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Teaching an Old Dog New Tricks

Discussion in 'San Diego Chargers Hall of Champions' started by robdog, Oct 18, 2006.

  1. robdog

    robdog Code Monkey Staff Member Administrator

    Jun 29, 2009
    <img title="Marty Schottenheimer" alt="Marty Schottenheimer" src="http://www.pe.com/imagesdaily/2005/09-30/0930schottenheimer_300.jpg" />

    By Clint Muhe
    <em>Bolt Talk Staff Writer</em>

    Nearly three weeks ago Marty Schottenheimer's head was placed squarely on the chopping block by many fans in San Diego for his abhorrently conservative play. The play calling in the second-half of the Chargers/Ravens game read like that of a 45-0 blowout. Unfortunately the Charger's lead was only 6 points at the time! Those fans that have sat in horror the past few years watching "Martyball" milk away sure victories were surely screaming at their TV's as they bore witness to yet another disaster in conservatism. The uproar on local radio talk-shows was amazing. For a city that many say doesn't care about sports, the emotion that this particular loss enflamed was revolutionary.

    While the Padres allowed another postseason to slip away with hardly a whimper, San Diego fans appeared adamant that the truly beloved team in San Diego, the Chargers, would not be doomed to the same fate. Similarly to the Grinch's heart which was two sizes too small, few thought Marty and his hold-a-lead playbook would ever change. Congratulation's San Diego fans because you are the Cindy Lou Who's of NFL sports fanatics!!! Marty's hearing you loud and clear!

    The Chargers bounced back huge from the loss to the Ravens taking down the current Super Bowl Champ's, the Steelers, and then absolutely crushed a much improved 49ers team in Frisco'. The offensive assault that began in the 2nd half of the Steelers game transferred seamlessly to the blowout against San Francisco. Philip Rivers looked as good as San Diego has seen in a decade (+).

    Rivers currently ranks 2nd in passer rating (100.6) in the NFL behind another possible MVP candidate in Donavan McNabb (104.8).

    It's obvious that the organization had faith in Rivers, otherwise Drew Brees would still be here, but it must be noted that Rivers has had just five career starts and A.J. Smith is adding to his already amazing resume as G.M. in S.D. His decision to take the unproven Rivers over the injured Brees was a huge point of controversy this off-season; even with Brees' stellar performance in New Orleans it appears that Smith has made yet another great decision in keeping the youngster.

    Whether it's Marty getting out of the way and allowing Cam Cameron to open up the playbook, or Marty ordering more aggressive plays, the Chargers, and most importantly the fans, are grateful for the newfound trust in Rivers. The Rivers have ‘deep-playoffs' written all over them as evidenced by the unheard of migration of San Diego faithful to Frisco' last weekend. The ‘Charge' is being led by such great sites as Bolttalk.com, Boltpride.com, and GlorifythePast.com. It is an amazing time to be a Charger fan!

    Let me be the first to rehash and renew an old moniker, "Air Schottenheimer" has a nice ring to it I think!

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