good. If we have any kind of serious injury before mid-October, don't be surprised if Michael Turner is traded for someone solid. At the least, next year he is a RFA which means we can basically keep him if we match offers but most likely we will be trading him. But until that time, it's like Marty said, " It sure is fun to watch Turner run!"

    D-Line – These guys shouldn't be able to be risers. They are already at the top of their game but man these guys continue to get better. They completely controlled the Bears outstanding O-line for the entire time they were in. There is no better 3 man line in all of football. Cherish them folks because you won't get to see a better D-Line for a while.

    Kris Dielman – This guy has a nasty streak in him and its starting to show even more with his increase in size. He is currently showing the best run blocking skills of the O-line and he is also been solid in pass blocking. He has been pulling to run block really well, almost like the Chiefs used to do so well. I stand by the statement that this guy gets Lineman of the Year for the Chargers if he stays healthy.

    Marlon McRee – Nice interception. He is calling the game for the secondary and looking rather good doing it. Marty all but said he was starting this week so it will be nice to see him run with the full starting D. He is actually much faster than I thought at first showing good burst to the ball. Must be that thing called "Football Speed" as opposed to "Track Speed".


    <address>Return ST</address>– The Kick return team did a great job picking up blocks and getting good field position. Michael Turner was great in leading Cletis Gordon to yardage.

    Kurt Smith – 1 kick, 5 feet deep in the end-zone. Couple more games of that and he's on the team.

    Wayne Nunnely – The D-Line coach has got to get a slap on the back this week. He is responsible for molding Jamal into the monster he is and in bringing young talent like Igor and Luis up to speed with the NFL so quickly. Hopefully we can keep a hold of this guy for years to come.

    <strong>Now this weeks fallers:</strong>

    Kick Coverage ST – The coverage team was piss-poor this week. Yes Clinton Hart was mostly to blame for the touchdown as he went into the wedge instead of staying in his lane, but the whole unit was poor on almost every return. Crosby better have these guys working hard to maintain discipline this week.

    Leander Jordan – Now let's set the record straight. This is a good guy. He works hard. He is a good teammate. But that's also like saying a girl has a great personality. We found out this week that he is not a very good RT. We also found out that he has been bumped behind McNeil for the starting job. We know he lacks the size and speed to handle small speed rushers. He is a good run blocking LT, but he just doesn't have the physical skills that McNeill possesses.

    Charlie Whitehurst – Still has a beautiful release, but he did show how raw he really is. The pendulum is swinging back towards Feely mostly because Feely didn't play so he didn't look bad this week. Hopefully against Seattle they will both get good time so we can analyze this battle better.

    Antonio Cromartie – OK, lets get this straight. This kid is phenomenal. He is the future at CB for the Chargers. He flashed great skills against the Bears and boy can this kid hit. But he gets the Fallers list for penalties, especially that High School Taunting call. I like my CB's to be cocky. I like them to get pumped after a big hit. I love them to pump up their own team. But 15 yard loss for your team just to ask someone how that hit felt doesn't seem to be worth it.

    Steve Crosby – A general crappy showing by Special Teams puts the ST Coach on the block this week.

    Well that's it for this week. Now its time to get ready for the NFC Champion Seahawks for the first of two games against them this year. Let's hope for an injury free game. Hopefully we get some break out games for our guys so we can settle the position battles and get our team locked down for the regular season. Go Bolts!

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