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Suck for Luck! Who will win the draft?

Discussion in 'NFL Draft' started by Workplay, Sep 8, 2011.

  1. Mobius

    Mobius BoltTalker

    Sep 5, 2006
    The Colts can get a Kings ransom for their pick this year but with Mannings neck they would be crazy not to pick Luck. Not many teams get to have back to back great QBs (not that Luck has done anything in the NFL).

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  2. The LBC

    The LBC I'm a Real Prick

    Jun 28, 2010
    Peyton's considerable roster bonus (it's like $24 or 28 million) is due in March, the draft isn't until May. Either way, whether it's to keep Peyton and let him play because he can or whether the decision is to restructure his contract to move that roster bonus to a later date and trade him to another team (or release him and let him go to another team if he decides) or he retires, it's in their best interest to select Luck at #1. It takes that most coveted of commodities off the board - very much like what we did with Eli in 2004. Even in the instance where Peyton is able to keep playing the best option is still to select Luck, because if/when a QB-needy team misses out on Griffin and/or Landry Jones (depending on how highly he's thought of by teams), the notion of trading the farm for a much more ready and superior prospect in Andrew Luck becomes much more appealing (and necessary) to them.

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