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The Tank's Mock 1.0 1st Rd.

Discussion in 'NFL Draft' started by Tizank12, Mar 18, 2009.

  1. Tizank12

    Tizank12 BoltTalker

    Mar 13, 2009
    1. Detroit: Jason Smith - Baylor - OT
    Smith Has The most dominating features of an offensive lineman since Orlando Pace was taken 1st overall by the Rams in 97'. He will be immovable on either side of the line and if the lions are smart here will take him. If they are not smart they will take Stafford who will wind up being a J.P. Losman Type player in this system, Huge upside but lack of style.

    2. St. Louis: Michael Crabtree - Texas Tech - WR
    With the release of Holt, this has to be a given, Crabtree and Avery could make an unbelievable tandem for the next 5-6 years and will be a force to be reckoned with. They could also grab Eugene Monroe or B.J. Raji Here.

    3. Kansas City: Eugene Monroe - Virginia - OT
    This is also a pretty easy sale, Grab someone who will help protect Cassel, With Him and Branden Albert this line went from a D- to a B Fairly quick, They could also Snag Aaron Curry here but I think The chiefs and Scott Pioli need To start on the interior and work their way out.

    4. Seattle: B.J. Raji - Boston College - DT
    The force that is B.J. Raji Will be a much needed upgrade to the D-Line and is undoubtedly the Most prolific D tackle in the draft in quite a few years, I believe he has much more ability than Glenn Dorsey who was taken the previous year and having Raji as an anchor will drastically reduce the ypc of the opposition. Could also use Curry here but Raji Makes more Sense

    5. Cleveland: Aaron Curry - Wake Forest - LB
    Cleveland Landed on a gold mine here. Curry Arguably the best linebacker in the draft may fall into Mangini's lap based on needs of other teams, He is a high energy Linebacker and will disrupt the offense from sideline to sideline. This kid is LT with Character.

    6. Cincinnati: Brian Orakpo - Texas - DE/LB
    Cincinnati has glaring needs on both sides of the ball but I see them going with the Best available player and with Smith and Monroe off the board, Orakpo is the logical pick, He has instincts unlike any other the question on him is durability, but if he makes through you may have defensive rookie of the year here. He can line up on the line or away from it and he will be great to open up Keith Rivers.

    7. Raiders: Everette Brown - Florida St. - DE
    What Will Al Davis do? Who knows!!! I think This is also a sensical pick for The raiders. I dont have much to say, But I think brown could turn things around for this Defense.

    8. Jacksonville: Matthew Stafford - Georgia - QB
    Jacksonville Cannot Rely on Garrard much longer Del Rio has to win and Win quick, I would sit Stafford to begin with and have him learn the system. They should definitely look into signing Torry Holt or drafting a good receiver in the Second round

    9. Green Bay: Malcolm Jenkins - Ohio St. - CB
    Jenkins should be in heaven here Learning from two of the best in the game with Woodson and Harris, I think it will serve him well and I see Him playing a lot of Nickleback for his rookie season.

    10. San Francisco: Andre Smith - Alabama - OT
    This pick all depends on how the Cutler Situation goes, I believe Jay Will end up a 49er So that is why I am not taking Sanchez with this pick, In essence this Will probably end up being Denvers pick any way. Smith Has some Character issues but he is still a beast and Singletary will straighten him out.

    11. Buffalo: Rey Mauluaga - USC - LB
    This is a fit for Jauron's defense and He is close to talent as Curry and he is a steal at this pick. The talent of him will improve this defense drastically.

    12. Denver: Brian Cushing - USC - LB
    The inconsistency of the Bronco defense should come to an end. I feel Cushing is a leader and he will take alot of pressure off of D.J. Williams.

    13. Redskins: Aaron Maybin - Penn St. - DE
    Maybin will fill the hole left by Jason Taylor and Accompany a now very strong D-Line with Haynesworth and Carter. He can also Drop back as a LB.

    14. Saints: Vontae Davis - Illinois - CB
    Most logical pick here I could also see Moreno going here because you know Reggie Bush can only carry the ball 20 times a game. Davis Will help this secondary, which were just dreadful last season.

    15. Texans: Michael Oher - Ole Miss - OT
    Texans Have some needs and I believe OLine is the biggest. Schaub needs some blocking help up front, and Oher is The best Lineman available. A lot of mocks have him falling but I still think he is better than Britton and Beatty.

    16. Chargers: Tyson Jackson - LSU - DE
    The void Olshansky left will be tough to fill, But Jackson certainly can do it. It may take him a year or so to fulfill his pick but he will. And watch out 2010

    17. Jets: Mark Sanchez - USC - QB
    New York needs a QB in the worst way. Kellen Clemens Is not the answer I also believe they could be a player for Cutler. Sanchez would give them an immediate upgrade at QB and he could help develop Cotchery as big time Wide out. Look for Josh Freeman to possibly sneak in here as well.

    18. Bears: Eben Britton - Arizona - OT
    With Tait retiring O Line is a major priority with this team. I could also see them taking a Wideout here with Harvin or Heyward Bey.

    19. Bucs: Clay Matthews - USC - LB
    Losing Brooks and June hurts and Morriss from what I hear is really high On This kid, He has trmendous work ethic and A hall of fame father in former oilers Tackle Bruce Matthews. I really feel this could be the steal of the first round.

    20. Lions: Knowshon Moreno - Georgia - RB
    This may throw some people off but Kevin Smith is not a great back and Culpepper could use a threat in the backfield to help. I feel Daunte is still a capable QB. Moreno Would help this offense tremendously.

    21. Philadelphia: Jeremy Maclin - Mizzou - WR
    McNabb Wants a Wideout and Maclin is The Best available. He can spread the field and him and Desean Jackson are both studs. Line both of them up on Kickoffs, Who would want to kickoff to that tandem. I love maclins burst off the line as well. He may be a little roughed up by stronger Corners but He is definitely worthy of this pick

    22. Vikings: Alphonso Smith - Wake Forest - CB
    Vikings really need a receiver but Also need a defensive stopper against the pass. Smith Will really give them a combo force on the outside.

    23. Patriots: Peria Jerry - Ole Miss - DT
    Another Huge stop Gap the second best in the draft in the middle and he is as tough as nails. He can blow most centers off the ball and Will definitely work in The Bellichick Defense. He is also one to look at as a steal

    24. Falcons: Larry English - N. Illinois - LB
    May Be a little High for Him, But Reports believe he is number one on Mike Smiths list, I also see pettigrew being an option for The falcons, But English is strong although he is a little raw has tremendous upside and you me even line up at safety on some formations. He is very agile.

    25. Dolphins: Percy Harvin - Florida - WR
    This is their biggest need and Why not have Harvin a Nice you local boy with superb quickness and he has a knack for the endzone. Watch this kid as a rookie and this young corps of receivers is highly underrated with Ginn, Camirillo, and Bess and now Harvin, This team is a contender immediately.

    26. Ravens: James Laurinaitis - Ohio St. - LB
    This Kid is fundamentally sound and is a proven leader, With the departure of Bart Scott and this also more than likely being Sugg's last year as a raven, This pick makes the most sense. James is not great but he never gives up and reminds me a lot of Tedy Bruschi.

    27. Colts: Darrius Heyward-Bey - Maryland - WR
    No Harrison means nothing if you draft this kid, He is fast and has excellent hands, He will definitely end some of the double teams on Reggie Wayne and he is my sleeper in this draft. He needs to be a little more physical but I think that will come with experience

    28. Eagles: Brandon Pettigrew - Oklahoma St. - TE
    Excellent TE Has all the tools of an elite TE, He needs to work on his speed but he can spread the field for those aforementioned Wide Receivers in their previous pick.

    29. Giants: Hakeem Nicks - North Carolina - WR
    They love this kid and With the Burress situation more than likely never going to end He will provide a step up over Toomer and Will be a Ballhawk.

    30. Titans: Ron Brace - Boston College - DT
    Playing alongside Raji dropped his status a bit but With the loss of haynesworth I feel this is the logical pick here. Big time need as far as I am concerned and he is the best DT left.

    31 Cardinals: Robert Ayers - Tennessee - DE
    Losing Smith Was a tough Blow so they desperately need an end with speed like Ayers. Also Look at Sintim to go here of Donald Brown.

    32. Steelers. Darius Butler - UConn - CB
    Losing Bryant McFadden Hurts more that you will know and Butler is I think the most NFL ready Corner in the draft. Speed is going to be his biggest hurdle but when you have polamalu on the top side to help it should be a smooth transition.

    Join me for round two tommorrow

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