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The Dangerous Book...

Discussion in 'Balboa Park' started by Lucky_Diamonds, Oct 5, 2007.

  1. Lucky_Diamonds

    Lucky_Diamonds BoltTalker

    May 10, 2007
    ...No, not the Chargers playbook.

    I've been on a quest to learn cool stuff that would help me in my life, and now I'm reaching my goals by helping others reach their goals.

    I want nothing more than to live in San Diego so I can be with my family (including my two wonderful baby nieces), and watch the Chargers every sunday... That's my goal, and I need to raise a little money to reach it.

    Of course, to get value, one must give value so I've compiled some of the best skills I've learned over the years in terms of dating, fitness, sex technique, magic, developing mental focus, bar bets and more... just a bunch of really cool stuff that can help any guy. (And there is even a money back guarantee if you don't agree.)

    I'm putting this out to my fellow Charger fans, so if you're interested, or you know someone who might be interested, please check out my website at www.thedangerousbook.net, and/or forward that link along to anyone you think could benefit from the book.

    Thanks very much, Charger fans... I am going to make this work no matter what, but I could sure use your help. :flag: :abq1:

    I'm so psyched to be on my way to San Diego... I'll bring the Beer, somebody save me a plate of Carne Asada! :icon_toast:

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