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Savory Southern fare highlights 2007 season cookbook

Discussion in 'All Other San Diego Sports' started by BoltsFanUK, Aug 7, 2007.

  1. BoltsFanUK

    BoltsFanUK Well-Known Member

    Sep 12, 2006
    fellow Americans, as tempting as it may be to don the coat and HD-ready tie in order to deliver this State of the Game address before the cameras, I know better. As Brad Paisley sings on his latest album, "I'm so much cooler online."

    The ideas for this annual essay to kick off the ESPN.com college football preview flowed like frat-house beer, which is to say they were cheap and spilled all over the floor. The 2007 season will be better than 2006, if only because there will be more of it. A year ago, the NCAA Football Rules Committee made two rule changes in the interest of speeding up the game. These changes went over like Kobe burgers at a vegan banquet.

    AP/Ross D. Franklin

    Urban Meyer and the defending champion Gators won't be the only Southern stars in 2007.

    To its credit, the rules committee rectified its mistakes. This season the clock once again will start when a kickoff is received, rather than when it is kicked, and the clock will not start so quickly on a change of possession.

    However, kickoffs have been moved back five yards, to the 30, which will force more returns. (Thus forcing the clock to run. Clever, huh?) Special teams might decide a lot of games, because coaching strategy will come straight out of another new Paisley lyric (almost), I'd like to check you for kicks.

    Paisley sings with a twang, which is why he's appropriate for this college football season. The sun coming up over the 2007 college football season rises from the south. It's a Southern football world. As the Southeastern Conference begins its 75th year, the power shift is noticeable.


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