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Replay review, draft order among changes made by owners

Discussion in 'Chargers Fan Forum' started by Johnny Lightning, Mar 25, 2009.

  1. Johnny Lightning

    Johnny Lightning Go Bolts

    Feb 7, 2006
    DANA POINT, Calif. -- Ed Hochuli and other NFL referees can rest easier Wednesday after team owners passed a rule allowing video replays on a loose ball that could be either a fumble or an incomplete pass.

    Hochuli famously ruled Denver Broncos quarterback Jay Cutler to have thrown an incomplete pass in the final moments of a Week 2 game against the San Diego Chargers last season. However, replays clearly showed it was a fumble that the Chargers recovered, but the play wasn't part of the review process. Denver kept the ball and won the game seconds later on a Cutler touchdown pass and a two-point conversion.

    Now the play would be reviewable.

    The NFL's competition committee used a similar application as when it added video reviews of down-by-contact plays involving a fumble.

    Also, replay now can be used to determine if a loose ball hit the sideline. A Cardinals kickoff in January's NFC Championship Game was ruled to have gone out of bounds even though it was recovered in bounds by Arizona. Replays showed the ball never hit or crossed the sideline.

    The owners eliminated a rekick after an illegal onside kick, immediately awarding the ball to the receiving team.

    The draft order for playoff teams was reworked and will be based on where teams were eliminated in the postseason. Last season, the Chargers (8-8) beat the Colts (12-4) in a wild-card game, but San Diego will pick before Indianapolis in next month's draft because it had a worse regular-season record. The new procedure begins in 2010.

    A waiver period during the first two weeks of training camp was established. Owners also reworded when the postseason waiver period begins -- previously it was after the Pro Bowl. In the future, the Super Bowl will be played after the Pro Bowl in some seasons, and the waiver period will begin after the final postseason game.

    Finally, on all fumbles and laterals that go out of bounds, the clock will start when the referee signals ready for play.
  2. Buck Melanoma

    Buck Melanoma Guest

    I'm a little miffed about the draft order change, but I suppose that if it had gone the other way we all might be singing the same tune that Indy & NE sang. :icon_shrug:
  3. Ride The Lightning

    Ride The Lightning Join the Dark Side, we have cookies.

    Aug 15, 2006
    Glad they fixed the Hochuli rule, and I'm also fine with the new draft order as well.

    Is there anything else NE would like changed this season? Mandatory fluffers in visiting locker rooms for them?
  4. SDRaiderH8er

    SDRaiderH8er Well-Known Member

    Apr 27, 2006
    Ya see when one of the NFL’s finest is involved, then they listen

    When we went 14 and 2 and was eliminated in the first round and yet we still had to draft at #30, nothing was done about that draft order then, and that was just a couple of years ago.

    We went 8 and 8 and beat a 12 and 4 team and now we get to draft before them, well that should not happen; now they change the rule! Freaking NFL caters to Manning’s and the Brady’s every chance they get! They must be the “pretty” boys!
  5. Brundlefly

    Brundlefly Well-Known Member

    Feb 3, 2009
    So does this affect SD's pick this year or does it not start until next year?
  6. Sydalish

    Sydalish Addicted to Sports

    Nov 11, 2007
    Not until next year - so it's all good.
  7. Buck Melanoma

    Buck Melanoma Guest

    Did anyone from the Chargers' organization complain? I don't know - do you? :icon_shrug:

    I have an idea - let's all start the whining early. That should really stoke the morale. :icon_tease:

    Let's win a friggin' SB. Then maybe we'll get the respect that is supposedly denied to us.

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