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The official NFL DB list!

Discussion in 'Smack Talk' started by BOLTS4LIFE, Mar 21, 2010.


    BOLTS4LIFE Banned Banned

    Oct 13, 2006
    Bill Belichick: Countless reasons but nobody would complain if he was on their team!

    Bryan Cox: He claims to be a role model for young black kids and says he is because he doesn't beat his wife or get into bar fights. Though he gives the finger to the press and spits at the opposing team's side line... OK, not as bad as beating your wife but not role model material either!

    Terrell Owens: I was ready to cut him some slack until he got a reality show.

    Rodney Harrison: His first Super Bowl win, he's whining because the Spanos family didn't contact him and congratulate him. Listen up DB... This is a business and they have better things to worry about than you. I've been fired from a company before... none of those former employers ever contacted me for congratulations when I got a better job either. Get over yourself!

    Kellen Winslow Jr.: DBs breed DBs!

    Eli Manning: For a guy who felt he's so special that he should be allowed to choose his own team in the draft... he's not that good.

    Dion Sanders: Though he was a great player... peacocks just ain't my thing. I'm not into rappers that can't rap either!

    Jay Cutler: OK... 4,000 yards one season is impressive, I'll give him that but I'm not into Fantasy Football.

    Warren Sapp: I used to like him but when he started comparing NFL to slavery... WTF?!!!

    Michael Vick: Even before the dog fighting situation, I still think he's an extremely overrated QB. Don't like his attitude either.

    David Boston: Should have gone to WWE. That way he could do his roids and just focus on how good he looks. He could even ask the opponent to be cautious of his piercings and colored contacts.

    Raider Nation: Now I don't mind those that are football fans and have stuck with their team for the past eight years. It's those that are attracted to the whole gangsta thug image and can't name three current players. We see A LOT less of them these days!

    Honorary DB... Al Davis: He does some messed up things but you can't say football isn't in his blood. He shows up at every practice... though over the past eight years, it's done more bad than good for the franchise.

    Didn't make the list... Ryan Leaf: I don't consider him a NFL player.

    Anyone want to add to it?


    Oct 4, 2009
    HOw about Chris Collinsworth. He has got to be the most annoying and inaugurate commentator I've ever heard. Never has anything good to say but always plenty of stupid bull**** . Being commentator in madden doesn't help either. Hearing him say the same boring **** over and over again sounds like the best way to torture terrorists.
  3. CraziFuzzy

    CraziFuzzy BoltTalker

    Nov 24, 2006
    How about anyone who simultaneously calls others classless, while claiming to be classy...

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