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Roster Struggles - You make the call ....

Discussion in 'American Football' started by Shamrock, Aug 5, 2007.

  1. Shamrock

    Shamrock Well-Known Member

    Jun 18, 2006
    Looking at the roster, and making a couple assumptions based on camp reports and media coverage ....

    Assume Eric Parker goes to the PUP list for the first 6 games (at least) of the season. Also, assume SD keeps both Sproles and Naanee on the 53 man roster. Camp reports have been favorable on both players. Even Pinnock got some kudos in a couple Fan Fest write ups on two forums.

    Dark Orange are future cuts. Red are already cut. Blue is projected PUP list.

    Three more players will have to be trimmed off this list.

    Which ones?

    Is 7 DL too many? Is 5 ILB's too many? Is 5 OT's too many? Is 6 CB's too many (but Gregory can also play safety, and Gordon can PR/KR)? Can they keep Naanee, Pinnock and Sproles, or does one have to go?

    I could argue for and against all of those questions. The last few roster spots are really going to be a battle, and that's without discussing someone like Applewhite that may have good potential down the road (a probable practice squad guy for this year.)

    Camarillo, Clary, Gordon (maybe Gregory too) can all still be put on the practice squad - if they don't get snatched up by another team (ie, SF, Dallas, Miami, Cleveland - all teams with former Chargers coaches). Siler might be in a numbers game too, and become a practice squad guy.

    Some veteran reserves have younger players knocking on the door of their roster spots. Osgood, Polk, Oben, Withrow, Cesaire, Bingham ..... all those guys are vulnerable to a rookie or other young player that makes a big impression on our new coaching staff. Might Hart and Jue be included in that? Does Gregory's ability to play CB and safety push one of those two out (if Weddle grabs the starting spot)?

    No. Name Pos.

    5 Mike Scifres P
    4 Brian Monroe P

    10 Nate Kaeding K

    50 David Binn LS

    17 Philip Rivers QB
    7 Billy Volek QB
    6 Charlie Whitehurst QB
    8 Brett Elliott QB

    85 Antonio Gates TE
    86 Brandon Manumaleuna TE
    87 Scott Chandler TE
    46 Kelly Griffeth TE
    89 T.J. Cottrell TE

    83 Vincent Jackson WR
    84 Craig Davis WR
    80 Malcom Floyd WR
    81 Kassim Osgood WR
    82 Greg Camarillo WR
    88 Eric Parker WR - PUP List
    12 Rich Musinski WR
    13 Mark Simmons WR
    15 Sonny Shackelford WR
    11 Onrea Jones WR
    09 Rhema McKnight WR

    21 LaDainian Tomlinson RB
    33 Michael Turner RB
    43 Darren Sproles RB-KR
    30 Eldra Buckley RB
    16 Germaine Race RB
    22 Tyronne Gross RB

    41 Lorenzo Neal FB
    34 Andrew Pinnock FB
    40 Legedu Naanee FB-WR
    35 Mike Warren FB

    61 Nick Hardwick C
    65 Cory Withrow C-G
    60 Mark Bihl C

    68 Kris Dielman G
    79 Mike Goff G
    63 Scott Mruczkowski C-G
    64 Erik Robertson G
    62 Mike Jones G
    67 Jeremy Sheffey G

    73 Marcus McNeill T
    70 Shane Olivea T
    72 Roman Oben T
    71 Cory Lekkerkerker T
    66 Jeromey Clary T
    77 Tony Pape T

    23 Quentin Jammer CB
    29 Drayton Florence CB
    31 Antonio Cromartie CB
    24 Cletis Gordon CB
    25 Paul Oliver CB
    28 Steve Gregory CB
    38 Gabe Franklin CB
    39 Quinton Jones CB

    -- Anthony Arline CB - Reserve/Did not report (cut?)

    20 Marlon McCree FS
    32 Eric Weddle S
    27 Bhawoh Jue FS
    42 Clinton Hart SS
    36 Tra Battle S
    44 Miguel Merrick S

    56 Shawne Merriman LB
    95 Shaun Phillips LB
    92 Marques Harris LB
    52 Carlos Polk LB
    49 Antwan Applewhite LB

    54 Stephen Cooper LB
    57 Matt Wilhelm LB
    51 Tim Dobbins LB
    53 Anthony Waters LB
    59 Brandon Siler LB
    47 Jyles Tucker LB
    48 Nick Roach LB
    58 Zach Latimer LB

    76 Jamal Williams DT
    91 Brandon McKinney DT
    97 Ryon Bingham DT
    94 Louis Leonard DT

    93 Luis Castillo DE
    99 Igor Olshansky DE
    98 Derreck Robinson DE
    74 Jacques Cesaire DE
    90 Barry Cryer DE
    96 Keith Grennan DE
    78 Andre Coleman DE
  2. Steve

    Steve BoltTalker

    Jul 12, 2007
    Cairrilo, Griffith, Applewhite, Coleman, Leonard & McKinney are all guys who are on the bubble. All have to play well on ST and make a few plays on O or D.
  3. Buck Melanoma

    Buck Melanoma Guest

    Nice job, Shammy. In the roster scenario that you have here, my only questions would be if Coleman & Applewhite might play there way into a spot.

    With all this talent, it's getting really hard to make the final cuts. Tough position, huh? Thanks, AJ!! :lol: Personally, I'd like to see someone bump Jue, as I've never seen much contribution from him. Maybe this year he'll be healthy, but he never showed me much when healthy in GB, either.

    I know Chispa wants Robertson to make it. I'm thinking practice squad. Also, Oben may not make it. We'll have to see how the reconstructed foot holds up.
  4. foober

    foober BoltTalker

    Aug 17, 2006
    I'd hate to loose a good player that could wind up being very good with more work. Coleman, applewhite, gordon all sound like they've got good talent. Just need more time to develop.

    It still hurts thinking of when we lost welker when he went to the practice squad and got snatched up.

    We think its gonna be hard to be a new guy to make the team this year. Next year will be really difficult to find an open spot on the team.
  5. Shamrock

    Shamrock Well-Known Member

    Jun 18, 2006

    I do think a couple of the UDFA's have a chance at a roster spot, and once we see the preseason games, we'll be able to argue for/against that better.

    Coleman's name comes up a lot on forums, but not much in camp reports. On paper, he seems to have a better shot than some.

    Applewhite has gotten good pub, both in the press and in camp reports. I'm real interested to see how that translates into the early preseason games.

    Leonard is the guy I've seen in college the most, yet he was a disappointment his Senior year. He has all the physical tools to at least be a solid NFL backup, but he lacked a consistent motor in college. His lack of effort even got him benched at Fresno State.
  6. knowsthebolt

    knowsthebolt BoltTalker

    May 6, 2007
    If someone else can return punts, Sproles will be gone. Pinnock could serve as both #3 Rb and #2 fullback ( he filled in for Turner during last years Denver home game), as he auditions for MT's spot next year. That opens up an addtional spot, for Dline, LB or Wr. If Gregory can backup at 2 spots the same thing applies. This may allow Siler and Applewhite to stay.
  7. Retired Catholic

    Retired Catholic BoltTalker

    Aug 3, 2006
    I pretty much agree except for a few spots. I think Volek may drop below Whitehurst. I'm not sure we shouldn't trade Volek or cut him, because he doesn't appear to have the grit, and then put Elliot on the PS. Cesaire and Oben should make the roster and I carry one less tackle if I have to to keep Robertson on the roster. I have gut feelings about three guys who are new-Davis, Naanee and Robertson. Weddle will also be fine. I'm not sure I want to expose Camarillo to the PS either, he's growing on me. Polk is expendable because Waters or Siler can be groomed for his spot. PS includes Tyrone Gross, Bihl,Applewhite, Clary, and Griffeth. This is a snapshot. We know guys are going to get roughed up.

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