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Seahawks outlast Chargers 24-16

Discussion in 'San Diego Chargers Hall of Champions' started by robdog, Aug 13, 2007.

  1. robdog

    robdog Code Monkey Staff Member Administrator

    Jun 29, 2009
    <img src="http://photos.signonsandiego.com/gallery1.5/albums/preseason07/JBchargersSea276113x28.jpg" title="Chargers head coach Norv Turner makes his case." alt="Chargers head coach Norv Turner makes his case." height="202" width="299" />

    By Boltarious
    <em>BoltTalk Staff Writer</em>

    San Diego- Land of Football Insanity...

    Hot- what is it about football season around here that attracts the heat-
    It's been perfect for week's weather-wise, yesterday- boiler. Being on a gigantic slab of cement-THE Q- does not help. Under these balmy conditions did the 2007 preseason kick off. San Diego broke out the new unis, and judging them by the amount of new jersey's in the stands, I'd say they are a hit. However, Seattle took the contest 24-16, showing no respect for the Chargers new look at all.

    Norv Turner broke out his new uni's as well, as head coach of the Chargers.
    That going to take some getting used to, now that General Schotten-Xod has been banished to the NFL version of the Phantom Zone... (It's taken months of intensive football therapy for me just to be able to say that...)
    I still think Marty deserves to be here- and I am ALONE in that opinion.
    Time will tell if Turner screws this up, at these ticket prices, there will be grumbling around here like no one has ever seen...

    San Diego did not look sharp on their initial possession, turning the ball over almost immediately. Seattle capitalized, with Matt Hasselbeck finding Deion Branch behind Marlon McCree for a quick 30 yard TD.

    7-0 Seahawks

    UGLY- that describes the next few possessions by both teams, who ran vanilla offenses. For every good play, there was a penalty. End of the first- that was worth FULL price, wasn't it Charger fans..."  Darren Sproles looked good though, he could be Lionel James all over again- If any of you are old enough to remember, I noticed yesterday that at 43- I am an OLD man at the stadium, the stands were filled with 21-25 year olds, with a lot more energy and money than I've got left- my best days were wasted by Dan freaking Henning and Kevin suck Gilbride... Try to find a cell phone in the stands in 1987...
    There were NO HOT CHICKS running around the Stadium 20 years ago, now, it's a bikini paradise...

    7-0 Seattle end of the First Quarter.

    Preseason football is a great idea on paper. Actually attending one of these affairs requires the patience of Job. It's like getting all the way to the top of the roller coaster, only to be slowly winched back down without getting the ride.

    Rookie DB Eric Weddle made his presence known, with a nice interception off Seattle backup QB Seneca Wallace. - Seneca??? Nice Vulcan name...
    Come to think of it, so is Volek...
    Imagine Charger fans, if the Bolts could actually start intercepting passes regularly...

    BILLY VOLEK. Back up QB. Will he be Mark Hermann good, or David Archer bad???- Hell, I'd be happy with Billy Joe Overthrow Tolliver Quality... Good or bad- who knows yet. Let's just all keep Rivers on the field, shall we? Volek did manage to put the Chargers on the scoreboard right before the 2 minute warning, with a nifty toss to WR Malcolm Floyd for 15 yards- touchdown!!!
    7-7 tie ball game
    And so ended the half...

    The 3rd Quarter was typical preseason- if anyone in the house can tell me ANYTHING about this quarter 6 months from now; you are more dedicated than I...
    Nate Kaeding booted 2 straight FG's, giving the Bolts a 13-7 lead. Yawn....

    End of 3- 13-7 Bolts

    Kaeding added another FG to begin the 4th, extending the chargers lead.

    16-7 Bolts

    Seattle came roaring back, with their 3rd string wiping the field with the 3rd string Chargers."  Seattle marched on drives of 75 and 69 yards, on the way to 2 touchdowns, one by Ben Obomanu, and the other by Marquis Weeks.
    Add a FG by Josh Brown and the Chargers 16-7 lead had become a 24-16 deficit with 7 minutes left in the game.

    QB David Whitehurst tried to rally the Chargers, but was picked off on the final drive, sealing the Chargers fate.

    24-16 Seahawks- ballgame.

    It was nice to get out to the Q, it was nice to see the fans. It was not nice to pay twice as much as last year and have the same broken seat mount not fixed. It's been since January; can't someone go around the stadium ONCE and look at these things during the offseason? I'd like to know how many other fans got a surprise doubling of their seats price without so much as an announcement. Also- I actually considered canceling my ticket account this year after putting in about 600 dollars, and the Chargers ticket office REFUSED me a refund. I was told, quite snottily by the desk dork- "if you don't pay the balance- we are keeping your money"... EXCUSE ME??? Blackmailed into doing so, I cut one ticket and paid off the other...Former Chargers owner Gene Klein would have fired the dork on the spot, nowadays, she probably got a raise... This is America..."  did anyone else have this experience? Please write below and let us know... this may actually be my last season as a season ticket holder- I could buy a plasma screen TV for the price of 2 obstructed view seats, and have some RETURN on my dollar...."  I LOVE the Chargers,
    I do not love the ticket office- screw them all...

    In 30 years of going to the front office- that's the worst I was ever treated.
    They had BETTER win the Super Bowl....

    Next up, the Rams on Saturday - at St. Louis 5 pm pacific time

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