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Rivers continues to lead

Discussion in 'American Football' started by Johnny Lightning, Aug 11, 2010.

  1. Johnny Lightning

    Johnny Lightning Go Bolts

    Feb 7, 2006

    By Christopher Smith, Chargers.com
    Posted 2 hours ago


    Philip Rivers is one of the Chargers’ longest-tenured stars and is gaining more notoriety for his leadership skills. However, leadership is nothing new to the team’s fifth-year starting quarterback.

    SAN DIEGO – Chargers equipment manager Bob Wick is not alone.
    Employees like Wick in charge of uniforms across the NFL stay busy fixing names to the back of jerseys with the constant and commonplace roster turnover.
    Star players with the longest tenures in a particular city tend to get recognized by fans and the media as team leaders.
    The natural cycle, and his lengthening dossier of career accomplishments, have appointed Philip Rivers[​IMG] as someone that fits that category for the Chargers.
    But the Pro Bowl quarterback has thought of himself in that light for a long time.
    “I think as a quarterback it’s the No. 1 responsibility,” Rivers said. “(Roster turnover) won’t change my approach or the way I handle anything. It may be seen as such, especially from the outside.
    “We’ve got a good group of guys that lead. We’ve got a great mixture of guys in their position groups. That usually helps when it’s not one or two guys trying to lead the whole group.”
    But there’s no doubt Rivers commands attention from teammates. One of dozens that attended offseason workouts as a group at dawn, the 6-foot-5, 228-pound quarterback has been vocal in promoting the importance of getting better between seasons.
    “There’s a lot of qualities (you want in a leader),” Rivers said. “I think first and foremost is a guy you can count on. A guy that’s going to be here and a guy that brings it every single day. Before you can lead you first have to have that type of commitment.”
    Not that he hasn’t done well for himself between September and January. He threw for a career-high 4,254 yards last season and has thrown 62 touchdown passes against 20 interceptions since 2008. He never curses on the field, but even punctuates incompletions in practice with grimaces.
    “He’s like most of the exceptional players I’ve been around. You would think by the way he goes at it, he’s got someone breathing down his neck that’s going to take his job,” Head Coach Norv Turner said. “He is on top of everything and he is 100 miles an hour and he is working as hard as you can work to get better. He, along with three or four other guys, set a great example for our guys.”
    Rivers said as camp started he felt further along at this point in the year, but admitted to similar sentiments each season. As the Pro Bowl selections recognize each year, Rivers isn’t the only talented player in the organization. But if each head coach was allowed to have one position with an elite player, quarterback would top a lot of the lists.
    That’s one of the reasons why Turner remains optimistic about San Diego’s chances to win a fifth consecutive AFC West championship. They’ve topped the division standings in each of Rivers’ four seasons as starter.
    “The most important constant, obviously, was the quarterback,” Turner said. “(Rivers) gives our receivers, our tight ends and our backs an unbelievable opportunity in the passing game. The guy can go out and make everyone around him look better. He throws the ball where it’s supposed to be thrown. He throws it extremely accurately.”
    If anyone wonders what he covets most, Rivers makes it clear winning is his priority.
    “I think we’re going to be a year better. There’s a lot to build on from last season. It seems like we say it every year, but we did a lot of really good things last year and won a lot of football games.
    “We know the story didn’t end the way we wanted it to in January, but we’re picking up where we left off, hopefully, after those 11 in a row. We’ll pick up there and be ready for another year. A lot of the same core guys are back and it’ll be exciting. September will be here before you know it.”
  2. ThunderHorse17

    ThunderHorse17 Lone Wolf

    Apr 10, 2010
    Great read.

    17 never realy was a total control kind of leader, but I am glad that he has the character/demeaner to be a great example.

    And it can not get put in print enuff times about how PR doesnt even swear IRL, not just on the field. I wish PR could be rid of his false inpression many non Charger fans have about his trash talk.

    What did the slanderous PR say to the crying Cutler?

    Bye Bye Baby!!:tup:

    HEXEDBOLT Don't like it, lump it!!!

    Jul 11, 2006
    What Philip does as long as it leads to a Lombardi, is no business of mine. I always said he was a true championship type QB, only I was speaking of the larger platform. Divisional are fine, just a stepping stone and hopefully to a place I'd like to share in with fellow Bolt fans.
  4. Buck Melanoma

    Buck Melanoma Guest

    Absolutely :icon_toast:

    PR is a leader & would be in any environment. It just comes naturally to him. :tup:

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