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Sirius Radio Interviews the Chargers

Discussion in 'Chargers Fan Forum' started by Johnny Lightning, Aug 12, 2010.

  1. Johnny Lightning

    Johnny Lightning Go Bolts

    Feb 7, 2006
    First hour:

    Brandt/Carruci run down including three missing players, always have a shot at the big dance with a guy like Rivers, backing up AJ on his decisions saying if you give in to one guy, you end up giving in to everyone. Praising their recent success with division titles and expects them to challenge the entire conference for SB rep this year. Talked about guys replacing our MIA’s: Dom, English and Floyd. Respectful intro.

    Turner interview
    Legedu Nanee expectations with VJ gone. Expectations are high.
    Not worried about tackle spot, even if there are injuries.
    Strength of OL is center and guards and it starts there.
    Mathews use of small/tight creases with quick cuts. Impact – speed and vision combo. Players are excited about Ryan, can see he’s special.
    Division – Under-rated.
    Shawnbrey McNeal – Understands passing game. Great feet. Jump out at some people in pre-season.
    Larry English – More comfortable now and has learned to play in two point stance. More depth now at DE and LB than last year. DE has been upgraded.
    Brandyn Dombrowski – More comfortable on left side. Has experience in passing game on left side. LB’s on roster don’t like playing against him because he’ll pound you.
    Kicking game – Scifres praise. Good athletes on cover teams from depth at LB, D backfield and RB’s.

    Floyd interview
    No difference of feel between 3-4 man WR line-up from his position for him last year.
    Difference between working out with the team from working out by yourself as a hold out. Difference in running fatigue as an example.
    Does Rivers take more upon himself with a guy like VJ missing. Answer: No. He focuses on the guy who replaces him and the other guys stepping up in his absence.
    Divisional outlook – Every team has upgraded but cant worry about that as we are the team who shoots ourselves in the foot.
    Stated worst game of season for himself was Jets playoff game.
    Is this a SB team. Answer: yes. Loves this squad.

    Jammer interview
    Introduction of Jammer – Solid, makes plays in run game. New players in, replacing Cro. Jammer will be guy to holds things down for squad, glue and leader of unit by example, experience.
    On Cason – Cason has mentality of vet CB. Don’t need to harp on him too much. Cason stays within himself. Teaches him how to be great pro, present himself on and off field.
    On Rivers – His passion for game is ridiculous, very animated and “Favre like”. His humility wont allow him to become big star; flies under radar.
    On WR’s – Floyd is workman-like. Guy who impresses him is Buster Davis, difficult to cover in slot.
    Brandt analysis on entire D backfield squad: Squad can hold up against top QB’s, with Cason and mention of Vasher.

    Carucci mentions ESPN report of Merriman return this weekend.
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  2. Johnny Lightning

    Johnny Lightning Go Bolts

    Feb 7, 2006
    2nd hour:

    Brandt – Likes Binn throwing like a seasoned QB on practice field to give WR’s reps. “Nothing but spirals”.

    Rivers interview
    Without VJ - QB’s get into trouble when trying to do more to make up for missing great players.
    Off-season time spent with other WR’s a little more than in past.
    Floyd – Ability to judge ball downfield. Malcom – “If I can jump within 2’ of it, I get it.”
    Off-season focuses – Running same offense has been important. This year tried to focus on moving inside pocket, a couple feet to 6 inches. Late in season, this is a difference.
    Mathews as WR out of backfield – Luxury of Sproles having ability to do that. Mathews has to grow into that role which is natural for any RB.
    MM – Would love to see him but believes in Dom and Green and vet Thomas.
    6th sense from backside – “Clock goes off in your head.” Excited about continuity of front line guys in camp.
    Division – We have expectation to win division but none of us assume we will.
    Absence of umpire behind LB’s – Yes there will be more room for crossing patterns but it will affect 2 minute offense (setting of ball) and possibly seeing D holding calls.

    English interview:
    Switch to 2 point stance – Was huge adjustment. Takes a year. Breakout year in college was soph year after adjusting from LB to DE spot. Now its gotta be vice versa.
    Physical role – All the outside LB’s do different things on this team, along with Applewhite, pieces of the puzzle.
    Sense of where team is – Playoff loss drives this team. Sees strong business approach. Leadership is amazing right now on team, from use of practice time and picking up tired guys.
    Guys who are established as leaders, who English follows: Defense - Phillips, Weddle, Cooper.

    Cason interview:
    Does it help to practice against Bolts offense – Answer: Yes, bc Rivers puts ball only where WR’s can get it.
    Biggest deterrent to returning to playoffs – Quote in meeting room is “Don’t let IT get in the way”. IT can mean anything that deters you, mentally, physically, personally and everything outside that room.

    Gates interview:
    No effect on Gates game from changes in WR core. Uses Floyd example from a couple years ago when VJ came into his own. “Interchangeable” guys.
    Reward of hard work in new contract/choice of choosing FB over BB. Loves SD, weather, people.
    Labor dispute and contract – Before contract, could do everything I wanted but what new contract does it insures his children even more. It also brings focus on the tasks at hand: Championship.
    On Rivers chemistry – Wants to be remembered with Rivers for establishing a legacy. They hold each other accountable. Will value memories of hard work with Rivers in camp and hard practices.
    On Rivers game – Tremendous leader and his passion to be great and win. His approach to practice and beginning of season. Rivers has feel for what guys can do, established at mini-camp, OTA’s. Puts guys in best position.

    Vasher Interview:
    On rebirth of him coming to SD – Fresh start, adding depth and leadership to a great team.
    Perspective on Rivers – Absolute leader of team.
    Reunited with Rivera – Rivera knows his skill set and early success under him. DB meeting room – being aggressive.
    Carruci analysis: Speaks to ability of Bolts to recruit guys like Strickland and Vasher to be 3rd CB. Knows that players would take “home town deal” to be on team like Bolts
  3. Johnny Lightning

    Johnny Lightning Go Bolts

    Feb 7, 2006
    3rd hour:

    Brandt and Carucci talking about how picturesque Chargers park is. GF’s and wives with children running around on field following practice.

    Legedu interview:
    Tempo now is tailored for Saturday.
    Gameplan for Bears – Base system from installs in first 2 weeks of practice as expected.
    On VJ absence – Huge opportunity for him.
    Getting on same page with Rivers – Sees progression but experience comes from Rivers needing to move and reading this in game situations.
    On D coverages they’re seeing in practice – “Those guys got some real stuff going on over there.”
    Confidence and season outlook – We’ve seen everything. We know what needs to get done.

    Dielman interview:
    Young guys are stepping up. Green example given. RM making cuts and rook WR’s looking good.
    Story about being pursued by Seattle – After being flown on private jet to Seattle and returning in coach seat, aisle 21. I love SD, the city, the team, organization.
    On Mathews – Has all ability in world. He’s his own person.
    Interior of o-line – Hardwick is perfect for getting guys into their correct assignment.
    Re-confirms Rivers as leader of locker room. “Playing cards and dice with the guys”. Wishes people across country could see how he is, type of QB he is. First one in, first one out every day.

    Castillo interview:
    Tired of hitting Clary, Hardwick, wants to hit someone else.
    On English – He WILL be better this year. Tucker can give us great look, as well as Applewhite.
    On Applewhite – Is consistent on small plays, covering backside responsibilities. Mental mistakes are not repeated.

    Mathews interview:
    Brandt – I marvel at what you did to Boise St.’s 10-man front last year.
    Process of getting from 0 to game speed level in first training camp – “Play slow but play fast”. Be patient in learning process.
    -Caught 75 passes from jugg machine following practice which has become daily routine.
    -Gates has been showing him catching angles routine, 10 yards apart from each other. Gates turns this routine into a game between them.
    On “Wilddog” – Ran it all throughout high school, ran it a little in college. Feels comfortable with it.
    On stepping into spot left by L.T. – No effect on me. Not here to save team. Here to be part of solid team and do my part.
    On Pat Hill saying he was easiest guy to recruit – Always wanted to be a Bulldog. “People don’t want to play Fresno St.”

    Carruci and Brandt commenting on overhearing coaches saying to wives on field “wont be home too late tonight”. Referencing how late coaches stay at the facility every night.

    Hardwick interview:
    On Rivers at 2010 camp – Taking his mastery of the game to a different level. He has a photographic memory of countless routes. Rivers life is Faith, Family, Football.
    On Dom – We as a line have been through a lot. We don’t look at ourselves as starters. We look at ourselves as a line to protect Rivers and Dom is part of that. He’s a good pass blocker and run blocker.

    Final segment starts with San Diego Super Chargers theme song.

    Carucci and Brandt talk about how old camp gets to the players nearing end of week 2…same guys to hit, same food. Gives thanks to interviewed players and PR staff.

    Brandt is not sure what to expect from this team. Believes that missing players has to be some sort of distraction no matter that players tell them that it doesn’t.

    End of show.
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  4. Nomadic Bolt Fan

    Nomadic Bolt Fan Well-Known Member

    Jul 21, 2006
    Would rep ya if I could, thanks for sharing! :abq2:
  5. Buck Melanoma

    Buck Melanoma Guest

    Thanks, JL. :tup:

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