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Survivor League with a twist

Discussion in 'Fantasy Football Talk' started by Deb, Aug 25, 2008.

  1. Deb

    Deb BoltTalker

    Jul 10, 2007
    Hosted at myfantasyleague.com

    We set this up, it's free to anyone that wants to give it a shot....some great prizes. You don't have to leave here, go sign up anywhere else, I'd neve ask you guys to do that, just want to fill the league, and posting this with thumper's permission...

    So hope to see some of you. If you are interested I just need an email to send your invite. You can PM that to me or put it here, your choice. Thanks for everything.

    Summary: This league has adds a little twist to fantasy football. You don't have to make time for a draft. You choose from the available player pool each week. The twist? You can only start each NFL player ONCE over the course of the season. So you can choose to go all in with all studs in a given week or balance your attach with your eye on the season overall points winner!

    Playing the game:

    You choose a lineup each week consisting of 1 QB, 2 RB, 3 WR, 1 TE, 1 K, 1 DT/ST

    No draft or waivers. The twist? Once you start a player you cannot start him again. You don't have to keep track of this, he will just not appear in the system for you amymore the rest of the season (ex-If I use Tom Brady week one, I won't be able to use him again).

    Since there is a chance at a prize on a weekly basis you are never really out of the game. A player could even join mid season.

    4 Ways to win: Even if it appears you are out of one game there are four ways to win in the CP/ FB challenge...

    * Season Overall Points: Accumulate the most points over the course of the season.
    * Weekly High Score: Each week you have high score over the course of the season you gain an entry in a drawing for a prize at the end of the season (ex-If you win high score three weeks, you get three entries in the drawing).
    * NFL Pick'em-There is a pick'em game built in. Pick against the spread. Prize for the winner at the end of the season.
    * NFL Survivor Pool- Pick one team that will win in a given week. A team can only be picked once. Prize for the last player standing.

    Season Overall Points: $50 Gift Card to NFLShop.com
    Weekly High Score end of season drawing: $25 Gift Card to NFLShop.com
    NFL Pick'em:$10 Gift Card to NFLShop.com
    NFL Survivor Pool:$10 Gift Card to NFLShop.com



    * You may only have one team. registering for more than one will result in disqualification.
    * You must provide a valid email on the league site.
    * Use your forum name from either Cowboys Pride or Football Jabber or any of the affiliates playing on your team page (We need to know who gets paid!).
    * If you do not login to the site for more than two weeks during the season your spot may be given away. Any weekly High Scores accumulated will still be entered in the end of season drawing.

    No new teams may enter after week (what do you guys think here? If it goes back too far then a player could come in and start studs that everyone else has already used and rack up weekly drawing entries)

    Winner will be the player that accumulated the most points over the 17 week season. If there is a tie the winner will be chosen by who had the most points in week 17, working backwards in weeks until the tie is broken.

    You must start this game from week one. How Do I sign up?

    1. PM Deb your email address.

    2. Once you get your email invite you go to the league page
    In the upper right there is a place to login


    Look for your forum name in the team list and enter the password from your invite.


    3. You are in! Now you just need to set the lineup for week one. Go to My Options on the left of the screen...
    • Franchise Set up, you can edit your details, like contact info if you win.
    • Submit Lineup-You submit your weekly lineup by hitting this
    • NFL Pool Picks-Enter picks into the built in NFL Pick'em game
    • NFL Survivor Picks-Same as above only "survivor" style.

    For now you want "Submit Lineup"


    Choose a player for each starting position and click submit. You do this each week. Once you use a player once they will no longer be in the list to choose from each week.

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