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Thoughts after Rewatching the Colts/Chargers Game

Discussion in 'American Football' started by gobigblue, Nov 15, 2007.

  1. gobigblue

    gobigblue BoltTalker

    Jul 14, 2007
    I know...I know....another sleepless night. Here are some of my thoughts....

    - I like what the defense was doing. They kept moving everyone around confusing Manning on his pre-snap reads. He had no clue as to who or where the blitz was coming from. It was the first time in a very long time that Cottrell was constantly sending a minimum of 5 rushers at once. Kinda looked like Wade's defense...very aggressive. If we can stick with that scheme, we'll be ok.

    - Chargers run defense was so effective plus the fact the Colts fell behind QUICKLY made the Colts offense very one dimensional.

    - I didn't like Cottrell going to the ever popular prevent defense the last Colts drive in the 1st half and the missed FG drive in the 4th quarter. You CANNOT rush with just 4 players and give Manning time to pick your secondary apart!

    - On Indy's opening drive of the 2nd half, 4th and 2 around midfield. Colts go for it. Chargers line up for what looks like an all out blitz. Both DFlo and Cro like up man-to-man against Indy's wide-out. Only problem was prior to the snap, DFlo takes a step back and immediately looses position and isn't able to defend the ball. Result...first down Indy. I know it's a mute point because 3-4 plays later Whilhem intercepts the ball but had DFlo stayed with the receiver, we stop them on 4th down and we have the ball on Indy's side of the field.

    - Our nickel package with Cooper and Polk playing as our LBers really sucked! Both of Indy's TD drives came off of us playing with that package. Cooper was not effective at all dropping back into coverage. It was as if he shifted away from the underneath receiver guessing the wrong side. Whilhelm on the hand did so much better in coverage (evidenced by his 3rd qtr INT).

    - The flip side...our dime package was effect in preventing the deep throws. Most of the time this package allowed us to double cover Indy's receivers.

    - McCree is a major liability in both his coverage and mistackles. He could have easily stopped the 2nd Manning TD pass if he had made the tackle at the 5 yard line. Instead Keith walks into the endzone. Also his size or lack of is really hurting this defense. Why tackle high when you're just gonna get run over. Heck, even my 8 year old son playing tackle football his first year knows to tackle low especially with taller/bigger guys. I say start Weddle at safety and move Gordon or Gregory in our dime packages.

    - Colt defense constantly had Bob Sanders over the top to help with the underneath passes and every single time Rivers threw in that direction. He never even looked outside to a wide open Chambers, Jackson, or Nanee. He also stares down his targets. Hell, he might at well be playing Madden and letting his opponents know the receivers route with the button icons on the receivers chest!!!

    - Draw plays were actually called in this game. Caught the Colts defense off guard and was effective to neutralize their aggressive pass rushers early. Please Norv...please call more of these during the game and not just as an after thought play on a 3 and 20 like you did late in the game.

    - As bad as the Oline has been run blocking some of the blame to LT's ineffective running up the middle has got to be on LT's shoulders. His TD run in the 2nd qtr was the first time in a long time he's bounced the run outside instead of getting tackled running up the middle.

    - Also worth mentioning on that particular play was McNiell pulling. He looked quick and had he not taken out the LBer (don't remember which Colt it was), it would have been more difficult for LT to go untouched into the endzone.

    - The last 3 Chargers kickoff returns Dobbins was flagged for holding. The most frustrating part of that is that it was away from the play. Had he simply let the defender go, he would be no where near Sproles. They were blatant fouls too. Streaking defender...."****...I'll just grab his jersey". Starting field position on all 3 penalties was at the Chargers 10 yard line. The first nullified a starting position of the Chargers 35 yard line. The 2nd resulted in that fumbled Rivers/Colts TD.

    LOL...told you I couldn't sleep!!!
  2. Ride The Lightning

    Ride The Lightning Join the Dark Side, we have cookies.

    Aug 15, 2006
    I agree with everything you posted gobigblue. Good work.
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  3. reddenedbeard

    reddenedbeard Well-Known Member

    Aug 2, 2006
    Nice post .. now get some sleep. :yawn:
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    TJBOLT Well-Known Member

    Jul 31, 2006
    I agree
    So NORV here is the solution to our problems on offense stop running and throwing to the middle

    GO BOLTS!!!!!!!!

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