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Power Rankings 4/7/06

Discussion in 'San Diego Chargers Hall of Champions' started by robdog, Apr 7, 2006.

  1. robdog

    robdog Code Monkey Staff Member Administrator

    Jun 29, 2009
    By Big Brother

    1. <strong>The Referees</strong>
    With their reputations and careers at stake, they did nothing less than step up and DOMINATE on the big stage

    2. <strong>New England Patriots</strong>
    Shades of Eddie Gaedel last season when Bellicheck called on 50 year old Doug Flutie to drop kick an extra point, it's odd to see a once proud franchise resort to circus gimmicks. Somehow though Belicheck will find a way to once again plug their holes and compete at the top. It's hard to hate a team that does it the right way, but most people manage.

    3. <strong>Pittsburgh Steelers</strong>
    Big Hype will expose himself as an average starting quarterback when the team finally takes off the training wheels and asks him to make the third down, clock killing plays that Bettis used to deliver with stunning regularity. And they weren't all that anyway, there was no dominant team last year, just many good ones. Including the Steelers who lost 5 games last year and were a shoestring and a key flag away from number 6 in the playoffs. Look for a fall to 8 or 9 soon, just because I feel like it.

    4. <strong>Denver Broncos</strong>
    Jake the Fake finally came home and just in time for the playoffs, but who didn't see that coming. The Broncos season depends on if he stays or not. Regardless, his biggest accomplishment this year will be showing Gonzaga's Tommy Morrison how to grow a truly ****** mustache. Still, a solid core returns with a tough D will bail Jake out yet again and Shanahan will easily find another throw-away back (or maybe even a first rounder to compete with LT and LJ) to run through and over the shameless carnage left behind by his infamous chop blocking schemes.

    5. <strong>Seattle Seahawks</strong>
    Their schedule is always the envy of the league alongside Indy, but the NFC's only complete team should have kept Hutch and lost Alexander. Shaun can't block for himself. Fortunately for them, 2006 is yet another year that they get to play in the NFC West. You get a top 5 spot for making it to the Super Bowl but let's see an encore to keep it.

    6. <strong>San Diego Chargers</strong>
    An unproven but talented Philip Rivers takes the helm after Brees departs for New Orleans, some fans are soiling themselves but with an easy schedule, LT and Antonio Gates to help, it's not exactly as bad situation for a new QB. It could be worse, he could be in New Orleans. Add another behemoth or two to the offensive line and with some more hell-raising from rising star Shawn Merriman, the Chargers are a solid contender.

    7. <strong>Indianapolis Colts</strong>
    Can't. Win. The. Big. One. Could be that Manning's aw shucks, everyone look at charming me schtick that doesn't really inspire much from the rest of the team. Or maybe because he can no longer win by just trying harder, as everyone else tries harder in the playoffs too. Who knows. Who cares. They lost again. You're number 7 Mr. 13-0

    8. <strong>Carolina Panthers</strong>
    Getting it done solidly and quietly, or at least they did until now. The offseason addition of poor mans T.O. Keyshawn Johnson could make Steve Smith even MORE open though, if that is possible.

    9. <strong>Minnesota Vikings</strong>
    Why not. The Vikes were 9-2 with two wins over playoff teams after Culpepper went out, there is truth to addition by subtraction after all.

    10. <strong>Dallas Cowboys</strong>
    With Jerry Jones, The Tuna and now Terrell Owens in town, JR Ewing suddenly seems downright humble and courteous. It will translate into some wins at first but just wait. We all are, it's going to a spectacle to remember.

    11. <strong>Cinncinnati Bengals</strong>
    Get ready for an ugly schedule, it's the price of success that Bengals fans just aren't accustomed to. Not to mention that the media actually cares what happens there now. Someone tell Chris Henry.

    12. <strong>Miami Dolphins</strong>
    OK, 6 straight wins to end the season was impressive, an active off season in FA raised eyebrows and a strong defensive front returns, but Culpepper? Brees and his healing shoulder were probably the better bet. The bad years are over for the Dolphins however.

    13. <strong>Kansas City Chiefs</strong>
    Larry Johnson is a genuine power back and caught the league by surprise in the second half, but this year the aging offensive line he ran behind will be more concerned with their mashed potatoes getting lumpy in their dinner straws and the league knows what's coming. A new coach and new system won't be an immediate upgrade either. They move up into the top 16 however for guaranteeing T.O. wouldn't fall to Denver cheaply and helping to force them out of the bidding by feigning an interest themselves. Real men of genius.

    14. <strong>Chicago Bears</strong>
    Who knows from year to year. I don't. I doubt even they do. They might do better, they might do worse so this is as good a place to start as any.

    15. <strong>NY Giants</strong>
    Slowly, quietly, the realization starts to sink in and nobody needs to even explain what that means. Fortunately Tiki Barber is a stud and their defense closed a few holes. But barring a Drew Brees imitation, Giants fans are more and more resigned to the unspoken inevitable.

    16. <strong>Tampa Bay Buccaneers</strong>
    Not bad, Chuckie, not bad. But not really that good either, playing in the NFC hides alot of deficiencies.

    16.b <strong>Jacksonville Jaguars</strong>
    They are only here because they went 12-4 and saw the playoffs.
    It won't last long.

    16-27 <strong>Nobody really cares about the mediocre.</strong>

    28. <strong>Oakland Raiders</strong>
    Aaron Brooks? Good luck. The only way Oakland could top that mediocrity is to simply waste yet another draft on mediocre players, simple! But with recent drafts from Al Davis that are as deep in talent as Ashlee Simpson, get a jersey ready for your next big name bust, Oakland: Vince Young. That is why there are 4-12 seasons ahead for as far as the eye on the helmet can see. Oh, I checked, #6 is available.

    29. <strong>New Orleans Saints</strong>
    They may not be down here long, but until they produce a healthy starting quarterback, they aren't looking much better than last year. I'll play it safe and leave them in the bottom 5 until they win a couple. New Orleans better pack ‘em in the dome this year or the Saints will be playing in a town with a Spanish name faster than you can say ‘Irsay.'

    30. <strong>New York Jets</strong>
    Start spreading the news, this team stinks! This slot is likely the Jets highest power-ranking of this season. It's a gift of mercy. Not their fault QB Chad Pennington tried to start 4 games with his throwing arm dragging along on the ground behind him. Well, actually it is, they put him on the field with a bum shoulder.

    31. <strong>San Francisco 49ers</strong>
    What can you say. Viva Houston! The worst owner in pro sports has gutted this once proud franchise and after years of futility, the prognosis is, of course, more futility. With the possible draft addition of freak TE Vernon Davis from Maryland, suddenly Alex Smith might start finding holes to complete passes. Ya never know. I like new coach Mike Nolan too, he alone prevents them from starting out at the bottom.

    32. <strong>Houston Texans</strong>
    Another team that just might make a little noise with Reggie Bush in the backfield as widely assumed. But probably not much so here they are again. Bush will not perform for the same reasons that capable QB David Carr cannot: Houston still doesn't believe in having an offensive line. The smarter play is probably drafting OT D'Brickashaw Ferguson after trading down a slot or two for another pick or three, but nobody wants to be remembered alongside the guy who drafted Sam Bowie over Michael Jordan. This is a deep draft and they should take advantage of it, yet that is not going to happen. Off to the bottom you go.

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