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Q & A: David Binn

Discussion in 'San Diego Chargers Hall of Champions' started by robdog, Aug 8, 2005.

  1. robdog

    robdog Code Monkey Staff Member Administrator

    Jun 29, 2009
    <strong>August 8, 2005</strong>
    Source: <a href="http://www.chargers.com/news/headline_detail.cfm?news_key=2227">Chargers.com</a>

    Long snapper David Binn enters his 12th season in the NFL this year and has spent his entire career here San Diego. He has earned the reputation of being one of the league's top deep snappers and has missed just one game due to injury during his pro career. Coaches and players may come and go, but Binn remains. He recently took the time to talk about his love for golf, the work he does through his foundation, and the key to being a reliable deep snapper.

    Your alma mater, Cal Berkley, played against Texas Tech in the Holiday Bowl here in San Diego last December. Were you at the game?

    <strong>"I was there on the field, and it was tough to watch them lose. Tech was playing out of their heads, and Cal was walking around in their sleep. It was a good game for Tech."</strong>

    You set up the David Binn Foundation in 1998. What are some of the things you do through the Foundation?

    <strong>"We give out scholarships and usually take kids from a local YMCA on a camping trip during the offseason. We went up to the Viejas Indian Reservation and camped out for a few nights, which was a lot of fun. I also do the Teddy Bear Drive at Children's Hospital every Christmas with the police department. I missed it last year because I was really sick, so I'm looking forward to doing that again this year. We visit kids who are in the hospital with leukemia, have broken arms, you name it, and make sure they each get a teddy bear."</strong>

    I hear a lot of players buy and sell items on eBay. Have you ever shopped on the site?

    <strong>"I sold one of my workout hats on eBay. It was about two years old, all sweat stained and everything. Chuck Sandusky, our facilities coordinator, signed it, and we put it on eBay and linked it to Chargers.com. We started the bidding at five cents and got 40 bids on it. It finally sold for 45 bucks. It was just a joke, so we put a picture of Chuck up there and a full description of the hat. Snappers have a lot of down time, so we have to entertain ourselves somehow."</strong>

    You won the Celebrity Hole-in-One Golf Tournament twice. Are you still hitting the links?

    <strong>"I played yesterday because we had the morning off, and right now my favorite course is the San Diego Country Club in Chula Vista. I've won first place twice in the Hole-in-One Golf Classic. I got trips to Hawaii and the Bahamas, but if I had made the hole-in-one, I would have won a million dollars."
    Who is your favorite golfer?

    <strong>"Tiger, of course. I've watched a lot of his tournaments in person, including the Buick Invitational and the Match Play Championship out at La Costa."</strong>

    Do you have any hobbies during the offseason?

    <strong>"I like hiking, traveling, hanging out with my dog, and going to Tahoe to mountain bike. I love to ski, but try to stay away from snowboarding because when you fall, you fall on your hand, wrists, or shoulder, so that's not the ideal activity that a deep snapper needs to be participating in. I stick to skiing. Tahoe has great slopes."</strong>

    What's the key to being a good long snapper?

    <strong>"It's tough. It's not an automatic thing. The hardest part is staying mentally focused and staying on top of what's happening in a game. When we come back and score a touchdown to tie a game, people just assume we've won, but we still have to go out and kick the PAT. People are jumping around and going crazy, and I have to stay focused and not get caught up in that." </strong>

    Do you have a routine that helps you focus before jogging onto the field?

    <strong>"The whole part of my job is having a routine to begin with, because the idea is not to think, ideally. I just clear my mind and go out and do my job."</strong>

    You've been on the team longer than anybody, so you're the true team veteran. What's that like?

    <strong>"I don't feel old, but I am. I was here before (Chargers Park) was built and we practiced at Jack Murphy Stadium. I've seen a lot of coaches and teammates come and go, and I appreciate that I've had the opportunity to stay as long as I have. It's pretty rare for any player to stay in one place this long, and we have a great thing going right now. I hope I can stay here for a long time."

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