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The Legend of "Cryin' Ryan"

Discussion in 'San Diego Chargers Hall of Champions' started by robdog, May 16, 2006.

  1. robdog

    robdog Code Monkey Staff Member Administrator

    Jun 29, 2009
    <img alt="Ryan Leaf" title="Ryan Leaf" src="http://espn-att.starwave.com/i/magazine/new/040927_leaf.jpg" />

    By Clinton Muhe

    The name synonymous with horrendous failure, no not the president, Ryan Leaf will be sitting down Tuesday night at 10p.m. on H.B.O. Sports to keep us updated on his life. I for one couldn't be happier that he decided to come out of his cave to let us know what our favorite former Charger is doing. I mean, after all, he did have 317 completions and 14 touchdowns in his illustrious 36 interception career. The old saying that "time heals all wounds" just doesn't seem to fit this particular situation. Many Charger fans will be quick to forget the damage he did to the franchise which the team has only recently recovered from.
    It's easy now to just be the bigger person and let this guy fade into history. In fact, I had been doing that fairly successfully until this pompous and unbelievably self-centered piece of garbage decided to poke his head out to remind us all of his existence. He had actually taken a fairly good approach at staying under the radar, but like all skeletons in a closet he had to eventually surface again.

    This interview, in my opinion, would only be justified if it were his intention to sit down and spend the length of the show expressing his genuine and utmost disgust for his actions as a San Diego Charger. If so, then and only then, could he once again walk the streets of San Diego without fearing for his life. Instead, he has decided to do this interview to express the pain that he endured during those years, which he refers to as "the worst five years of my life".

    Don't worry Ryan; they were the worst five years for most Charger fans too. The fact that this guy still looks at those years with a victim's mentality is nothing short of laughable. His inability to have any semblance of remorse or pain for the city which brought him immense riches is exactly the reason he was once the most hated player in professional sports. He doesn't care that he is thought of as the greatest bust in NFL history, "People think that.

    That's fine with me. I wish I would have become what everybody wanted me to become, including myself, but it just didn't happen." That is not owning up to it, what he should of said is, "Yes! I am the greatest bust in NFL history and I have no one to blame but myself. I am sorry for what damage I caused to my family and San Diego, I am an irreparable embarrassment and I will make no excuse for the failures I created in that part of my life. I am sorry, I realize that will never be enough, but I am sorry." Then the wounds could begin to heal, but that's not what his concern was. He wanted to let everyone know he has moved on with his life and is now a QB coach for a Division II Texas football team, "I'm happy now. I wasn't happy playing."

    Thanks for that Ryan, I'm happy now too! I'm happy you will live your entire life as a world renowned failure, I'm happy that I don't have to see you play anymore, I'm happy that you think it's o.k. we all still hate you, I'm happy you're happy with that, because it just proves what an eternal scumbag you are. Thanks for refreshing our memories, and God bless!

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