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PLEASE READ - Infraction System Changes

Discussion in 'Forum Help and Feedback' started by Thumper, Jun 8, 2008.

  1. Thumper

    Thumper WHS

    Aug 24, 2005
    I just wanted to inform everyone that we've been evaluating our infraction system here and have decided to make some changes.

    Previously, the idea behind the infraction system was that it always seemed to be the same people causing the problems here, but we had no way of tracking that. Our solution at the time was to hand out an infraction when ever people got into a fight on these forums or otherwise violated our TOS. We had different levels of infractions and they had difference point based on the severity of the offense. It was a complicated system, but it really took many infractions to be banned or anything like that. the thinking was those that were alway in fights would build up enough infractions, and those just defending themselves wouldn't be penalized.

    We didn't take several things into account. This was my fault, and I apologize to any of you that felt the infraction system was used unfairly towards you. That was never our intention.

    First, the infraction system was too complicated and didn't really do anything to those that were genuinely causing problems.

    Second, we didn't take into account that just the act of receiving an infraction was punishment in it's self for most posters.

    Third, there has been a lot of talk about what the infraction system is, what it's for and why it's needed here. Most of what I have heard back was false, so I take responsibility for not explaining this system better.


    Even the way the system was before, we did not hand out very many infractions. Not counting Patriots trolls that hit us hard after the AFC Championship, I believe we've given out less than 10 infractions this entire year, with the bulk going to only a few people.

    Now, we are going to be handing out even fewer.

    We do want to minimize conflict here, but the moderators here will work to try and resolve issues. We understand that some people may have issues that go beyond what we can help to resolve, but we will recommend using the ignore feature or just avoiding each other if possible,

    Rather than an infraction, an official warning will be handed out if all attempts to resolve the conflict are ignored and the conflict continues. This is seen as a last resort, as it's out intent to do whatever we can to resolve the conflict.

    If a poster ignores this warning and continues, we will continue to try and resolve the issue. If at that point the poster has already received an official warning, and our efforts are not working, an infraction may be handed out (although the mod does have the option to hand out another warning instead if he believes that would be the correct thing to do).

    As you can see, the emphasis is n resolving the problems and warnings or infractions will not be handed out unless we've run out of options.

    The flip side to this is that the infraction system has been simplified and given more bite.

    Because of these changes, anyone that currently had infraction points, those points have been reversed effective today, so everyone is starting with a clean slate.

    When reading this, remember that under this new system, it's really hard to receive even a single infraction.

    Infractions will no longer vary in points because of the severity of the problem, because only the most severe issues will receive an infraction at all. All infractions will be worth one (1) point. This infraction point will last on your account for six (6) months. Warnings will also show up in your profile (only to yourself and mods or admin), but will have zero (0) points.

    This is the list of punishments for those infraction points.

    1 infraction point = no punishment.
    2 infraction points = one (1) day ban
    3 infraction points = one (1) day ban
    4 infraction points = one (1) week ban
    5 infraction points = one (1) week ban
    6 infraction points = permanent ban

    As you can see, these infractions do really mean something now. On the other hand, it should be extremely rare that any are given out.

    And for those that are not happy that we will not be giving infractions to someone for just being annoying, please understand that this has always been a very loosely moderated forum.

    For those that think we're too strict (not sure how anyone would think that) there is always the adult asylum section. For the most part, anything goes in there except fighting and anything illegal.

    Thank you for reading this.
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