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The Aggressive San Diego Chargers and The Mysterious A.J. Smith

Discussion in 'American Football' started by Johnny Lightning, Apr 2, 2010.

  1. Johnny Lightning

    Johnny Lightning Go Bolts

    Feb 7, 2006

    By J Beckett

    Every day on BleacherReport, we see articles on who we should draft. We also see free agent pick-ups we need, and many valid points are made. We see over and over mock drafts, and elite players that we should look at. We compare and argue notes of who is available, what needs we should meet first, and what order we should go after players.
    There have been many fine cases presented in why we should recruit players, and why we should cut others. When a new player is added to the line up, we attack it like fresh meat in a piranha tank. But two points remain very clear.

    1. We know nothing.

    2. A.J Smith is totally unpredictable, and trying to figure out his methods and strategies is as tough a task as picking lottery numbers.
    Lets analyze this.
    The draft. This is the most confusing place for the Chargers fans as a group. We never have the slightest clue who we are going to get. I look on NFL network, NFL.com, Chargers.com, blogs often, looking for any clues. I see all the trade rumors of other teams. I read about players visiting other teams. I read about which college players are visiting what teams, but no news takes place in San Diego.
    It's a frustrating process quite often for Bolts fans. We are left guessing every year, and not getting any real clues how our roster change will look season to season. If that's not enough to keep you out of the loop. Smith throws in some very questionable draft picks.
    He has picked two first-round cornerbacks in three years, when nobody predicted it. He picked Philip Rivers as a first when Drew Brees was healthy and 26. He picked Larry English last year in the 16th spot. Who would have thought that?
    Don't get me wrong, I have no problem with Philip Rivers, Larry English, or Antoine Cason. But the pattern I see is that Smith looks at the draft as a future project, where most managers view it as a "right now" project. So as we fans keep predicting how to fill the holes (myself included) opinions, clues and leads are futile!
    The free agent market is just the same. We hear about a player saying he would like to play for the Chargers. Joey Porter most recently. Bolts fans were in a frenzy. Some reporting what a great addition he would be, others report how horrible it would be. Turned out to be a bunch of hot air, and wasn't even considered by Smith.
    We see the same thing with available players of other positions. Same frenzy, same hype, same support and praise here, same rejection and denial there. In the end it's all a bunch of hot air.
    The only way we really know what's going on is after a player has been signed. We don't hear about the talks, the visit, or even if the player has been talking with the organization. The word gets released only after the contract has been signed. Then we talk about it over and over until it all makes sense.
    Most recently Nathan Vasher has proved just how little we really know. The mysterious Mr. Smith operates like a spy, and releases nothing until after the fact.
    Not just to us fans, but to the players as well. Look at Tomlinson. He knew he was going to be released. Why did it take Smith two months to release him? What about praising Cromartie's play publicly right before trading him. Or keeping Williams all year on injured reserve just to cut him right when he was healthy?
    The only clue he gives that I can see is a style that totally opposes his own elusive strategy. He likes aggressive play. That explains Rivers, Cason, and English. That explains why Stephen Cooper, Shawne Merriman, and Vincent Jackson will be wearing Bolts next year. That's why Norv Turner's playcalling impresses him enough to receive a three-year contract extension.
    Many people who opposed the onside kick in the Divisional championship. I applaud it. The Chargers are a team that thrives on momentum, and spectacular plays. He tried and failed, but that was better than not trying.
    The Jets are a boring "rugby" team that boasted the best running game in the NFL last season. Although we lost the game, Id much rather be a fan of Chargers in defeat than watch a win which consisted of run, run, run, first down. Run, run, pass, pass interference , first down. run, run, run!
    If the two teams traded towns right now, I'd rather pursue watching golf full time than visiting Qualcomm.
    The Chargers have taken heat recently, and the distinction between "true fan" and fair weather friends is an easy observation again!
    I, for one, full support this style. I like it that Philip Rivers trash talks and taunts his opponents. I like it that Stephen Cooper threw a head butt in the game against the Jets. I like when Merriman celebrates after a vicious sack. The crown jewel was when Vincent Jackson kicked the challenge flag right back at Rex Ryan.
    I will defend these "questionable" actions as being a good thing. For too long, we have watched teams of less talent shock the Chargers in big games. The fans leave Qualcomm angry. What was the worst part for me was seeing players say things like, "They were the better team," or "they deserved this win," or, "we wish them well in the playoffs." I dont. Call me bitter, but I hope the Jets go 0-16 next season.
    Norv Turner takes a lot of heat. But that makes little sense to me. He has the highest winning percentage as a coach in Chargers history. I feel he deserved his extension. He has a good thing going there, and I really am glad were not going to scrap plans with him , and start from the ground up.
    I saw a lot of comparison after that game between Turner and Ryan. Atleast I can say this for Turner. He suited up, He played quarterback, and he backed up Dan Fouts at Oregon. Rex Ryan was not disciplined enough to play sports. Even as a child he was too far out of shape to play' even' "pop warner". So he showed up to work with daddy " Buddy Ryan". They handed him a whistle , he learned how to blow the whistle and yell at players. A few years later, they call him coach?
    So , should we support a bunch of good sports, who are expected to be happy about their loss, and say good things about the team that defeated them? Keep in mind, this is the big goal in most of their lives.The superbowl. Most of these guys are in their mid twenties. If you had a big goal taken away in your mid twenties, would you not be mad at the guy who took it from you?
    Should we as fans give them grief for taunting , and unspotsmanlike calls, in a game where the outcome has already been decided?
    No, as a fan after a tough loss, I want our players to feel as bad as us! Because feeling that sting might help prevent it from happening again. Or at least make them fight harder to prevent it.
    What were the consequences? 30 penalty yards! What was the piece of mind? We have some players who are concerned about winning, hate to lose, and give it all they got. These guys are going to be the leaders of our team next year. The change of hands has taken place, and their knowledge and style will be adopted by the young Chargers players who are all hungry.
    Philip Rivers has a decal on his car window that reads 17-14. Every day he looks at it to remind him of the loss to the Jets. That is our team leader, and that approach is the new aggressive transition that has taken place throughout the Chargers locker room. I look next season for the Chargers to bring the heat on both sides of the ball.
    We've cut a lot of dead weight, and are going to come back as strong as ever.
    Just for the record. That game against the Jets, Rivers tripled the production of Sanchez, Stephen Cooper was the leading tackler, and Vincent Jackson had more yards than all Jets receivers combined!
  2. Buck Melanoma

    Buck Melanoma Guest

    Never got past Bleacher Report. :tdown:

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