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Player Movement – Pre-Season Game 3

Discussion in 'San Diego Chargers Hall of Champions' started by robdog, Aug 29, 2006.

  1. robdog

    robdog Code Monkey Staff Member Administrator

    Jun 29, 2009
    <img width="265" height="135" id="image2067" alt="Philip Rivers" src="http://bolttalk.com/wp-content/uploads/2006/03/343_philip.jpg" />
    By MadMike <em>Bolt Talk Staff Writer</em>
    Well good thing I write these things up on Tuesdays because a whole lot has changed in the last 24 hours for the Chargers. We lost a QB, we PUP'd an left tackle, we cut 2 draft picks, dropped a kicker, and made Nate Kaeding a happy guy. Hell, we even saw Donnie Edwards on a practice field. With that much excitement going on, its time to get going on Week 3's risers and fallers:


    Everyone still on the team – Hey if your not cut yet, you are rising!

    Philip Rivers – 3 fumbles. Bruised shoulder. Rising? Yep. His position on this team is solid as a brick wall now. There is no possibility unless he is injured that the Chargers would start Whitehurst or god forbid, Brett Elliott. Note to Chargers Trainers: No more lotion before games for Rivers. After he got his hands a little dirty, he started holding the ball, making throws (What little the ground grinding game plan would allow for), handing off well, and making good reads. I'm not worried about this guy. He took the fault for the dropped snaps no question. He is the man in the huddle and I respect that. Note to AJ: I love Philip but could you please sign a guy who has actually taken a snap in the NFL to back him up.

    Marcus McNeill – Didn't play a snap, yet jumped to starting LT. He has to learn to play with a cast, but honestly what do we have behind him. Leander is out with a stinger and Oben is on the PUP until week 6. The next step would be to Lekkerkerker or Mruczkowski, but honestly can you imagine the announcers trying to get those names right?

    Donnie Edwards – Hey he rose of the bench and walked onto the practice field, that is technically a riser.

    The Secondary – Hands down the best game put in by this group in a long while. D-Flo and Cromartie were very solid, played tight coverage, and knocked balls down. Cromartie has a fantastic burst to the ball, and covers the run well. Jammer still plays off too much, but he wasn't called for a penalty so bonus points for him. McRee (Note to EA on Madden 07': Marlon McRee is not pronounced Terence McGee) was solid and Kiel had a fantastic game. Anyone notice that Kiel was the guy who ran down the backup RB for Seattle from across the field? My guess is his ankle feels better.

    Nate Kaeding – Anyone want to bet that this kid woke up with an ear-to-ear grin this morning. The starting place kicker for the Chargers fought off the competition from Kurt Smith and came through with maybe a little more awareness of his position on the team and how much work he has to put in to keep it. In all fairness, Kurt Smith lost this position more than Nate beat him out of it. 2 of those kicks last Saturday landed on the 12 yard line. That's not going to cut it for a specialist.

    Front seven – Made this list for the outstanding play in the first half. Almost had to be removed from the list for letting the backup RB from Seattle make a huge run against them to open the third quarter. Igor was just manhandling his man all night and putting pressure on the QB. Even when they weren't blitzing the line was getting so much pressure on Hasselbeck that Holmgren had to pull him for his own safety. Now if we can get coaches to do that in the regular season that would be a feat.

    Michael "Starting for Another Team Next Year" Turner – Yes, I know his nickname is Burner but for this season he goes by the above name. He is a menace to defenses who can't tackle as he runs over anyone who dares to try and use their arms to bring him down. He has speed to break long runs and proved it again with the burst through the week side for 38 yards and a TD to get the Chargers on the board. I sleep like a baby knowing that we have the best RB and backup RB in football on our team. Well at least for this year.

    Ray Perkins – Continues to shine in extended play. The touchdown run in the second half was a thing of beauty. He made some good grabs in the passing game as well. Am I the only person who thinks we ought to give this guy a shot returning kicks and punts?

    Run Blocking O-Line – The line did an admirable job in run blocking this week. Pass protection is another story (See Fallers section for more). But our first and second stringers did well pushing a solid Seahawks D-line around to open lanes for Tuner, Perkins, and Croom. Bonus points go to Kris Dielman for basically re-enacting prison shower scenes on his man most of the night. Can you believe how much better this guy has gotten with the weight room work he did in the off-season?

    Ryan Krause – Made some more great catches. Dropped one he should have had. But this guy has a knack for getting open, especially down field. The fact he is actually playing means Shea better start packing his bags. The #3 TE position is Krause's to lose at this point.

    <strong>Now this weeks fallers:</strong>

    Cut players – Cut = Faller. End of Story. QB AJ Feely, C-G Jimmy Martin, CB Anthony Mims, S Jerrell Pippens, WR Mark Simmons, K Kurt Smith, RB Bryson Sumlin, WR Sean Coffey and WR Gerran Walker

    Leander Jordan – Believe it or not, Leander was playing a pretty solid game before he went down with a stinger. Nothing special, just a solid game. But with the injury, he will be lucky to be the #3 guy. The Chargers have to be surfing the wire and waiting for the cut to 53 to pick up the best LT out there on the market. Also if Cory LekekrkekrkekekekrkeBolttalkkekrkekrer can handle the Left side adequately, he may be expendable.

    Mike Goff – One of the nicest guys on the team. Never gives anyone a hard time. But he is starting to show his wear and tear. He has been getting abused by some of the bigger DTs and DEs he has faced. His decline is almost in stark contrast to Kris Dielman's rise. It's almost as if Kris is yoking Goff's strength from him. I hope the Chargers use next off-season to sign a solid road grading guard or start the transition of Olivea to that spot.

    Cletus Gordon – 2 steps forward (Chicago) 3 steps back (Seattle). He is a good return man but he needs to hold onto the ball. If he can't do that, he will be the 54<sup>th</sup> man on the team come next Tuesday.

    Ace Parking – Apparently these guys get paid to be stupid and unhelpful. They manage a piss-poor parking lot and they do it with a frown. We need to get those people who train the Ice Cream mashers at Coldstone's Creamery to train these guys. I mean have you ever been to one of those shops and manage to sneak in the door without 3 peppy teenagers saying "Hi! Welcome to Coldstone's!" with a gigantic smile. Hell they usually tell me funny stories while they make my 8000 calorie desert. That kind of happy spirit needs to proliferate through the old, beat down, ragged bunch of parking attendants that Ace fields on gamedays.

    Well another week down. One more meaningless game to go. One week until the Tommy-Hawk cuts the roster to the legal 53 (Sorry been watching too much Rockstar: Supernova). Expect movement on Donnie Edwards this week as teams get ready to make that final cut. Hope everyone on the team stays healthy and that AJ can pull a miracle and sign a LT and Veteran QB this week. Note to the Raiders: There is a reason Jeff George has not thrown a pass in an NFL game in 5 years. Good pickup. Go Bolts!

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