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Senior Bowl draws top college seniors

Discussion in 'Chargers Fan Forum' started by Johnny Lightning, Jan 25, 2010.

  1. Johnny Lightning

    Johnny Lightning Go Bolts

    Feb 7, 2006

    Casey Pearce
    Posted Jan 25, 2010

    The Chargers’ scouts and personnel staff will join staffs from around the NFL in Mobile, Alabama this week to watch college football’s top seniors participate in the Senior Bowl.

    Chargers Director of College Scouting John Spanos vividly remembers his trip to the 2005 Senior Bowl where he watched a 6-5, 240-pound wide receiver from Northern Colorado compete with college football’s elite for the first time.
    “Vincent (Jackson) went to the Senior Bowl and sort of went through his bumps and bruises down there, but got better as the week went on competing against those top guys,” Spanos said. “It was a big week for him.”
    Chargers Director of Player Personnel Jimmy Raye recalls attending the event in 2001, when a running back from Texas Christian University who had played primarily in an option offense used the Senior Bowl to prove that he could run between the tackles in a pro-style offense. The Chargers eventually drafted LaDainian Tomlinson[​IMG] fifth overall that year.
    And just a year ago, Northern Illinois defensive end Larry English[​IMG] attended the Senior Bowl and got to the opposing quarterback from both a two-point and three-point stance.
    This week the Chargers’ scouts and personnel staff are in Mobile, Alabama watching the cream of the 2010 senior class at the Under Armour Senior Bowl. The Chargers attend roughly a half dozen college all-star games each year, but the Senior Bowl is the one that draws the most attention, and for good reason.
    “Of all the postseason all-star games, the Senior Bowl draws the top talent among the seniors,” Spanos said. “What’s great is you get to see them compete against the best. You get to see them practice for a week with NFL coaches in NFL systems.”
    Like Jackson, Tomlinson and English in years past, this year’s top senior draft prospects have a unique opportunity to showcase themselves against future pros in pro systems. Jim Schwartz and Detroit’s staff are guiding the North team this year while Tony Sparano and the Dolphins’ coaches lead the South squad. The teams practice at separate times each day in preparation for Saturday’s Senior Bowl game.
    With the proliferation of spread-option offenses in college football, many Senior Bowl participants will be closely watched as they spend the week learning and executing a pro-style offense. Florida quarterback Tim Tebow is one player who fits that category and will draw plenty of media attention this week, but the former Heisman Trophy winner is hardly alone when it comes to players trying to make the transition.
    “You really can apply it to every single position,” Spanos said. “Offensive linemen that played in option systems, you get to see them do some pass blocking stuff that maybe he didn’t do in college. It’s across the board.”
    Next month’s NFL Scouting Combine gives teams an opportunity to interview players, perform medical evaluations of them and watch them go through drills such as the 40-yard dash. This week at the Senior Bowl, scouts and coaches will mingle with players and get to know them some more on a personal level, but it’s much more football-specific than other pre-draft events.
    “The Combine is great for the medical background and interviewing players, but as far as evaluating talent, the Senior Bowl is much more valuable because you get to see them go through a week of practice,” Spanos said. “They’re coached by NFL coaches and perform NFL drills. It’s very helpful for us.”
    Spanos and the Chargers’ scouts have been on the road for months evaluating players eligible for April’s draft and they’re already very familiar with all of the athletes in Mobile this week. They won’t be completely swayed by what they see on the field this week, but they can be influenced.
    “You still look at the body of work from his entire season first and foremost,” Spanos said. “I don’t think you ever put one week of practice ahead of what a guy has done for a whole season, but it’s part of the puzzle that comes into a guy’s final grade. It all factors in.”
  2. Workplay

    Workplay scompl

    Dec 24, 2009
    Lets hope for a jackpot pick this draft! :abq1:
  3. RM24

    RM24 BoltTalker

    Jul 27, 2007
    Any good Field Goal Kickers? :lol:

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