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Real nice Canepa Article on Gill Byrd

Discussion in 'Chargers Fan Forum' started by Electric Chair, Feb 1, 2007.

  1. Electric Chair

    Electric Chair Well-Known Member

    May 23, 2006
    Another reason to root for the Bears...

    Gill was cool. He did a ton of community work while he was here. He even came to my high school on a few occassions to talk to the students about living right. Glad to see that he is doing well...


    MIAMI – Gill Byrd danced for a long time. Danced real well. But he never made it to the prom. Just kept missing it ... by this much.

    Byrd, for my dough the best cornerback in Chargers history (ask John Elway), was drafted in the first round by San Diego in 1983 and retired in 1993, a year before the team's Super Bowl season. Ten years later, he got into coaching, with the Rams, one season after St. Louis went to the Super Bowl.

    “This is my dream,” says Byrd, who truly deserves to have one come true. This is one of the better people I've met in sports, and he's gotten here after crawling through an especially rough patch in his life. “I've missed the Super Bowl at every level,” he said. “I'm more excited about it for my family.”

    Gill Byrd, now in charge of defensive quality control and an assistant secondary coach with the Chicago Bears, has made it to the Super Bowl. The hard way, maybe, but he's here, breaking down the Colts, trying to help figure out how to stop Peyton Manning.

    “Gill Byrd. Now there's a man who does a lot of work,” says former Chargers tailback Tim Spencer, who serves as the Bears' running backs coach.

    It has been a difficult road. At the beginning of the season, Byrd's wife, Marilyn, was diagnosed with breast cancer. So there was that, and here was Byrd, working 17-to 18-hour days trying to live that dream while Marilyn was ill.

    “It took away a lot of the fun this season,” Byrd says. “Although it's so good to be here, it's been a mental drain. But she's a trouper. We got to the cancer early. She doesn't have it right now.”

    Click the link for the rest.....

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