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Quotes from Saturday's Chargers game

Discussion in 'San Diego Chargers Hall of Champions' started by robdog, Aug 14, 2006.

  1. robdog

    robdog Code Monkey Staff Member Administrator

    Jun 29, 2009
    Source: <a target="_blank" href="http://www.sdboltreport.com">SD Bolt Report</a>

    <a target="_blank" href="http://www.sdboltreport.com">

    By Michael Lombardo

    San Diego Chargers Quarterback Philip Rivers and head coach Marty Schottenheimer spoke about Saturday's 17-3 win.
    Philip Rivers</strong>

    On his play and how it feels to be out there: It felt good to be back out there. It's a whole different world when you're out there. You are starting the game and get back to how I've always played. It was a good start for us. I think we will certainly look at the tape and find some mistakes. For our first game, we will get out there and eliminate some penalties, but overall it was a good first half.

    On the first touchdown drive: He (Vincent Jackson) made a great catch. The first one was probably a better throw and he still made a good catch. And them we regrouped and did the same play and he (Jackson) made an even better catch. He's a young guy and we've been talking about this all along. It was good for him to score the first drive. Brandon (Manumaleuna) caught a pass, Keenan (McCardell) caught a pass, Gates caught a pass - the ball was thrown around and we gave it to him (Jackson) in the end zone and it was a good way to start the season.

    Rate your performance: It's hard to do that when you come right off the field. Obviously, it went well. We threw a lot of completions and we were able to get in the end zone twice in the first half. Overall, it was a good start. We will look back in the morning. The one thing that I know is we had too many penalties. There are going to be some things here and there that we didn't do great. It's early in the season and that's the one thing we've got to understand. We had a 17-play drive and everybody is going to be talking about how great we look. We'll be able to analyze it and realize that we still have a long way to go and there is a lot of improvement to do. Again, it's the preseason and everybody is playing vanilla on both offense and defense. Overall, it was a good start. It was just what you want to do in the first preseason game; get things going, spread the ball around, make some mistakes on both sides of the ball but also know you are going to be able to correct them without any consequence. It was a good start.

    On doing the same play for the TD: Vince, as we've talked about before, has been coming along all training camp. He's kind of where I expected, not that I don't think he would be good at practice. I kind of sensed he was a gamer. He made some big plays in Indianapolis last year. He came out ready to go. He's such a big guy. He made some catches over in the middle. He did so many things. Speaking of those two plays in particular the throw was probably better in the first one but the catch was better in the second one. It worked out. They put a different corner the next play. If it had been the same guy, I probably wouldn't have gone back over there. It was a good play. We made some good plays. Ultimately, we have quite a ways to get where we want to be for the opener.

    Do you call the plays? No, Cam (Cameron) said run it again. We got the exact same look. My eyes kind of lit up again since I knew I was going right back over there so it was good.

    What was it like to be a starter for the first time? It was good. That was a big difference. It's the only way I've known to play the game. It was going back to what I've always done. It was exciting.

    <strong>Marty Schottenheimer:</strong>

    What impressed you most about Rivers? I thought he managed to huddle well, the efficiency with which we were able to get the ball off, very few times we were down there low on the clock. He understands how to play the game, but there really wasn't anything that was like, 'wow, we didn't expect this.' I think we all thought he would be pretty good.

    Anything he really needs to work on?> I think it's just a matter of continuing to work together and the timing of the passing game, he made all the audibles and checks that we needed to do, which didn't surprise any of us. Certainly he will find himself in situations that might not be as comfortable as he was this evening, but he‚s going to step up and manage and there's no doubt in my mind about that.

    <strong>Schottenheimer halftime quotes:</strong>

    On the first half: We're very pleased. We've done some good things. Our problem is that we've committed too many penalties. We've got five penalties already, and those things jump up and get you. The only negative of the first half was the penalties, the self-inflicted wounds. It's a lack of concentration.

    On Manumaleuna's production: He was brought in here with a definite purpose. He's a very talented guy. It's amazing because he's so athletic and has very good hands.

    On Rivers' production: I thought he played excellent. He played pretty much like I expected him to.

    On the defense generating pressure: We got after them. We ended up keeping our regular nickel and dime group in at the end of it, but our starters are all finished.

    On Sproles' injury: We don‚t know anything yet. It was an ankle, not a knee.

    On Vincent Jackson's first half: I thought he did a nice job. He got open and when his number was called he caught the ball.

    <a target="_blank" href="http://www.sdboltreport.com" />

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