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Quarterback Status?

Discussion in 'San Diego Chargers Hall of Champions' started by robdog, Mar 17, 2006.

  1. robdog

    robdog Code Monkey Staff Member Administrator

    Jun 29, 2009
    By MadMike

    <img width="136" height="136" align="left" alt="Content Logo" title="Content Logo" src="http://www.bolttalk.com/images/bolttalkcontent28rs.jpg" />So we come to the end of our first week ADB (After Drew Brees). Our former Pro-Bowl Quarterback is in Alabama taking care of his surgically repaired shoulder so he can try and lead the New Orleans Saints out of the dregs of a hurricane, damaged stadium, and too much talent too finish 3 and 13. Our "Penciled" in #1 Quarterback of the future is in San Diego throwing out more cliché's then his passes thrown in the NFL. Our #2 Quarterback is a guy who rose to fame in 6 games played for the Eagles in 2002 and was basically kicked to the curb mid way through last year and traded to us with a sixth round pick for our perennial practice team quarterback Cleo Lemon.

    So I guess the question is, how do I feel about our QB situation? Pretty good actually. Have no doubt that I do not like the way A.J. treated Brees over the last 3 years and how he handled the off season negotiations this year. Have no doubt that I think Marty deserves some of the heat from A.J. for starting Brees in Week 17 in a throw away game that should have been used to showcase Rivers for an off-season move or upgrade to #1 that effectively ended Brees's chance at getting a real long term contract from the Chargers. But, I actually think we end up a better team with these moves.

    Drew Brees success was a product of hard work, a big heart, and a gigantic helping of talent around him. Without LT, Gates, McCardell, Parker, and a decent O-Line Brees would have looked like a #2 Journeyman Quarterback. With these guys he looked great. I saw it posted somewhere this week that a Defensive Coordinator for a team we face next year felt that the difference between Brees and Rivers will be that Philip actually makes the players around him better where Drew was made better buy the players around him. I think Rivers size (6'5" 228lbs) compared to Brees (6'0" 209Lbs, more like 5'11") will make a major difference in his play and I think his athleticism will outshine Drew. Let us not forget that Philip has been a prolific passer since High School and has risen to the top quickly at every level (On Varsity Football in High School as a freshman, #1 QB at NC State as a freshman) and I believe he will hit his stride quickly with the Chargers. He's still young and has little NFL game experience so he will make mistakes but I think we will do better than 9-7 with him at the helm this year.

    As for #2 A.J. Feely, well he has more starting NFL experience then most backups in the league and can perform at a Journeyman #2 level very well if the need arises. He will not win games for you, but will normally not lose them for you either. Now the next big question is who do we bring in for #3 (or possibly #2?). I don't see the Chargers going after any big name free-agent QB's although the idea of picking Cleo Lemon back from the Dolphins has some merit. Of course if we do that, I want to be first in line to smack him over the head for giving away our line calls when we played them. On second thought, let's smack Marty and Cam first since they should have known better. More likely is we pick a 3<sup>rd</sup> string QB to groom in round 6 or 7 of the draft or even have a couple of UDFA's come in and pick the best of the group. So hopefully, everyone can breathe a little easier and give A.J.'s plan a chance to unfold. Only time will tell if he continues to wear the title of Personnel Genius.

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