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Roster Adjustments!

Discussion in 'Fantasy Football Talk' started by CoronaDoug, Sep 24, 2010.

  1. CoronaDoug

    CoronaDoug Official Hater

    Feb 14, 2007
    So you don't like your current fantasy team? Do you think your season is over? I can tell you that I won a championship with a roster that had only 3 players that I drafted. Do you remember a RB named James Stewart? Do you remember who replaced him? A young lad named Fred Taylor!
    Here are a few tips to help you BUILD a team....

    1) Watch for returns from suspension. If you do not have Santonio Holmes on your roster right now then stop reading this and go get him.... Okay now you will keep better track of returning suspension players. If you have room then get VJ just in case.

    2) Watch for injuries. Let us say that Michael Turner was running in week 6 and gets carted off. Before he gets off the ground get to a computer and pick up his back-up. If it is minor injury then you can always drop his back-up. If it is season ending then you just scored big time.

    3) Always know who you would drop in case of an injury. While you have Turners back-up selected for pick you are pondering who to drop... well while you do this some other manager has swooped in an taken him.

    4) Bye week beauty. Every year all managers have to deal with bye weeks. Let's say you have 3 RB's on your roster and two of them have a bye on week 8. Now you have to weed through the list and find a guy to pick up. Now that you have found a replacement you have to drop a player because this acquisition will put you over the roster limit. Maybe I can drop this guy and nobody will pick him up.....NOT! Look at the league transactions daily. If you can upgrade your roster by picking up somebody's tough or wrong decision then you score.

    5) Monitor your league everyday Check what free agents scored the most points the previous weeks. Look for trends... There could be WR's that get many yards but no TD's. They may not show up in the points but if you see that they are getting allot of touches it could be only a matter of time before they start getting to the end-zone.

    The smarter that you draft the easier these roster adjustments will be...

    1) Never draft more than one kicker. If you only draft one then you have another roster position for a points position. If you draft a kicker get him last round. If you are on your last round and you see another position that could be a sleeper then don't even draft a kicker. With injuries you may have to drop someone by week one. You will have time to evaluate your roster before you have to get a kicker by game time week one.

    2) Never draft more than one team defense. If you only draft one then you have another roster position for a points position.

    3) Never Draft more than one TE. If you only draft one then you have another roster position for a points position. With the TE position there are only three or so TE that get WR type points. Target them in rounds 4-6. If they are gone then you can wait until later rounds to get one.

    I have been playing FF since my first pick was Barry Sanders.:eek: I do not have all of the answers and I do not win all of my leagues. The league has changed since I started playing (RB by committee, wildcat, defenses) so make sure that you follow the scoring and trends year to year. Sometimes the players that you target during a draft have been picked before it is your turn. You may end up with a crappy roster and no matter what you do you can not win your league. We all roll the dice when we play. I of course play multiple leagues a season so I increase my chances.

    These are just a few things that I have done or do that seem to work for me. I am not going to give away all of my strategies here of course :p but I like to help those out who are just starting out.

    Good luck!

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